May 1st, 2010 | 381 Entries

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381 Entries for “detour”

  1. I promised her this one detour. One stop alongside the road. I don’t know what attracted her to that small abandoned graveyard a few meters away from the car. She’d left me standing by the staionwagon, watching her walk away. She knelt down by one of the graves, her long dark hair shuddering as her shoulders shook in sobs. It took me a moment to realize what those sobs meant.

    By alleigh on 05.02.2010

  2. taking detours is probably the worst thing known to man. When you take a detour, your sense of direction is all screwed up, you’ve got no idea where you are, when you are, who you are, why you are, how you are, you just are, 300 thousand feet away from where you were supposed to be.

    By Stephanie Rae on 05.02.2010

  3. The rain tumbled from the sky to the earth in a meeting of nature and destructive forces. The road stood no chance against the onslaught of dirt and mud as the landslide came crashing down and the cars on the road had no better a chance.

    By Amanda on 05.02.2010

  4. Take a detour
    to he hospital
    and pick up some milk from the corner store.

    By kim on 05.02.2010

  5. i tool a detour one time and it wound up making me go the complete wring way, so i got so fucking pissed and went the fuck back home to take my pills. after, i found a way around the detour, wich was like a detour for a detour…crazy shit. i konow

    By matt on 05.02.2010

  6. I took the detour down the hall and saw my parents having sex. OMG.

    By Dirty Diana on 05.02.2010

  7. A detour is a alternative route, usually because the primary route is blocked or inaccessible. Many people view detours as annoyances, but they can also be seen as chances for a different drive, a change of pace, and a new road–with the chance, of course, that you will be late for your intended destination.

    By Joe Brown on 05.02.2010

  8. I needed a detour. One that could get me away and occupied from him. Him. He made me so angry. And yet, I loved him more than anyone.

    By Bailey on 05.02.2010

  9. “i took a detour to the next town. then I got lost!” said little red riding hood to the wolf.
    detours aren’t always good. but sometimes they allow you to meet people on your way to a place. detours are a way to get ou

    By Lucia on 05.02.2010

  10. I oncw took a detour through a dark ally. No one was in sight, and I was alone. Forever.

    By Charlie South on 05.02.2010

  11. i was walking when it happened.
    Slowly but surely, that same man who haunted my dreams appeared in the window.
    I ran like hell.
    I ran until the breath flew out of my chest and i heaved and nothing came out.
    I sprawled out on the floor
    and blacked out on the face of my fears.

    By Alice on 05.02.2010

  12. Detour is word that is often missed used. Often people think that it is a route you take when a primary one has been denied, but this is not the case. In actual fact, a detour is the official name for the ceremony that takes place when a tour guide dies.

    By Sam Thorley on 05.02.2010

  13. The road was icy and his hands were frozen on the wheel – it made for difficult steering. I’ll just pull over he thought but the lights ahead of him convinced him to make a detour.

    By Annemarie on 05.02.2010

  14. He took a detour on the way to the bank. The 60,000 dollars would be his and his alone.

    By ZooKeeney on 05.02.2010

  15. Did the chicken detour or cross the road?

    By blindflamingo on 05.02.2010

  16. the detour fell, fell away from the road and into countrysides winding away from their own main roads. We followed it into the dark, out of tunnels and rivers and all over, over here there were people who didn’t know the road was a detour, over their they’d been waiting a long time for it

    By Paul Logan on 05.02.2010

  17. Detours are a wonderful way to get to see the world, Everyone is busy going directly from point A to point B without (cliche alert) stopping to smell the roses. I think detours are great.

    By Sam on 05.02.2010

  18. Then the car swerved violently. No one had seen the yellow signs screaming warnings in the dark. The fog didn’t help either. Since when had there been a cliff here?

    I guess we just missed the detour sign.

    By Kat on 05.02.2010

  19. Detour, shmetour. I’m gonna go my own way. Ain’t no sign can tell me where to go.

    By Suzanna McElwain on 05.02.2010

  20. I took a detour one night on a dusty road. I had never been there before but I decided I needed a break, a chance to catch my breath. That night was like a dream, but in the worst possible way.

    By Alysha on 05.02.2010

  21. The word detour cost allot of time today. I knew that I had to get to work but if it wasn’t for that word in orange and black my life would be on the right track to a new career

    By Jonathan Romero on 05.02.2010