January 1st, 2018 | 36 Entries

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36 Entries for “distance”

  1. a constant push. down and up. reveal the subconscious. inhale the breath. ignite the brain cells. feel the epidermal layer flex and exhaust; find it on a portion and adjust just for the final stroke of distance. an inclusive intrinsic hip toss from the heart, the self, the brain, and what we both/all deserve.

    By smurfstoestar on 01.01.2018

  2. She kept her distance like I was an enormous, ugly spider. Her face contorted into a red mask of disgust. Her hands clenched and unclenched. Spittle ran from her mouth. I should not have told her I worked for the White House.

    By Chuck URL on 01.01.2018

  3. The distance was too far. The time was too long. She was living in the extremes of her life and she couldn’t handle it anymore. Wasn’t there any middle ground? Wasn’t there any moment of calm? She shook her head, trying to clear her thoughts of their jingling.

    By Bridget Grace on 01.01.2018

  4. The distance kept us apart. At times it was rewarding, others deafening. We tried to find ways to shorten the distance, but the miles seemed to grow. Was it for a reason? Were we meant to be apart?

    By Terry on 01.01.2018

  5. the distance between us
    is killing me
    and always has been
    the distance you don´t feel
    but i do
    no matter how pathetic that sounds
    i miss you very much¨
    we were close
    we still are
    yet so far apart

    By too stable on 01.01.2018

  6. Carmen, away, holiday, break, internship, relations, parents, friends, time, effort, pain, hurt, forgetting, highschool friends, happiness, friendships, love

    By ch on 01.01.2018

  7. the distance between where she was, where she wanted to be and where she used to be blurred. she didnt even know if there was a distance of if it all happened in the exact same spot at a different time, each time. the questioning of distance bred the questioning of progress, a question she couldnt bear to to answer

    By Safon on 01.01.2018

  8. I loved her, but only at a distance. I sent letters, but never signed with my name. I never tried to be creepy with what I wrote – I merely sent good wishes, seasons greetings, the occasional update on how the town was doing now that she was gone. I knew she didn’t want to hear from me, but perhaps, if I were merely a disembodied voice – a messenger – then she would accept my words. Maybe even treasure them.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.01.2018

  9. Going the distance is something I don’t really think about unless I look at the word. I guess that seems strange but because I was taught to always put my best foot forward, going the distance is just what I thought was expected. Today I’m thankful to have been taught this lesson.

    By DCGotlib on 01.01.2018

  10. you are so far away from me, it makes me sad.
    remember when we had those moments, behind the vending machines in the park, biting down upon your lip and hoping for the best to come out of the future.
    But now you are so far, so very far away.
    I miss you.

    By mononoke URL on 01.01.2018

  11. 거리라고 하니 제일 먼저 장거리 연애가 떠오른다. 하지만 바로 옆에 있어도 끌어안고 있어도 심지어 몸을 섞고 있어도 마치 다른 차원에 있는 것처럼 몇억광년의 거리에 있는 것처럼 떨어져 있는 듯 느낄 수도 있다.

    By TT on 01.01.2018

  12. I’d travel a different distance everyday to see you in a different place if that made you happy. I just want to make sure that’s what you are; happy and healthy, that you never ever worry about what the world has in store for you next. I don’t care if by doing that, the only thing I can ever do is see you from afar. Because I’d much rather know you are beyond happy away from me, than know that I am there, causing your sadness.

    By alex.chey on 01.01.2018

  13. I have to distance myself from the rest of the world. If they saw me inside – my true inner self – they would understand why I hate myself. Maybe they are already a million miles away from me.

    By Sarah on 01.01.2018

  14. The distance they had to cross was vast, and the desert land was treacherous. They could have chosen to follow the path through the mountains, but it was clear that the rocky hills and ridges would be nigh impossible to cross with their injuries.

    By darseyrsm URL on 01.01.2018

  15. Sometimes the best way to truly grasp where you are is how you remember it when you’re far away. It’s what makes you go “Oh, damn, that’s not the same here?” or makes you miss your favorite cup of coffee from a crappy diner that gets knocked down after you’ve been gone. And you wish you could have gone for one last Blue Ribbon Special for less than $5.

    By Jack on 01.01.2018

  16. The distance between my house and the grocery is three kilo meter and the distance is not far.

    By Maram on 01.01.2018

  17. Her hair trails behind her, marking a path through the air from where he stands. She doesn’t turn to look at him. She feels the earth beneath her feet and the water in the air and she smiles, listens, breathes. The trail is already beginning to fade.

    By Riannon on 01.01.2018

  18. I’m still feeling for from the happiness and from having completed all my meta in life. I feel actually very far which is good and bad. I want to evolve and act is needed

    By Guillaume LAVOIX on 01.02.2018

  19. She looked at the screen of her phone and realized the distance between herself and her mother. “Happy New Year” it said. It was the first words the two had spoken since Christmas; since the woman who bore her had drunkenly proclaimed, “I always loved your sister more.”

    By Shannon Coon on 01.02.2018

  20. Necessary to keep being who I am. Taking distance can help to see things clearer than when they are just in front of you. Too muchdistance can be difficult when you want to keep good relationships with friends and familly. good and bad at the same time

    By michaux fiona URL on 01.02.2018

  21. a far off place – one that is obtainable but takes work to get there
    creating space
    out there
    needing some from areas of my life
    essential at times
    crucial to recognize
    goals to set

    By jennifer clark on 01.02.2018

  22. distance from me to you. i can’t start year three with you because of the distance. physical emotional real imagined i’m done gone. distance from intentions to actions. empty space in between. no not empty really. there is air. there are thoughts.

    By shan on 01.02.2018

  23. I went on a walk with my best friend and we walked and walked. It was like 5 miles up one way and 5 miles back the other way. It was something to get my mind off of somethings. I had alot going on that week and she said that it would be good to get out.

    By MaKayla on 01.02.2018

  24. the space between me and some of my staff. each time I try to close the distance something comes up; a decision, a situation, etc. that seems to stop the progress for closing the distance and building relationships.

    By David on 01.02.2018

  25. From a distance, she could see that the fires were burning in the village. The buildings were engulfed in smoke. The bridges were in flames. The water surrounding the village, the James River, was unharmed by the fire but the sky above was filled with black smoke.

    By Erin on 01.02.2018

  26. the distance to accomplishing my goals and reaching new hopes for the people of America.

    By Justyce on 01.02.2018

  27. there she stood, watching him. though the distance between them was vast, she felt as if she could reach out and touch him with her fingertips. she stretched out one arm, and gazed over the top of her hand….he was not within reach.

    By ep7 on 01.02.2018

  28. Distance is also our signal to explore the world and no matter what, we can do it if we try and try then only we will succeed.

    By Justyce on 01.02.2018

  29. There was a young girl in her teens. She had a rough life but knew with the help of her boyfriend she could make it through it. She needed him when times got rough at home. Her stepdad came home drunk one day and beat her. She ended up blind in one eye. She ran away to California to be with him. Ever since then times had changed and she is a better person.

    By Rocky on 01.02.2018

  30. the more distance that you can put between yourself and something that you’re afraid of the more you should feel relieved and less afraid. However you aren’t going to always be able to put distance between you and your fears, sometimes you have to deal with your fears and challenge them head on. Distance is a choice

    By Tallie on 01.02.2018

  31. my home has a long distance from here, over the ocean and mountain, I miss my home a lot but I think I need to pay attention to being better when I back my home.

    By Jerry on 01.02.2018

  32. my home has a long distance from here, over the ocean and mountain, I miss my home a lot but I think I need to pay attention to being better when I back my home. And I also think sometimes distance create beauty.

    By Jerry on 01.02.2018

  33. Sometimes distance is not good for someone it’s make people far away from each other.

    By Javi on 01.02.2018

  34. bison is a long distance from Rapid City

    By jordan on 01.02.2018

  35. Australia, love, long-term relationships. Travel, growth as a person.

    By Bex on 01.02.2018

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