March 28th, 2011 | 526 Entries

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526 Entries for “digital”

  1. I had digital design and it was interesting. Digital(I believe)means computer made, like made on the computer. Digital pixels are cute they like tiny square babies!!!
    Gosh! can’t post what is the deal???????

    By ZO3Y URL on 03.28.2011

  2. maybe if we all kept things in our life that are digital we would be happier. things that take care of themselves. things that work. things we control, but don’t have to babysit.

    By carlie on 03.28.2011

  3. everything is better in digital such as
    clocks,scoreboards,phones etc.

    By koryo URL on 03.28.2011

  4. The world is all digital. Everyone’s lives are based around digital things. Digital clocks, digital this, digital that. We couldn’t survive without such things, and no one wants to learn how to.

    By Kenzie Brinkman on 03.28.2011

  5. The digital world is a wonderful tool for the transfer of information, though it takes away from the experiential knowledge of physical realities. Holding a book in one’s hands and leafing through its pages is drastically different from reading something made of pixels

    By Michaela on 03.28.2011

  6. Smiling I skimmed through the collection of photos on the digital camera. I mused over each memory, as though I were still human. So glad it was just a myth that vampires could not be photographed. In the old days there was a myth that photos could never capture a vampire, something about the silver used to develop the film. Won’t have to worry about that, with everything digital now, I could relive my undead life over and over. Hmmmmm, I stopped to ponder as I nibbled my lower lip. Guess that would mean I had to make sure I was careful too…

    By Cat URL on 03.28.2011

  7. My digital clock was haunted…it kept switching itself on and off by itself, the time would change and I swear it also moved about the shelf! But then so does my TV so I guess I’ll just get used to it!

    By Anton URL on 03.28.2011

  8. The digital world is a wholly different reality from that of earlier eras. It is a world in which things are seen, but not felt or experienced. There is a significant difference between the days of old, when a person would treasure a book, leafing through it’s pages carefully, to the instantaneous transfer of information we experience today.

    By michaela barry URL on 03.28.2011

  9. digital
    thats good
    other times
    i wonder
    if life would be better
    if everything was
    and less

    By jill URL on 03.28.2011

  10. Why is every thing you talk about digital? Cant you live outside of your smart phone, video games, computer societies? I am real and I am right here!
    She shouted so that her could hear her over his I-pod ear buds.
    He shrugged and turned back to the two inch screen that held his attention firmly.
    She slapped it from his hand and ran away.

    By Jenn Foot URL on 03.28.2011

  11. digital is a kind of resolution about camera or about photo

    By Zen Clandestino URL on 03.28.2011

  12. in a digital age
    we live in a digital world
    pixel by pixel we convert and upgrade
    and downgrade
    depending on the way you look at it

    By megan URL on 03.28.2011

  13. Everyone seems to think that this is the digital age and we’re somehow all doomed. Texting has made us stupid and someday our thumbs will be longer for it. Television has made us all fat and lazy. I don’t believe that. I think that we can only be smarter if our communication is easier.

    By Jmarie URL on 03.28.2011

  14. The age we live in, i suppose, but soon we wont be digital but something super duper…or we will all be digital…..maybe we are all digital…

    By Hannah on 03.28.2011

  15. captured. loaded. visible. shared. floating through the tubes of our electronic universe, visible only through the portals of our computer screens and other such machinery.

    By care URL on 03.28.2011

  16. “Brian, you’ve drawn quite a following!”

    “No. Look who’s in the house. They’re coming in to hear Donna sing.”

    “Quite a turnout. Too bad you went analogue.”

    “Seriously? She’s more digital than you think.”

    “Yeah, also fun to listen to.”

    By vanhaydu URL on 03.28.2011

  17. New age
    new way of showing time
    increasing technology
    and our screen time
    decreasing our time with
    each other
    to face
    numbers taking away

    By Ellie URL on 03.28.2011

  18. An orange casio digital watch
    sets off the tanned skin
    on my husband’s wrist
    keeps him on time
    gets him to the right places
    at the right time
    or checking off the minutes
    ’til his workout has ended.

    By degna URL on 03.28.2011

  19. Everything is digital these days. Digital cameras, digital alarm clocks. Sometimes technology scares me, makes me think we’re all brain washed and slaves to the new technology wave. And then I think, what if it were all taken away? What would we become? Whiney Americans, that’s what. But then again, that’s all we were in the first place.

    By Abbie G on 03.28.2011

  20. You know those photos we took last year, when you still loved me? I deleted them, just like you deleted me from your memory. It was easier than that, though. They were digital.

    By Silvia Lupuianu URL on 03.28.2011

  21. Digital Media. Digital photographs. Photographs- captured moments in time. Pictures are the essence of our world, our life. Capturing moments and saving them for generations to see after we have passed. Without the digital realm, our world suffers. And so do our newer generations.

    By Dylan on 03.28.2011

  22. Everything was digital. So different from my home planet, which was a bit lacking in the technology department due to our extremely poor government. As you would expect, I was especially excited to see how the innovations worked to improve quality of life on this rich, advanced world.

    By Nachos on 03.28.2011

  23. The digital camera swung from her neck like a pendulum in motion.
    “I can’t believe you’re gonna take pictures! There’s nothing to take pictures of!” Her fiance, Ray exclaimed.
    I can take pictures of my favorite subject,” she said, “you.”

    By Kate on 03.28.2011

  24. The digital world has really taken off. Everything is digital now a days and I mean everything.
    You cannot go anywhere with someone showing you there new digital this or that. I have friends that literally buy every new digital gizmo they can find and not because they need it. What would we do with out digital? How would we survive? I think that for some of us it would very difficult to return to age before digital or BD. Life was a lot simpler then. Didn’t have to answer the phone every time it ringed, because you didn’t have it connected to your body. You had to wait for pictures to be developed. Now if you don’t like them you delete them before anyone sees them. Would the world be a better place with out digital? Maybe, maybe not! Would be a lot cheaper for sure.

    By Roxanne on 03.28.2011

  25. there is a glow
    emanating from my screen
    it taunts me
    it beckons
    My homework is due


    By Harte Foster URL on 03.28.2011

  26. The world today os totally digital. Everything is electronic, and it both hurts and harms relationships. New technology is always being developed – who is to say if this is good or bad? Lives are saved, others destroyed. It’s all a matter of perspective.

    By Lauren on 03.28.2011

  27. We live in a digital world. A digital era. We can’t escape it. We are it. People have turned into pixles & pixles have turned both tangible & sentient. Everything about us is digital. We are composed of veins as wires, our souls as memory cards, our hearts as hard drives. We turned lifeless. We turned cold. We turned into something. We became ashamed of.
    All we see. All we are.

    By mariana URL on 03.28.2011

  28. i read this word and i do not know how i can write anything related to it but i think it contains alot of related topics .digital it is a wide word on this world every one can use it in different ways

    By issa on 03.28.2011

  29. I have an iphone4. I never thought I would get one, but I’m in love with it. It’s like a computer in my hand. I use it more then my lap top sometimes. That scares me, this isn’t how it’d be 10 years ago. So much has changed, and most of us now have a piece of technology that is basically an extension of ourselves.

    By Lisa O on 03.28.2011

  30. Digital downloads are the future. Books will never go out of style but they will now be put into digital format at every possible chance. Digital downloads are costing more than books, but that’s because whole packages are being included within the downloads including videos and other materials. Digital downloads are printable and duplicable.

    By Vanessa URL on 03.28.2011

  31. I said to give me the digital copy not the hard copy don’t you ever listen anymore?

    I’m sorry but the digital copy is password protected and try as i could I coulndn’t hack the system.

    So much for you being the best hack on the planet. Next time i’ll triple check the references before agreeing to the pay.

    By wrainbeau on 03.28.2011

  32. The digital age. Everything is electronic. Our clocks, our games, our relationships, what would we do without it? Suffer.

    “Did you accept my friend request?”

    By Patrick on 03.28.2011

  33. The internet is great (for porn).

    The internet is great (for porn).

    The internet is great (for porn, porn, porn).

    By Patrick O'Oreilly on 03.28.2011

  34. I drop my digitlal camera while walking in central park. Ive taken to afternoon walks when i got my BUG Charile. Since his death this is my dfter trip to the park. the camrea was a gift form my mother when i first moved.

    By Rachel on 03.28.2011

  35. The digital numbers stood out against the pitch black screen. Mila blinked quickly as she realized what time it was. Hard to imagine that she had slept straight through the annoying alarm that was supposed to wake her.

    By Hannah Alan on 03.28.2011

  36. My digital camera fell from the canoe and was now sitting at the bottom of the lake. “Crap!” I exclaimed while trying to use the paddle to flip the camera up. The memory card those very special pictures.

    By Jessica on 03.28.2011

  37. Digital means there’s either 1 or 0, yes or no, true or false. Would you really want to live in a digital world? Nahh…

    By Zyrober URL on 03.28.2011

  38. Algo que mucho no me gusta porque me abruma a veces, es comodidad, es tecnología y es herramienta para muchas profesiones. Suena superficial. Dígitos. Códigos. Futuro. Sin piel.

    By Hugo on 03.28.2011

  39. Something that is uterly uninteresting, unreal and i have no clue about. I wish i had seen another word. Digital age is not my age.

    By Shtelika on 03.28.2011

  40. Modern, cutting edge, non-analogue. Beauty, math, present, future. Cold, static, futuristic.

    By Zorac on 03.28.2011