February 12th, 2014 | 92 Entries

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92 Entries for “disappear”

  1. My fear,
    Just eating away at me.
    Why won’t it just disappear,
    And set me free?

    By Jazzy on 02.12.2014

  2. Waking up. This feeling of a thousand pounds pushing down on my chest. Even before I fully open my eyelids, my hands…they’re already shaking. The anticipation of the heavy and crushing dialogue that’s to come is cutting my breath short, my lungs’ aren’t large enough. Today our love will end and I cannot take it. I will never forget that morning and I will always wish it never happened.

    By Macha on 02.12.2014

  3. She wished the wounds would disappear. She wished the steady stream of tears from her eyes could wash away the blood and heal the cuts and make all of the sadness drown at her feet. If only…

    By Iam Me on 02.12.2014

  4. I just want you to disappear. I wish you had never shown up in the first place. Every time I see your face, I just want to tell you, “Leave. Go. Disappear. I don’t want you here.” I never wanted you, and I never asked for this. I never asked to feel this deeply about you. I never wanted to feel so torn apart, so disheveled when you left. And when you just keep coming back, I can’t handle it. I can’t handle the pain. I don’t know if it’s because I still love you, or because I hate you so deeply that it physically pains me to think about you. It’s not fair, because you can come back stronger than ever. Every single fucking time, you come back looking as if nothing has ever broken you. And here I am, like the broken picture frame lying on the ground. The picture of us from my chorus concert on the ground underneath all the shattered glass. Take me back to that time. Take me back to the time when you actually gave a shit about me and my feelings, those were better days. The days when I loved you. Loved you…. loved you. Past tense. Maybe I am over you. Maybe i don’t love you anymore. So why do you always leave me breathless when I see you with her on Facebook? or why do you always tie my heart in knots when you randomly text me? Every time I think I’m over it, I get dragged right back into the unknown, the in-between. You know I always wanted control. I crave control over everything, because I can’t stand not knowing what’s going to happen to me. I can’t stand spontaneity. And you took that control from me. Now you control me. Maybe if you disappeared, I would gain a sense of that control back again. Although, I’m not sure I could ever be the same after having played your games for the last 4 years. You will always be with me. But I don’t want you with me now. I mean, hell. I never asked for this! I never asked to love you this much, or to be torn so violently from you with no explanation. I never asked for the hurt, for the pain. I just need it all to go away. I need you to go away. Disappear. Just. Fucking. Disappear.

    By Rianna on 02.12.2014

  5. When will this feeling disappear? My feelings for you? I knew that you have another. I knew that you belong to her. But I don’t know when I’ll wake up to see the truth.

    I knew I can’t have you. It’s impossible. When is this going to go away?

    By roze_princess on 02.12.2014

  6. I walked into a spooky forest to only now I was being watches. Then suddenely slenderman made me disappear.

    By edinabrownie on 02.12.2014

  7. She just wanted to disappear, and all she had to do was take one step forward. One step off this earth. One step into bliss. All troubles would be gone, every problem would just fade to black and all her pain would finally go numb.

    By Kenzie on 02.12.2014

  8. Sometimes at night I hear you, whispering on the breeze, singing with the grasshoppers in the garden outside. But when I open my eyes to look for you, you disappear, and only the darkness remains.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 02.12.2014

  9. All things vanish, all things i can no longer see. I long for the day that these things that are now a vague memory would reappear. For now all I can do is hope.

    By eternallyrich on 02.12.2014

  10. You disappear even when I want you to stay, and that saddens me and it makes me want to throw things into the wall.

    I asked you to stay. You said you would .Then you disappeared, because you suck at keeping your promises.

    I knew that from the beginning, actually, but I figurde when you looked me in the eye you weren’t lying to my face.

    I trusted you. You said you wouldn’t go. But in the end I suppose snakes will be snakes, and you were a snake to the bone. You disappeared.

    You disappear even though you say you won’t.

    By Maria URL on 02.12.2014

  11. Swindling your loneliness, I am the center of the game. Pinkerton’s have dull jobs and you make sunshine stain. Between the fact of in and out, only do I find you in my mouth.

    By Daniel Damian URL on 02.12.2014

  12. Wine dripped down the front of her dress, immediately soaking her to the skin and staining the delicate fabric. At first, she just wanted to disappear.

    Instead she punched the bitch in the nose.

    By cat on 02.12.2014

  13. Away from people, away from life. Sometimes the thought is so enticing, but then, is it really Blending in, disappearing…it counteracts are real purpose on this world, in this life. I don’t want to disappear, no always anyways, I want to live a life where I dont want to disappear.

    By Kika on 02.12.2014

  14. At times it seems like it would be nice to disappear, but then I wouldn’t be here. At the end of the day, when I’ve paid my dues, and I’ve overcome Life’s little struggles, I’m glad to be here.

    But, Life, like, come on, give me a break, bro.

    By Iceman on 02.12.2014

  15. he disappeared into the shadows,
    leaving them to be consumed in the light.
    walking amongst the shadows,
    they schemed together.
    and the world ignored them,
    as fish ignore water.
    sometimes i wonder if the sunflower knows
    what it turns its head to face

    By Kairn on 02.12.2014

  16. The girl stood by the window, watching the rain fall before a building fog finally swallowed up the soggy background of the bog beyond the mansion’s walls. She turned away with eyes reflecting the grayness of empty halls and empty grand rooms that once were filled with living beings. Her hand caressed the grand frame of a large mirror, reflecting the dark, gray scene outside and not the transparent individual who stood before it. The girl shed a tear for her reflection that had disappeared from the mirror’s surface since her last breath.

    By Rosheen on 02.12.2014

  17. No matter where we are in the world, I will never stop loving you.
    I hope you know that love never fades or disappears.
    Love will be unveiled soon ~

    By Chris on 02.12.2014

  18. His arms were spindly. A decade ago they lost their muscular shape and a decade before that his tattoos nearly glistened. They were stretched so tight on his bulky arms, before. Health was still with him, but it looked a lot different now.

    By Michelle URL on 02.12.2014

  19. mY feelings have dissappered in this callous world. I want to meet people and visit place where I can rediscovered my disappeared feelings. DD

    By Kiran Rawat on 02.12.2014

  20. you disappear, I’ll run away.
    each of us non-entities

    By mbabington on 02.12.2014

  21. This nagging feeling just won’t disappear. The feeling that I should be doing something really important. But, isn’t my life important now? What do I need to add? My fear is that if I don’t add something I, myself, will just disappear.

    By Rebecca on 02.12.2014

  22. they said she could disappear at will. in a haze of purple smoke, she’d suddenly be gone. she faded into the background, became one with the scenery. once the mist cleared, no one paid any mind. she did it at will, yet it was beyond her will. a natural course of action for her nature. when every fiber of her being screamed stop, that is precisely what happened. she disappeared.

    By firelight on 02.12.2014

  23. It’s a pity that dreams disappear so quickly when we wake up.
    Problems disappear as soon as you are more open hearted and look the “problem” in the eye and accept the situation as it is by breathing in and out.

    By Magdalena on 02.13.2014

  24. Help me!
    They are getting closer with every second. They are reaching for me, reaching…
    Help me!
    They want me, they chase me! Where shall I go?
    Am I lost?
    Tell me where to go!

    I am scared. I am so scared, so alone in the darkness.
    Abandoned… Am I abandoned?
    Help me! I don’t want to disappear!

    By BlueRay on 02.13.2014

  25. I went back. they found me, so I ran. too far, I fell. I came before I went, and stopped myself from appearing. it didn’t happen, because I stopped it after it did. goodbye. hello. goodbye.

    By saiga on 02.13.2014


    By CYNTHIA URL on 02.13.2014

  27. He disappeared into the crowd. I knew I would never see him again. The thought saddened me. He had meant everything to me. I had tried my best to apologize, but failed miserably. The tears streaked down my cheeks and dropped down to the ground.

    By Gilltyascharged on 02.13.2014

  28. Oh, if I had the ability to disappear. The ability to hide. Hide from all the pain and the troubles. Hide from all the giants and the mountains. If I could sneak passed every trial and every tribulation. Then, then I would, I would be a coward. Not formed by troubles, weak and already nobody. Already fragile, already invisible. What we overcome makes us who we are.

    By Jose on 02.13.2014

  29. She just wanted to disappear; it was over – she knew that now. If only he’d disappeared it might all have been different. Still, maybe it was a good thing and she’d realise in the end that things do happen for a reason. What a cliché, but boy, she needed to grab onto anything she could right now!

    By Maryann on 02.13.2014

  30. it a word which reminds me of wizards and witches which either disappear mysteriously or make things disappear apparently .
    it seems a suspicious word to read. doubt and a thrill lingers around it .
    its a verb !!
    it makes me think of secrets and crimes.

    By rhea URL on 02.13.2014

  31. your daily sorrows disappear
    and all there is left is one thing
    left to worry about
    left to feel

    By lina bamberg on 02.13.2014

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    By mjaycox on 02.13.2014

  33. When the last person I spoke to yesterday told me to have a good night, I didn’t think that was an omen. That happens everyday. But then this morning when I got up, I looked in the mirror and I couldn’t see myself. Not the way I used to anyway. What happened? I didn’t think I had changed that much. He wasn’t all bad.

    By Beka URL on 02.13.2014

  34. not being able to be seen, not recognized or understood to appear and then vanish in an instant, a special power that some wish to hold. to be suddenly taken away, to vanish into air. what all of my personal items enjoy doing

    By Lily on 02.13.2014

  35. just go. just get the fuck out of here. i don’t want to see you anymore. you are dead to me. and take your stuff ’cause you’re not coming back here ever after today. if you do, well, you know about my family and how loyal they are. what I am saying is they will kick your ass!

    By Lee on 02.13.2014

  36. and slowly as the funeral went on i felt her dissapear. she wasn’t the picture they were painting, she wasn’t like this and her very memory was being curropted. she was dissapearing before my eyes and apparently even my memories weren’t safe from this epidemic.

    By Abigail W on 02.13.2014

  37. Why can’t I think of anything interesting for disappear? Any ideas I think of quickly disappear..

    By Alexandra on 02.13.2014

  38. He closed his eyes, hopelessly. He knew this time would have made no difference. A gust of cold wind hit him and froze his nose, but he had to move on. As he kept walking, he could hear the pebbles under his feet, the faint clatter an untuned orchestra in his head. He had to disappear, and yet barely breathing felt like an alarm had just went off. He had to disappear, and he hoped those he was seeking could teach him how.

    By Psamathes on 02.13.2014

  39. I just disappeared. No one could see me. I kept screaming for you. You moved as if someone had called you from a far away place. I called louder. Finally you stood. I was there. Somewhere. You ran to the door and finally saw me there, panicked and scared. You took my hand and pulled me away from the darkness.

    By Saffy on 02.13.2014

  40. Shes gone and cried into the wind
    I hated that the great descend
    could sweep her up
    and take her away
    but now she’s disappeared
    forever and a day
    I loved her once
    and now she’s left
    I’ll see her never
    my love wasn’t best

    By Cecilia on 02.13.2014