May 16th, 2010 | 408 Entries

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408 Entries for “destiny”

  1. Destiny? Does it even exist? I believe it doesn’t. Our actions today determine our future. Yet so many people want to believe in it. The thought is magical, it’s inspiring, but it completely takes away our power to create.

    By BoldAsLove URL on 05.17.2010

  2. She smiled as she looked down at the orb in her palm.
    “It is destiny.” The wind whispered through the trees, and she knew it to be true. Her blood felt like fire in her veins, coursing thick and hot through her body, revitalizing her soul. A change was coming. Soon this would be no more.

    By Sophie Benioff-White on 05.17.2010

  3. It isn’t your choice. Free choice is an illusion. Your destiny has been predetermined for some time. Since the beggining of time, there has been a plan for the world and everyone and everything in it. I believe this because over my years, I have witnessed this to be true.

    By Elliot land on 05.17.2010

  4. Destiny is fate it beautifu my destiny l? idk but everybody have a destiny and my destiny is to become a doctor so thats my destiny is to become a doctor and be succesful in life

    By venessa cesar URL on 05.17.2010

  5. everybody have an destiny me you all of us but how we make are density is how we want it to be u make u density nobody else

    By venessa cesar URL on 05.17.2010

  6. i have to not care about it. make up your own destiny, at it will happen!

    By Judi URL on 05.17.2010

  7. Destiny is what drives us, if you belive you have one you will try and fufill it and ultimatley the destiny you make for yourself will be the destiny you have, don’t try and be something you’re not. Also makes me think of fairy tales and huge epic adventures which are just fantastic fantastic.

    By Jamie Clapton on 05.17.2010

  8. she is my desntiny. someone that some people love and some exspire them

    By gregory whitaker on 05.18.2010