September 18th, 2012 | 307 Entries

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307 Entries for “despite”

  1. despite everything that has stop me from achieving my dreams i continue to reach for my goals. despite is an interesting words. It definately was not a word I expected to see while doing this exercise. the word is just so abtract to write about.

    By Vanessa Davila on 09.19.2012

  2. Despite the beautiful day outside I’m sitting at the kitchen table. Despite the warmth of the sun, I’m clothed for winter. Despite my energy, I’m doing nothing. Despite the green table, I would love to see the wood grain refinished and showing. Despite my ungrateful attitude, I love my life mostly.

    By Christy on 09.19.2012

  3. despite or the spite? that’s how unclear the word sounded when i read it a few moments ago. they are a lot of things we spite about in our lives despite the minor issues they actually are.

    By joy on 09.19.2012

  4. Despite the effort to spite other people, George couldn’t get himself to not like them. They were silly little buggers despite their shortcomings. Their shortcomings included a drive to murder and rape one another, steal from each other and oppress, despite the fact that many of them have told that one should love his neighbor.

    By Djeinus on 09.19.2012

  5. despite that ive been living a life where nothing was missing there is still a place in my heart that knows i have to look for something, which i cannot name so far. and its gonna be a long journey but at the end i will be successful.

    By Daniela on 09.19.2012

  6. Sometimes i despite myself for who i am. I dont stand up for myself sometimes, because i think its a waste to stand up for yourself against someone who is very foolish.

    By srividya on 09.19.2012

  7. despite the distance, i love you. there’s miles and miles of road stretching between us, but I still love you like when we lived down the road. The drive means nothing.

    By Kim on 09.19.2012

  8. Jenna is lonely. She lives with her best friend and is surrounded by people, but despite that she always feels empty.
    Alone. Nobody notices that.

    By Lovisa Ludviks on 09.19.2012

  9. I will prevail, despite what the naysayers say. I will inhale despite what the gaysayers say. I will go to jail despite what the bricklayers lay. I will buy brothe

    By DanTheMan on 09.19.2012

  10. Can you happy ever despite a longing to be alone?

    My dream is to own a property in the middle of nowhere, with two horses, some dogs, some cats, satellite T.V. and the Internet, I’ll just live there and write.

    That’s what I want, no family, no kids, no body to keep me company.

    By Axel on 09.19.2012

  11. despite the fact that it was over, despit all of the screaming, and all of the little irritations and the sad, sad days when nothing happened but they woke up pissed off and they went to bed pissed off and nothing changed because nothing would ever change no matter what happened, they sitll managed to love each other.

    By Ruth URL on 09.19.2012

  12. Despite the differences in each other, we dated. Despite the hunger in her eyes, I didn’t touch. Despite my overwhelming desire, I was afraid. That is what love feels like sometimes. Frightening. And that is when you continue despite everything.

    By Emily on 09.19.2012

  13. Despite her reluctance to write in hte writing generator, Melanie Mock began writing for her students earning their respect and admiration to a degree she never dreamed imaginable. She instantly became famous.

    By Nellie on 09.19.2012

  14. Despite- Its the splintered pens that keep you on the clothesline. Its like the pot boiling over seeping into your burner and caking it with salt spots. Its kicking your feet into the red brown of the dugout sand, aching to crunch the grass and feel the smooth metal handle of the bat. These are your despites; when you finish that ramen. When your hand shakes from the ball’s contact as you fling the bat high into the sun, and even though the third basemen catches your foul ball, you sit back down in that dugout kicking the mud-brown sand with grass stained toes and despite not touching a base you are happy.

    By kelly on 09.19.2012

  15. She looked around, seeing everything before her. She saw all the pain, agony. The things that fill this world with hardships and grief. Flashes of moments of tragic along with songs of sorrow. Most blame the heavens above for such troublesome things, and sometimes even the Lord himself. But despite everything, she still felt the same. She still loved him, and her views will never change.

    err….sorry if this one is bad. i’m running low on ideas for this word. if only the minute didn’t tick so fast.

    By chris styles on 09.19.2012

  16. The cream made him itch.
    His helmet gave him bruises.
    With such long legs, he could only take tiny steps, bound as he was by ill-fitting pants.

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 09.19.2012

  17. Despite feeling anxious, I walked down the hallway. It was dark and I couldn’t see a metre in front of me. It was like some kind of dream, or nightmare and I sensed I was being watched.
    Though I had to keep going to find Maisie.

    By Fay on 09.19.2012

  18. despite all there is in life one must go on. It is an unfair world despite all the beauty around us, which is interesting to think about considering all the beauty there is. We still have evil man who destroy in spite of nature. go figure.

    By Christopher Pegram on 09.19.2012

  19. Despite his best intentions Richard followed the rabbit, his dark mood, down the rabbit hole by insisting to his doctor that his headaches were worst and he need more Vicodin. Fueled by this white pill he picked up a few more of his bad habits where he had left them so many months ago.

    By John Shinavier URL on 09.19.2012

  20. Despite the fact that I told my little brat of a brother to get ready for school. He stayed on the couch and watched tv.

    By Orion on 09.19.2012

  21. despite what happened in the past, it is over between us. I can’t see it going anywhere and besides I have my eye on someone else and don’t want this to get in the way.

    By oli on 09.19.2012

  22. I have no idea. Yet, despite my empty head, I write. It rhymes. Yay. Yet, it makes no sense.

    By Soft URL on 09.19.2012

  23. Despite the fact that he is sixteen years older than me, I still feel at my absolute best around him. It’s like finally being able to have to freedom to end up anywhere. It’d be amazing to stop and look around and be happy with where ever you are every time, no matter where you are.

    By Anne URL on 09.19.2012

  24. (the scars–)

    i will dress your wounds,
    and love the veins that are sore.

    (–on skin and underneath)

    By isa on 09.19.2012

  25. Desconozco la palabra despite en ingles, pero en español suena como “despiste” y yo siempre he sido muy despistada, todo se me pierde, jajajaja pero la verdad es que pienso muchas cosas al mismo tiempo y por eso es que nunca presto atencion a mi alrededor

    By Maciel on 09.19.2012

  26. I wish I had spoken to her on that night. I saw here standing across the room with a glass of champagne clasped in her hand. She was beautiful. Despite this I hesitated to approach.

    By Jack Tiffee on 09.19.2012

  27. Despite all this I wonder if something is in its place. Despite reminds me of depit. Which is much like nesbit – all carrying negative connotations. Nesbit must be a fictional name.

    By Erica Lawver on 09.19.2012