June 2nd, 2018 | 30 Entries

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30 Entries for “dining”

  1. The two old men were wining and dining, chewing and grinding, sharing stories and bad jokes at the corner table. It was actually fun to listen in on. The two elderly gents appeared to be very close – friends, or perhaps even lovers. But they did appear to be reconnecting or rekindling something that perhaps had been lost long ago. One of them still had a good head of hair, his smile big beneath his lumberjack-esque beard.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.02.2018

  2. ´´ Well, to one and all, now is the morning, the afternoon we eat , but in the evening the dinig is a relative mindful moment that we all shall repeat´´, said the server.

    ´´ Bon appetit´´, replied the crowded diners.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 06.03.2018

  3. Food is life, and diner is the most important part of th day. On diner we have to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. Don’t eat fast food :D peace, love, happiness.

    By Liliana on 06.03.2018

  4. they were hungry, soo hungry. They had not eaten for years. Now they had come back, to this house, this town was so close, the humans so near, their souls ready to be devoured.

    By Fran Hunne URL on 06.03.2018

  5. The dining room was filled with teenagers. Young men and women dressed in tuxedoes and ball gowns. The quiet chattering around each table felt like nervous energy being handed back and forth between the couples. I was taken back in time to my prom thirty plus years earlier. Prom is what I was guessing, it was that time of year. I

    By Cris Nole on 06.03.2018

  6. I was dining out yesterday when I bumped into my friend Harry. He looked bad. I invited him for a drink and asked him what the matter was and he told me his wife had left him and he had lost his job.

    By amelie.magne on 06.03.2018

  7. Allison noticed that Caleb nodded and smiled and gave a couple of responses that night, but no doubt his mind was elsewhere. H he was too distracted to pay enough attention to know much more than the topic of conversation. As for the food itself, he ate none of it, instead shuffling the food around his plate.

    What Allison didn’t know, is that Caleb just really had to use the restroom, and felt it was impolite to leave the dining table.

    By Meg on 06.03.2018

  8. The Japanese Noblemen, sits down
    to dine,
    but yet,
    he can’t
    seem to pine,
    for the women,
    of his dreams.

    He languishes Calbee
    reserves anguish for
    Calbee Chips,
    even deliciousness can be missed.
    every snack,
    under the sun,
    all run, from his judgmental gums.

    Then one day, after
    and pining
    for longer than
    too long,
    water wells up
    from his eyes,
    a fountain
    of innocent
    His companions
    sought his stormy bliss,
    he ran
    from the storm
    and he realized
    happiness is
    what was
    in that
    wild wind.

    By Milad URL on 06.03.2018

  9. The table was long, long; there was a crimson table cloth and a multitude of scented candles. Roses were sparse, thrown throughout the room, and the company was this:

    Lia, a middle-aged woman with streaks of grey through her hair. Anna, a titanic woman who seemed larger than life. Triss, their supposed daughter, a wicked woman whose smile was a dagger. Alicia, Anna’s biological daughter.

    By aftergold on 06.03.2018

  10. I was dining on some fresh clams and sweet garlic oil pasta when I saw him walk in. Hat brim concealing his face in a shadow of style unmatched in this establishment. Slowly he removed his hat and stroke purposely towards me. Was he the one they talked about? What was the reason for his visit?

    By Chuck K. URL on 06.03.2018

  11. I was dining on some fresh clams and sweet garlic oil pasta when I saw him walk in. Hat brim concealing his face in a shadow of style unmatched in this establishment. Slowly he removed his hat and strode purposely towards me. Was he the one they talked about? What was the reason for his visit? My wine glass was empty yet again as I motioned for him to sit down and join me. I poured him a glass then refilled my own. Now we will find out the purpose of this meeting.

    By Chuck K. URL on 06.03.2018

  12. table

    By Denisa Miculescu on 06.03.2018

  13. I like to have a cosy dining experience from time to time. I enjoy the ambience of a restaurant that has candles on the table, and lighting low enough to create a comfortable and perhaps even romantic atmosphere, without it impinging on your ability to actually see the items on the table, and of course, the face of the person you are dining with.

    By Philosanity on 06.03.2018

  14. Comer é sempre bom. Aprendi com o tempo a comer menos na janta, pois assim consigo dormir melhor. Respeitar os limites do seu corpo e não abusar dele por causa das facilidades do mundo moderno é o desafio.

    By Luan on 06.03.2018

  15. ‘Are you sure you want to do this?’
    They stood, backs to the door with the light from the large dining room window spilling over them. As they looked at the dark night their shadows were stretching out towards they felt the cold reception behind them, it was not often you have the opportunity to face your worst critics, those that knew you just still threw you to the dogs and laughed at the carnage.

    By Meredyth URL on 06.03.2018

  16. You came to my table,
    with a wad of ones,
    and some crumpled mystery.

    I stopped writing for you, you know?
    It’s like a phantom limb that can only sometimes stop itching;
    and my voice is now lost in a faceless blur.

    I came to your table as sacrifice,
    with an apple in my mouth, a pig in my eye.
    Blink not once, but twice, when I cry.

    So it’s just like dining,
    when you are feeling alone.
    You have eaten at my table,
    on my vacuum heart throne.

    By Marissa on 06.04.2018

  17. Once, there lived an old man. He had no children and he had no wife. In general, he had no family. He didn’t know where his parents were. He always ate at fancy dining places, although people thought he was poor.

    By Ru Yi URL on 06.04.2018

  18. They were dining in the deluxe hall. The one area that she had been forbidden to enter as a child. Twenty-five years later there she was sitting down in the seat her father made her believe she never desired.

    By Cris Nole on 06.04.2018

  19. She placed her napkin on her lap and glanced around the restaurant furtively. There had to be someone here that could figure out that she was in trouble. Someone who would notice the energy between them. But of course it just looked like an awkward first date. How would you tell? How could anyone tell, their faces in their phones, their noses in their meals.

    By Bridget Grace on 06.04.2018

  20. eating is a survival tool. we eat in order to live a healthy life free from disease & malnutrition. dining is refining the way & items that we eat-not just consuming to stay alive.

    By Mary Keough on 06.04.2018

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  22. dining is synonymous to happiness….when done with candles…..

    By sanket patil on 06.04.2018

  23. All of the dining was simply too much. Too much for his wallet and too much for his physique to handle. It was his first time in LA and the availability of delicious and horribly unhealthy food had never been so plentiful before. After only 7 days he had truly wrecked himself.

    By Kristian Pierce on 06.04.2018

  24. dining room has a special mean for every family. Because family members always come together its around every night and talking about their day.

    By fatma on 06.04.2018

  25. dining, in the past, was very common. famies sat down for breakfast, lunch, or at least dinner every day. however it has became less popular as technology has became popular and children have became involved in more extra curricular activites.

    By Lilly URL on 06.04.2018

  26. The absolute best dining experience is feeling the breeze hitting your warm skin, watching the moonlight ripple on the water, sipping a tropical mixed drink, and tasting perfectly seared scallops.

    By okayfine on 06.04.2018

  27. i had bacon the other day
    it tasted great
    i can’t believe i ate bacon
    i love pigs
    i think they are very smart
    the dining times refined by lies
    the exquisite pleasure in trying times
    the moments i need to escape
    the pain i’m trying to relocate

    By Matt m. on 06.04.2018

  28. The dining room was empty. I haven’t seen Clarice in years, yet I can still see her sitting on the chair. Scanning through her phone and a heaping spoonful of cereal placed in it. She usually turned to me and said “Hi”, but not today.

    By Katze on 06.04.2018

  29. I think of dining as the hospitality of a resturant.

    By janellec08 on 06.04.2018

  30. Yesterday, my family went out to eat burger king. When we were halfway dining, an old man came up to us and told us that we couldn’t sit there because that was his spot. We were offended but just obeyed him because he was the president.

    By Ru Yi URL on 06.04.2018