May 7th, 2017 | 54 Entries

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54 Entries for “dizzy”

  1. The world was spinning around in her head, colors blending as she began to collapse. Except she didn’t hit the ground. The worried faces of her companions faded into a colorful blur. She began to shake, to dizzy to stand. Reality set in in two stages. First she now knew what it was like to be taken, second she was totally screwed.

    By TheAIndex URL on 05.07.2017

  2. The gray of the side walk blurs into a light brown, like sand. It doesn’t cushion my fall as well, but it burns my toes all the same. The sound of the ocean is nowhere near.

    By Ai URL on 05.07.2017

  3. One little action, one little gesture sends my head reeling – am I even breathing? When’s the last time I remember this feeling? My eyes turn white and the world goes black. When I wake up, I’m in bed, safe – was it a dream, or have I just forgotten what’s happened in the in-between?

    By mistyfizz URL on 05.07.2017

  4. Spinning, round and round.
    My heart drops, eyes wide open.
    Is this what love is?
    -a hiaku

    By oflifeandofdestiny URL on 05.07.2017

  5. As she stepped from the bus she she all of a sudden felt dizzy. The footpath seemed to jump up at her and smack her in the face. Blackness, voices coming from far away.

    By Angela URL on 05.07.2017

  6. I’m dizzy and I don’t know why. I guess it could be the new diet, though. Maybe Ill break it and see if I feel better. That sure enough worked. My doctor wants me on a low carb diet, but not if it’s going to affect me this way. I can’t handle it. Also, I’m hungry. 5 small meals a day do not make up for not having one big meal each day.

    By Zhelana on 05.07.2017

  7. “Where did they go?” I screamed at the top of my lungs.

    No one answered me. I tried to grab the bar counter in front of me; my fingers slipped, like they were dissolving into rivulets of water across the wood and glass. My mouth was full of invisible glass shards. I was dizzy and delirious. And my wife and son were nowhere to be found.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.07.2017

  8. dizzy was the way that I felt when everything was going my way
    busy with all of the things in my life and new ones every day
    secure in your love and amazed at the gifts revealed every time
    you looked at me and told of your love and believed that you were mine

    By Valerian on 05.07.2017

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    By doc convert URL on 05.07.2017

  10. She knew she couldn’t have been sick. That just wasn’t possible. Her immune system – no. there was no need to justify it. She knew something had gone terribly wrong if she was feeling dizzy. What she didn’t know, was what to do next about it. How does someone heal if they’re never supposed to get sick?

    By Katie Grimond on 05.08.2017

  11. My head is spinning and I’m starting to feel sick. Just the thought of you with someone else. No. The thought of you no longer being satisfied with me. Becoming sick of me. We were good together. We were strong and now we’re not. I’m sick and you’re moving on.

    By Tabitha Johnson on 05.08.2017

  12. you sprinkle the stars on your porcelain face
    and spin the earth until it weeps
    faces flicker in and out with a
    vengeance, taking all that you may know
    and bending it, unmending it

    reality is a toy

    By batteryman URL on 05.08.2017

  13. Dizzy with excitement, she leapt across the street, darting through traffic. Adrenaline coursed through her veins, cars honking, hair flowing. She could hardly see straight. This was going to be her day.

    By musicrazi URL on 05.08.2017

  14. The hit with her staff made me fly. I spun, it felt, end over end until my back hit the warmth of the clearing beneath me. I put my hand to my chest and tried to sit up. I failed. But I heard the whistle of it, heard the hammerstaff whipping about and did my best to roll to the side.

    By Nick URL on 05.08.2017

  15. She felt the room begin to spin as he walked in. Surely the presence of one person could not change the rules of physics so drastically that the ground became uneven in his presence. No one else seemed effected by the change, though.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 05.08.2017

  16. I feel dizzy ass funny because you can’t see and can’t think right.i have been really easy once when I was spun around on a merioground.

    By Shade on 05.08.2017

  17. I think dizzy is a really funny word like fizzy and Kizzy

    By Skyla on 05.08.2017

  18. When I get confused or spin a lot because I’m bored I get dizzy. I don’t like this word because it makes me think I’m sick and want to throw up. I hate feeling sick because I can’t go to school. I love school because I learn more stuff that I never knew before, so I hate being dizzy.

    By Braden Hilliker on 05.08.2017

  19. Maxing me wousy and dropy.

    By Jacob on 05.08.2017

  20. When I was dizzy I was able to see only at close distances in front of me.It was a horrible way to walk around because I couldn’t see a thing.I was about to puke but instead I drank water and soon felt way better than I did before.

    By Charles Risdon on 05.08.2017

  21. Making me wousy and dropy.

    By Jacob on 05.08.2017

  22. I’ve gotten dizzy from spinning a lot around,and around, and it made me want to fall over. It makes it look like the world is still spinning when I wasn’t. It also made me feel sick.Thats why I don’t spin often anymore. I very rarely spin anymore and that’s why,because it makes feel sick and dizzy. My sisters try to get me to spin with them but I say no because of those reasons. I don’t

    By Trinity on 05.08.2017

  23. When I spin around I get very dizzy .If you spin around for a long time you will get very dizzy . when I spin around for at least a minute I get dizzy.There is a lot of thing when you get dizzy you might fall to the ground or you might need to sit down for a minute or more.You might not feel good after you spin around then after dizzy you fell sick.

    By Savannah on 05.08.2017

  24. I have had many experiences with being dizzy.When I hear the word dizzy I imagine everything spinning and becoming sick like you are going to throw up.Most people get dizzy on spinning riders of just spinning around in circles.I seem to get dizzy just spinning twice.

    By Kaylee URL on 05.08.2017

  25. I think dizzy is a really funny word like fizzy and Kizzy and all that and when I am on some thing fast I get some times dizzy but not always like cool right yes

    By Skyla on 05.08.2017

  26. I feel dizzy when I am up high

    By Austin on 05.08.2017

  27. Dizzy mean you are sick or have stress or when you have it, it sucks because they aren’t good because Dizzyness can make you sick. Dizzy is the definition of when you walk you feel like you are spinning in circles.

    By Alexis on 05.08.2017

  28. This word makes me feel like I either want to get dizzy or see someone dizzy.

    By Emma on 05.08.2017

  29. I get dizzy when I spin I like being dizzy I sometimes puke when I get dizzy my stomach hurts when I get dizzy being dizzy is fun

    By Chase on 05.08.2017

  30. I’m so out of control I feel like I’m getting dizzy.i think I’m gonna fall over.

    By Wyatt on 05.08.2017

  31. When I feel dizzy it sometimes makes me feel not good when I am dizzy it looks like the world is spinning around but sometimes it makes me calm I sometimes feel good about myself.

    By nikolai on 05.08.2017

  32. You fell and you can’t think that well.or I can’t walk or you think your head is going in circles.otu also do not feel the best as you did.

    By Carsten on 05.08.2017

  33. I get dizzy when I spin around for a long time then stop

    By Gino URL on 05.08.2017

  34. I seem to get dizzy quite a bit .Most people get dizzy from spinning in a circle.When I hear the word dizzy I imagine people getting sick to there stomach and get a headache most people get sick spinning.

    By Kaylee on 05.08.2017

  35. An overwhelming far-reach. Invisible. Inside my mind. An unrequited force of the equilibrium. I become a modern-day Alice in my steadily-stumbling-downward. I quiet my mind in meditation pose and suddenly the world spins itself. A shiny brain-wave vortex for which my daydreams are no match.

    By Stacy L. M. URL on 05.08.2017

  36. Occasionally, I have bouts of dizziness – they come out of nowhere, and I wish I knew the source.

    Sometimes it’s fun. It’s like getting high for a minute and then getting to come back down to earth. These are the fun times when it isn’t terrifying.

    Then there are the times it’s so scary and I’m convinced the dizziness is a symptom of a larger issue – bad circulation, anemia, any range of things.

    Its maddening. but not so bad.

    By Kate URL on 05.08.2017

  37. I feel dizzy at the fact that my life is a constant whirlwind of love, boredom, success, failure, confusion, and the uncertainties of life.

    By askJeffrey.lee URL on 05.08.2017

  38. Dizzy is a sissy, her life be too easy, her nachos are cheezy, her hair is fizzy, you must be a bit crazy.

    By askJeffrey.lee URL on 05.08.2017

  39. i don’t think love makes you dizzy.
    they say that it does. that it is a wild, crazy thing full of butterflies and laughter and nervous tingling.
    but i do not think they have felt the completeness of love if that is all it is to them. because love is more of a home – leaving the light on at night, humming to the same song cooking dinner, learning to let go and grow, cinnamon roll mornings and rainy nights.

    By cally d. URL on 05.08.2017

  40. Basically how I feel like after doing stuff in the lab for a prolonged period of time. When I sort of lose grip to the outside world. Or when i completely do NOTHING. Procrastinate too much, whatever.

    By Philip on 05.08.2017