August 21st, 2013 | 75 Entries

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75 Entries for “dogmatic”

  1. Dogmatic. What?! How was I meant to do this? How could I answer a question when I didn’t know what half of it meant? My life IS OVER. My future ruined. All because of some STUPID GODDAMN WORD on my final test.

    By Bill on 08.21.2013

  2. Guinness was our first dog and that was when I learned how to become dogmatic where before that I thought dogma was just a pasta you ate with a very acidic sauce and perhaps little green tight wads floating on top but Guinness changed all that for me and I’ll always love her for making me so smart.

    By nannan URL on 08.21.2013

  3. Her beliefs rode the line between dogmatic and diligent, enforcing habits and opinions upon any who stepped into her sphere of awareness. But then she was a teacher, so it wasn’t entirely inappropriate.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 08.21.2013

  4. We have to break free from the invisible enemy, spewing lies from the TV screen,
    wiping away their sordid history,
    chaining lives to industry.
    Dogmatic dreams, iron in an otherwise placid mind.
    Fear embedded into each solid word.

    By koolaiddx on 08.21.2013

  5. It sits in your lap like vomit after a long night. They scream it at you as you pass by, in a dogmatic flurry of hate. All I can do is tuck it in my breast pocket for a rainy day.

    By Daniel URL on 08.21.2013

  6. He was so dogmatic. You really couldn’t get a word in edgewise once he got going. First he told you “the facts” –then he told you everything that was wrong with everyone else’s opinion. That’s dogmatic. I’d rather it be an automatic dog. One that would jump on the bed and keep your feet warm.

    By Anne Freedman on 08.21.2013

  7. a blanket of dogmatism
    to ward off the darkest
    ignorance can be bliss
    but so too
    can enlightenment

    By katiekieran URL on 08.21.2013

  8. For this is the dogmatic evidence of both science and religion: In the beginning there was light!

    By A False Terl on 08.21.2013

  9. They always said to just believe what the master said. Naturally i took this to heart, being young and ignorant of the world save for the small snatches of knowledge handed me like scraps to a dog at the table. So you will forgive me if i followed him to the very end, to the point when people began to die and the world was made the worse for us having been there.

    By Dan on 08.21.2013

  10. The politician preened behind the lectern. His nose, a sharp protrusion on his face, hint at his dogmatic personality. The pocket watch and handkerchief, evidence that he is an asshole.

    By allison on 08.21.2013

  11. Mark was very dogmatic. He knew exactly what was right and what was wrong, and nothing could change his mind. He was the face of perfect, from his curly, blond hair to his charming personality. Mark was everything I wanted to be, but I knew I never could.

    By Kate on 08.21.2013

  12. When we got together for book meetings – cigar circles with Hemingway, tailored sports jackets for Fitzgerald, a bottle of personal bourbon for each guest in the apartment – we started to lose interest in arguing with Lisa. She had become so dogmatic as of late that if you were to try debating Thoreau, she would verbally cut your head off with all the literary poignancy of Titus Andronicus.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.21.2013

  13. “He’s a doggy matic!” The little girl grinned up at me with her word choice.
    I laughed, “It’s dogmatic, honey, and that’s not how you use it.”
    She frowned, “No. Doggy matic. I right.

    By Kristina on 08.21.2013

  14. Your word isn’t God’s.
    Or law.
    It’s not as though the stars proclaim your thoughts
    Or as though they beat in the heart of every man,
    every woman.
    You can tell me.
    I will listen
    of course.
    But you should know that being heard,
    it doesn’t make you right.

    By Chelsea on 08.21.2013

  15. A priest, a good priest that is, knows that dogma is a window dressing. What is really important to his or her flock is that they understand the words behind the stories, the meaning. To a religion with political gain, dogma is everything.

    By River Ranter URL on 08.21.2013

  16. Stubborn people run in his family. His father, mother, two sisters, none of them will ever let an argument pass them by.

    Passion is no excuse for bull-headed obstinacy, he thinks, quietly, softly.

    By Anna Meursault on 08.21.2013

  17. no idea what this means, but it reminds me of a dog and dogs are usually soft and fluffy and they can be loud and obnoxious a lot like humans actually and dogs are very very firm about their facts, like “THERE IS FOOD IN OUR POCKET! GIVE IT TO ME!”

    By Evan on 08.21.2013

  18. The dogmatic influences are everywhere. No matter your religion it is hard to escape it. It has shaped every person without prejudice or reason. We accept it because we are and always will be under the influence.

    By FairyNiamh on 08.21.2013

  19. Arguments thrown under the bed,
    Stuffed away in closets.
    Hidden in the shed.
    My weary soul has long since grown tired
    of trying to show you another way.
    You are right, you are right.
    This must be true, because you tell me everyday.

    By Nifinyti on 08.21.2013

  20. “So, it would be like this car wash thingy, but only for dogs. And we could call it the Dogmatic 2000 or something.” Naruto’s slurred speech paused for a half a second and then he started to ramble on again. “Akamaru could be our spoke’s dog and…”

    CLICK Kiba hung up the phone and sighed. Shino pulled him back into the ‘spoon’ of his body. Kiba sighed again.

    “We have got to get him a new lover…” Akamaru huffed at him and rolled over onto both their legs to make his opinion of being woken up in the middle of the night crystal clear.

    Not the real meaning of the word, but this is what it inspired.

    By Drivven Wrinth on 08.21.2013

  21. she told him like she owned the place

    “jimmy, i’m going to plant sunflowers here whether you like it or not”

    he frowned like he was upset but everyday the sunflowers grew taller and his smile grew with them

    By corrine marie on 08.21.2013

  22. dogs are ugly and dogmatic sounds like some kind of washing machine okay i do not understand. is it some kind of dog robot or??? i don’t think i know nor will i ever know. maybe god knows but all i know is that i sure as heck don’t.

    By shayla on 08.21.2013

  23. We had to adhere to the words on this text and the rules that were handed down from one ape to the next. We never questioned it and everything was fine. It was only after we realized there were no children around that we began to uncover the truth about the beginning of life.

    By Ruben URL on 08.21.2013

  24. Green tea in the green cup, red tea in the red cup, she was dogmatic about that, and of the way the green vegetables are all to the left of the fridge, the leafy ones on top. Stir-fry had to be garnished with a sprig of spring onion before it was brought to the table. Appearances counted, in food and in everything else.

    By Holden URL on 08.21.2013

  25. She was too dogmatic for her own good, he thought, a virtual critic in all actions of his life. She didn’t take jokes very well, either, in fact, she found them useless. She was a strict woman, uptight in every single sense of the word. Why he had to fall in love with her, he had no idea.

    By Callie on 08.21.2013

  26. I hate teachers and their dogmatic teaching styles. They insist THEIR way is always the ONLY way. Students are always stifled, as speaking out is met with a lecture on HOW YOU ARE WRONG, and not a receptive ear.

    By Amanda on 08.21.2013

  27. It was necessary to be dogmatic about the whole situation, as Howard wanted the board to see his invention’s potential. He had even called his automatic dog poop remover “The Dogmatic”!

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 08.21.2013

  28. dogmatic
    ruff ruff
    thats all thats spinning through my head
    i swear
    i googled it
    but nothings coming to mind
    this is not the right word for me
    its definitely not the right word for me
    and that is a fact
    that is true
    (my failed attempt at being dogmatic)
    this word just isn’t for me

    By sevenwords on 08.21.2013

  29. dogmatic. that’s how people can be sometimes. so terrible to each other. as if they have a right to be judgmental and to create a version of “right” and “wrong” in their head about another’s life.

    By audrey tarmann on 08.21.2013

  30. Most of those who belong in the Generation XYZ are pretty much dogmatic.

    By Allyn on 08.21.2013

  31. He was determined to dogmatic her rights as a human being. To him, she was nothing. She was nothing more than the dirt on his boots that he must scrape off every day.

    By Merlin on 08.21.2013

  32. I’m not even sure what this word means, and I’m tired. I will continue to play candy crush till a different word comes up that I am comfortable with my intellectual grasp of the meaning of the word.

    By sam on 08.21.2013

  33. I hate religion lesson they are too dogmatic. The teacher said I was too smart. Yes I was and I am, and I won’t waste my time to change her mind. I am smart so I can say who’s to say what is proper? Even I said to her, that our belief was and still different. Later I think, I found that maybe the wrong one wasn’t the dogmatic religion, but the dogmatic teacher. The last one is dangerous for our mind. Don’t take it too far, and always be a person who’s to say what is proper? Claim yourself.

    By Eligia V. A. on 08.21.2013

  34. Always wanting things your way. Unyielding. stubborn. Certainty without looking to another viewpoint. This is interesting

    By tkw URL on 08.21.2013

  35. She ran her household with dogmatic precision: plates were to be washed promptly after using, bath times were always before mealtimes, and speaking out of turn was a crime punishable by lengthly stretches of corner time.

    By WearyWater URL on 08.21.2013

  36. He took her hand and placed it on the left side of his rib section. She felt warmth but not from his body but from the blood seeping through his shirt. Every logical cell in her mind tried to disprove the reality of the situation, but it failed each time. Why, only a week ago she loathed the sight of this man, this man whose dogmatic ideas and arrogance towards all things ‘small town’ caused a major ruckus in their quiet country lives. But now she’s kneeling over his dying body under the same tree where they first met. The knife went in too deeply and there was no help in sight. He tells her in a faint voice that it’s going to be okay; asserting that he was right about the plan. She smiles at him with tears running down her cheeks. She will lie to him this time, this last time and she’ll concede defeat. “You’re right, you were right the whole time, Max,” as he took his last breath.

    By Tricia on 08.21.2013

  37. from what i feel dogmatic is a word used when a person is attached to a dog and cant let go of it. the person is addicted to a dog.

    By noel solomon on 08.21.2013

  38. The two stood there facing each other, each refusing to blink or look away. Two very dogmatic human beings locked in a heated debate that had since turned to silence. Neither was willing to waiver from their opinion. They would have to agree to disagree.

    By Megan on 08.21.2013

  39. the law is dogmatic. doesn’t have much room for discussion by the

    By fdas on 08.21.2013

  40. don’t argue with the godsent;
    they hear voices and command armies
    with the flip of a page
    and an echo of prayer

    when the world will burn,
    will their ashes be as white
    as their robes, i wonder,
    or will they flee to the skies?

    a skull as hard as
    the marble they walk on,
    is that a miracle, i wonder,
    to cushion their eyes from the rocks people will throw

    let the incense burn,
    let the chorus sing,
    let he who is without sin throw the first stone
    ( unless a voice whispered you to do so )

    tides change and the persecuted decide to persecute,
    the minorities become majorities,
    and the word is perverted
    into what suits us best.

    ( there’s a pattern to madness
    especially when belief runs thin—
    but who can blame them?
    religion fills the empty stomachs
    more than bread does )

    By F URL on 08.21.2013