February 12th, 2014 | 92 Entries

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92 Entries for “disappear”

  1. sdsdfsdfdgdfhfhxfhh The girl disappeared. She vanished like a ghost. Her friends and family looked for her everywhere, but she just seemed to simply . . . disappear!

    By shannon on 02.13.2014

  2. i remember when i was 5 years old i had a monkey name gorge and i liked him a lot and one day its just disappear out of no where!

    By damara on 02.13.2014

  3. this is to vanish, this means to not appear, to not be seen anymore.

    By Alonte Lee on 02.13.2014

  4. “No! You can’t leave me!” Frey cried, staring in shock as her best friend left the world for good… No, not just friend. She loved Venti.

    “I love you!” she cried, just as Venti disappeared, a tear falling from the dragon’s eye.

    By Tara URL on 02.13.2014

  5. I met a man so very queer,
    Clothed in black and quite austere.
    I glanced at him,
    Turned back and then,
    Found him disappeared.

    By kyren on 02.13.2014

  6. Where is the time going? It disappears right before my eyes. I look at my daughter, my heart sees her with pigtails and without her two front teeth, then my brain and eyes and neurons override the image with her ten-year-old loveliness and emerging maturity.

    By Ms. O on 02.13.2014

  7. sometimes i just want to disappear, like have an invisibility cloak for a day idk, i wonder what it would be like and if people would notice. i think it’s probably just like death though if you can’t talk to anyone what is the point that sounds bad but i just like company and socialising with people how sad maybe i don’t want to disappear

    By Kayleigh on 02.13.2014

  8. What would it take to just disappear? Not hide, but really, truly Disappear. Leave everything behind. Start new. Start fresh. In a world all itching to know the real you.

    By Emmy on 02.13.2014

  9. dis
    acts of righteousness
    a circus of in-
    meant to trick
    the eye

    By katiekieran URL on 02.13.2014

  10. It’s whhsidhdijehdjwhdbdhhsgshsgzbjehfbsjdudhauremhzhznen jd dnrntn






    By Jamivanjdjdjsjdnbhhhhhhjh URL on 02.13.2014

  11. the rain went almost as soon as it had arrived my cares deepened though why I did not know

    By smr on 02.13.2014

  12. I knew the minute I pulled the trigger. There would be consequences. Real ones.
    My fingers trembled, but you can’t take back a bullet. I was going to have to disappear. Erase myself from the face of the earth.

    By mmlf99 on 02.13.2014