August 21st, 2013 | 75 Entries

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75 Entries for “dogmatic”

  1. dogmatic.
    sound like dog magnet witch reminds of chick magnet
    sooooo in conclusion`
    whats up?

    By isabella on 08.21.2013

  2. it represents how blind people can be, and how foolish. Too many times have I seen people fall prey to the clutches of dogmatic ideologies without even thinking twice or stopping to analyze what they believe in. This is

    By Deepak URL on 08.21.2013

  3. I knew a man once. He had this quality. Constantly. Assertion upon assertion upon assertion.

    By esky1118 on 08.22.2013

  4. I dogmaticly do it. I always pee on the mailbox when I walk by and smell that some other dog tried to claim it. I always chase a squirrel up a tree. I always beg for food. And do tricks for treats. All because I’m a dog.

    By Heather on 08.22.2013

  5. I can’t breathe! I trapped In a world full of dogmatic critics. They treat me like a piece of gum on their shoe. Constantly being turned down by them. Being put down for their popularity isn’t something I enjoy at all. Oh well I can always write away my fears..

    By Heather on 08.22.2013

  6. Automatic puppy.

    Excuse me, but your karma just ran over my dogma.

    I don’t mean to be all dogmatic, but you’re full of it.

    There must be a better way to make rules.

    Is there a reference book for that?

    By michaelbuzz on 08.22.2013

  7. The governor was many things. He was dogmatic, practical, and no-nonsense.

    By darseyrsm URL on 08.22.2013

  8. My school is so strict. It has so many rules, and also, ridiculous rules. Man, I don’t know where to start. For starters… did you know my school has ‘school socks’? They aren’t that special, they’re just plain white socks with the school’s name (in English) on the ankle…yet, if I don’t wear them, I get demerit points.

    By thedarkestsheep on 08.22.2013

  9. There’s something about abiding to rules often; there’s something about not. There’s something about giving in to standards often. We’ll never figure out where to place ourselves.

    By pat on 08.22.2013

  10. Dogmatic. Most of what here and even repeat is dogmatic, even the things that are new and radical. We feed and live off of some ideas dogma even when we don’t realize it and to be honest, isn’t that what they want and is there anyways to get out of it?

    By grapplerschool on 08.22.2013

  11. He is so dogmatic in his views. That what everyone says. Me ? I look at this way. Everyone is everyone belives in their world view or they would change it. We only give labels like dogmatic to those whose views we do not share. Funny how that works?

    By Tracey on 08.22.2013

  12. Dogmatic like
    Pavlovs dog
    Inning in assumption
    In your ear
    Whispers opinions
    Of pundits
    And of religious figureheads
    Figure it out
    For yourself
    A conviction
    In truth
    As a result of deduction and
    Do hide behind another

    By Lauren on 08.22.2013

  13. Not quite sure what this word means, but I think it is something connected with following the rules or certain principles, which were defined quite a time ago and have some sort of mystical\historical flavor to it.

    By dennis on 08.22.2013

  14. he told me he had six brothers and i couldn’t tell if he thought i was gullible enough to believe him or if he was really being truthful. i sat there unbelievingly as he sent me edited pictures and i hate him for his persona.

    By shayla on 08.22.2013

  15. The word, dogmatic, described the essence she felt when her brother was in his mood of ranting intolerance.

    By skylarkin on 08.22.2013

  16. Another “it pays to increase your vocabulary” word. Dogmatic prompts create dogmatic writing. I think I’ll write about a robot dog and call it “Dogmatic.” Haha. Probably been done.

    By mrsmig on 08.22.2013

  17. They looked out over London from the fortieth floor.

    “I thought you couldn’t build this high in London.”

    “Yes, people here can be so dogmatic. But there are influences beyond what they consider authoritative and powerful.”

    “And that’s why we’re standing here today? It’s like we can see the whole world.”

    “Only the blind would need to stand here to see that far. I could be standing in the sewer, and see all the world.”

    By Anthony StClair on 08.22.2013

  18. I spoke to the Dr. trying to get pain medicine for a dying patient, and the Dr. looked at me and told me I was being dogmatic to him. I had never been so angry in my life.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 08.22.2013

  19. My puppies are dogmatic. They know when to wake up and to paw the sides of my bed to wake me. They know they go outside then, and bark at the neighbors. They know that if i put my shoes on, the black addidas witht he colorful soles, it is time to walk. They know what truth is, dogmatically.

    By Rose on 08.22.2013

  20. It’s sort of an ugly word, bringing these images to mind of people so stubbornly clinging to outdated beliefs that they refuse to change. I’ve never liked the word dogma. I guess I never bothered to look it up or anything, it just gave me the heebie jeebies when I heard it. It’s not a positive word at all. Also, that bumper sticker. But now I can’t think of what it is. Anyway, it was too big a topic to write a one minute blurb about, so I just thought out loud.

    By hannah URL on 08.22.2013

  21. Dogmatic is the current situation with me.

    By T1DSurfDad URL on 08.22.2013

  22. very happy
    “tail wagging” because of happiness.

    By Ashley on 08.22.2013

  23. His dogmatic persona eluded the authorities and let them know who was boss.

    By B.Crazy on 08.22.2013

  24. Dogmatic is a funny word, sometimes. It has this really powerful, really present meaning, and yet the word itself seems kinda silly. Like it’s about puppies or something. And how can something about puppies be bad?

    By Steve on 08.22.2013

  25. A pin in a butterfly. The scratchy and supercilious comfort of labels.

    But it’s the butterfly that matters, not your fucking pin. It will always remain beyond your reach, this mystery, fluttering on the wild edges of a world invisible to the likes of you.

    Mocking you? No. It doesn’t give a damn about you.

    By amygdala on 08.22.2013

  26. Shove a dog into an automatic washing machine and watch it spin and spin.
    Little does he know he’s going to turn out twisted.
    Clean, yes. But dark, on the inside.

    By Himani URL on 08.22.2013

  27. Controlling, not willing to compromise, needs to be in control at all times.

    By dgriffin on 08.22.2013

  28. How often we love to voice our opinion of things as though we truly know how it is like! For example, the man involved in that headliner scandal, or the pastor who apparently defaults on taxes. This dogmatism is like a sign of the times, but perhaps it also serves as a lesson to all of us when such perpetrators start putting their feet into their mouths – Never, ever prejudge.

    By exel on 08.22.2013

  29. something said about someone based on faith. nothing to back it up with.

    By ethan on 08.22.2013

  30. through the dark, dim trees a terror lurked.
    through the dimly lit, calm waters of the lake lay the abode of a truly hideous monster.
    Through the woods and down the path lay the alcoholic campground host,
    ready to spring, more concerned about his own well-being than those whose money pays his paycheck

    By Philip URL on 08.22.2013

  31. i dont have to worship you to adore you
    but god, if ive ever seen anyone else
    who makes prayer
    as dirty as you manage to

    By h. b. on 08.22.2013

  32. They were living by the rules and there were no exceptions. Anyone who shown the slightest will of being different, breaking the code and stepping out of the dogmatic mindset was set to extermination in an instant.

    By Omnix URL on 08.22.2013

  33. uncertainty makes one cautious, and doubtful. Often based upon past experience. But there are new experiences to enjoy. Even if they hurt.

    By Grace on 08.22.2013

  34. This word reminds me of a dog and a magnet… dogmatic.
    I Have To Say I have no Clue what It Means. But Can You Imagine In Dog Were Like That all sticking to the fridge and such…

    By Faith on 08.22.2013

  35. Dogmatic it reminds me of an robotic dog. that complete many tasks. it would be helpful as you grow old and can no longer do the norm.

    By Hope on 08.22.2013