May 6th, 2017 | 28 Entries

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28 Entries for “empty”

  1. They say to fill your days but what’s the point? Love, hate, all of it is meaningless as a chunk of space rock hurtling towards a black hole. In an instant it’ll disappear forever. No memory, no history. Empty. Devoid. A lot of people think they’re living and leaving behind a legacy. Most don’t realize not even Gods have that kind of currency. How many have passed into oblivion unmourned, unknown? The sublime is an illusion for those with little grasp on the eternity of time. I looked at art today, which in time decays, saw it not bright and shiny and new, fast forward to the junk heap, and thought to myself maybe I am ready to die.

    By Abyss URL on 05.06.2017

  2. the empty leg without a cell
    vindicates the dersion of the life
    because every bamboozle of the body
    relates to the every plant
    around our
    and even the humane farting
    is a natural like joints alongside bob marley
    i eat wheat and barley
    because it flows through my veins
    like rafts in winter
    i never bend
    for the artifical regulation
    mcondlands is the empty revelation
    an aerial malady comes my way
    stray if i will
    bay if i kill

    By Milad URL on 05.06.2017

  3. I wrote something on my hand to remember. That is the extent of my writing these days. It hurts to even press a pen to paper. It hurts to be alone with my thoughts, and the wild spiralling they take. I see things now that remind me of what could have been. Children, animals, gardens. There is no one to tell. I can’t tell him. We are sentenced to mourn separately. Indifferently, apart. Yet surely thinking of another despite ourselves.

    By Danielle1 on 05.06.2017

  4. empty is as empty means
    empty vessel makes more noise
    MT is empty too lol
    i am scared of being empty – which kind of phoebia is this
    i am done.

    By Anuja V Wadekar on 05.06.2017

  5. Empty words and threats and promises. She’s heard it all, he’s said them all. It wasn’t a good thing, that she was so used to it. It wasn’t a good thing that he kept on doing it. She never stopped him though, so he never stopped. It’s just how they were.

    By Aimless-A-Smiles on 05.06.2017

  6. When I walked into the theater, it was empty save for Stephen sitting in the back row, staring into space. The stage had not yet been cleared of the last play’s set, and lighting equipment was piled in an awkward, dangerous tower against the wall. As I surveyed the scene, Stephen seemed to notice me and spoke up.

    “Mister Kramer said he’d break everything down tomorrow,” he said, as if he really believed it.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.07.2017

  7. “I looked, but it was empty,”she said
    “You didn’t look hard enough,” he said. “Everyone knows that’s where keys are kept. Why would I put them anywhere else.”
    “You need to think, Roger. When did you use them last?”

    By Meredyth URL on 05.07.2017

  8. empty fallen pit descending void enter embrace open arms star fish coast sand beach costa rica muy rica delicious food you made the other day i’d like to appreciate that.

    By 314 on 05.07.2017

  9. Something I feel whenever I see a particular thing. A feeling I get when I see other kids with their parents buying them tickets to the concert of a band they like. Because, their happiness is their parents’ utmost priority.

    By Eowyn on 05.07.2017

  10. Empty days, empty nights. Everything seems empty when you are empty. But how do you fill a void in your heart that you can’t reach or understand? Ask the sun, but she’s too far away. Ask the trees with their shining green leaves, but they’re to distracted.

    By Industry on 05.07.2017

  11. I am soulles and uninviting. My heart is lonely and quiet. I am EMPTY; a word so powerful when used in a context of Depression. That feeling when you open your eyes but not your mind or your life.

    By Yo on 05.07.2017

  12. The eyes are stitched shut from a running of duct boogers, they’re heavy with boiled blinded eggs that sit useless at the back of the lids. A reassignment; and the void filled with empty loops of pseudo-replacement.

    By 1000 splinters on 05.07.2017

  13. The room was empty. It had been for a long time. The kitchen table was laid bare and dust was gathering on the old wood floor. But I remembered when it had been full of life, of laughter and family. I had risked so much to be here. How do you go home when home doesn’t exist anymore?

    By TheAIndex on 05.07.2017

  14. My mind sometimes goes blank. Whenever that happens, I go empty. I have a need for stimulation, mostly interior, but exterior is also great.

    By Julia on 05.07.2017

  15. People with no need for philosophy are empty. They are filled with superficial concepts, which disable their minds to reach their full potential. Empty is sad. Empty is a waste of life.

    By Julia on 05.07.2017

  16. Emptiness is a feeling. You can look in the mirror to a perfect person, but if you feel empty, it doesn’t matter. Emptiness is emptiness.

    By ashley on 05.07.2017

  17. the empty darkness of the alleway dims lights
    stars emit light to the very end of that alley way
    theres always an inn
    ultra dim
    wrapped around in tin
    a hut in the middle of nowhere
    im here to declare
    a new stare
    one with a glare above and over
    the sun that shines blinding spots
    in that hut’s tin.
    my kin, struggled hard to live a comfy middle class life,
    every one move acorss dirt or concrete,
    forwards my strifes.

    By Milad URL on 05.07.2017

  18. Empty, wow what a beautiful word. This word has been used latey by philopsophers, psychiatricts and other doctors. we don’t say,” The glass is half emptym but rather we say the glass if half full.”

    By Shrihan on 05.07.2017

  19. hollow.
    lack of depth,
    unfulfilled, unsatisified…
    not enough.
    a crave for substance;
    for something more.

    By beachbumrach URL on 05.07.2017

  20. I stare around at the dark abyss, its empty. Everyone gazes with a long stare, unable to see what’s really there. I sigh at the thought, a dark and pitiful thought. For life must go on despite sadness reigning strong.

    By Roisin on 05.07.2017

  21. Empty it, she said.
    I clutched it tightly.
    Do it now, she said.
    No, I said.
    I will call the police if you don’t empty it right now.
    My own mother.
    I emptied it, into the toilet.
    She flushed it down.
    What a waste.

    By Joanna Bressler on 05.07.2017

  22. i’m just another boy for you to unravel
    a shred of ecstasy to cast aside when i become a husk
    our togetherness is something without a heart–

    By anothershadowbox on 05.07.2017

  23. The water glass is empty.
    Someone should fill it.
    My heart is empty.
    Someone should fill that too.
    Though one is significantly easier to fill than the other.
    Even if you could make love come out of the faucet, it seems that my love always runs cold.

    By Siddhartha on 05.07.2017

  24. the thirst amongst the rich for more can only be quenched my Jesus. Those that drink of him thirst no more.

    By a false terl on 05.07.2017

  25. A mug sits empty on the counter before me
    surrounded by the suggestion of steam
    that has, like a ghost, long since disappeared.
    And to the touch, the mug is lukewarm;
    no longer a comfort to cold hands and soft lips.

    By peri on 05.07.2017

  26. A glass half empty or a glass half full? Someone’s worldview or outlook can have a lot to do with their mental state.

    By Kimmi on 05.07.2017

  27. I emptied my cup as the water spiralled down before hitting the icy cold pavement. Was this normal? Where was I? Where I came from, water flew upwards when you shook it. Why was it falling to the ground? This was definitely not my home planet. But where was I?


    The leaves are green, instead of red. A sure sign of sick soil. Leaves only turn green when there isn’t enough moonlight to help the tree grow. That must mean that this planet is in dire need of nutrients.

    The water is also a very funny colour. You can see straight through it! Not like the black water from home.

    By Jeana on 05.07.2017

  28. sometimes i just feel empty inside. i feel like life isn’t worth living. it feels like i have no where to go and nothing to do.

    By hannah on 05.07.2017