May 28th, 2011 | 498 Entries

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498 Entries for “despair”

  1. the gog drown in a poll of water mixed with piss from the btch next door

    By matthew on 05.29.2011

  2. It’s an awful feeling.

    By Locsalot URL on 05.29.2011

  3. he looked upon the scoreline with despair. they were trailing 3 – 1 with only 20 minutes on the clock… the football from last night has been plaguing my mind, seriously need to find something else to despair over :p it’s a sad life.

    By nabster121 URL on 05.29.2011

  4. Despair is one ugly, ugly thing… Lately I feel it more often than usual. I hope it passes soon.

    By zizzi URL on 05.29.2011

  5. There are things in life that you feel, sometimes great and sometimes the opposite. Feeling despair is something that everybody should avoid. Counter this feeling, a feeling is just a state of mind. Believe you aren’t feeling it and you should realize that things will be alright. No matter how dull the outlook, just be happy that you are here for that in itself is truly amazing. We started out as something microscopic battling many other microscopic beings to live a longer life, and with the few of us people who live think of the countless number of others that didn’t get the same fate. Lived for only hours or a few days. Be happy you are here today for it is truly amazing.

    By Bradd Arseneau :) on 05.29.2011

  6. I am in such great trouble. So many thoughts, so little time. What to do, WHAT TO DO?! I feel lost and frustrated. Where to turn to, nobody wants to listen to someone who is as lost and confused as I am. I have no idea why I am in such distress. Someone please help me before I become a hazard to myself.

    By Brittany on 05.29.2011

  7. En la deseperación yace el fracaso, en la paciencia, el éxito.

    By raul URL on 05.29.2011

  8. feelings of despair are kinda foreign to me so i’;ll describe my character’s experiences with despair instead. Alaric is a prince who yearns for adventure and to be the king of his nation one day. He finally gets that opportunity but gets attacked by bandits and left for dead in god knows where. This causes him to break down into despair because he got what he wanted but in the most twisted way possible.

    By Zachariah on 05.29.2011

  9. despair is a word used for sorrow….i think it means wen like so one die u feel despair for your lost and stuff…that is wht i think despair mean

    By speshal on 05.29.2011

  10. despair means sowwor for something…that is waht despair means

    By speshal URL on 05.29.2011

  11. darkness loneliness at the bottom the feeling when the cereal is there but the milk is gone you are gone you are my milk the cereal is dry what am i doing here why did i wake up today everything is wrong everything is messy there is no hope at the bottom bottom bottom bottom of the well no well is too predictable bottom of the heart cliche but oh well bottom of the world and i feel it on top spinning over me like a giant concrete ball in a cartoon

    By mary on 05.29.2011

  12. The hardest thing about despair is not knowing how to deal with it. It is one of those things that can either tear you apart at the seams or make you a stronger person, who holds their head up high and walks with grace. Sadly, I’m one that can’t deal with it.

    By Mae URL on 05.29.2011

  13. i am totally lost. totally broke. i am alone here. i did so much to avoid loneliness and here i am. worse off than ever. i love him. he is gone. i despair

    By aoife on 05.29.2011

  14. i don’t even know what this word means, im only 14. I think it has somethind to to with saddnes? or something like that? yano’, what evers :) i don’t know whats gonna happen at the end of my minute D:

    By Laureen4 on 05.29.2011

  15. In despair, she screamed as he was tearing her clothes , but it’s not what you think! He was throwing her clothes out the window. “You bastard, you will never forget me, you hear me!” That was the end of their conversation, and she hopped into her Porsche and stormed off to never return to the cheating bastard that Ramiro Gutierrez was.

    By marina URL on 05.29.2011

  16. hurts life feels bad someone just died perhaps something terrible history will always remember what will you do to go on now? no one knows maybe you’ll write a song and become famous for it and dedicate it to that dead person

    By Vah on 05.29.2011

  17. some where in the pit of my stomach I began to ache. I had no idea what to do ro say or who to say it to. it was all moving so fast and I had no idea what I was going to do when the swirling in my head was abated.

    By Barbara Sally on 05.29.2011

  18. My heart filled with despair.
    “I promise,” I whispered, silent tears streaming down my face, “I promise I’ll find you again. I’ll come, and I’ll buy you, and then you’ll come and live on my farm. And I’ll brush you and do your mane everyday.”
    I stepped back from my favourite horse, with our final goodbye still ringing in my ears as the trailer pulled her away, and I had to go in the opposite direction.

    By Ashley Dallas URL on 05.29.2011

  19. Filled with despair because you can’t have what you want. And the ropes are pulling at your insides and you feel like things are being torn from inside you, ripped at the seams and there are no longer any needles and thread to sew yourself back together. Lying on the floor in pieces impossible to pick up. And there you are, no one around.

    By Erika on 05.29.2011

  20. You know those moments where one thing just completely ruins your whole day? It doesn’t have to be something huge, often it’s quite small, but it just ruins it. And then you spend hours turning it over in your mind and overthinking it so in the end it ruins a lot more than just your day and you end up stuck in a little loop of sheer despair.

    By Daisy Wilson McNeal on 05.29.2011

  21. I felt no despair as the clock turned back an hour and everything before me faded like vapor that would only be caught by my mind. Who cared that no one would remember how strong I’d been? How I’d stepped up and saved the world? I know I sure didn’t. I was happy that things would go back to normal.

    By Arya on 05.29.2011

  22. pain, suffer, black, dark, blue mood, happiless

    By saanda on 05.29.2011

  23. despair is when you are really sad about something you cannot change or at least you think so, its something terrible.

    By Babalu on 05.29.2011

  24. Despair enveloped him as he searched for his missing wife, the ominous bloody shoe being the only trace found of her since three nights ago.

    By RO on 05.29.2011

  25. Despair can eat at you. It pops up out of no where. When you see something that triggers a memory, all you want to do is sob and scream and lay on the bathroom floor with no hope. A simple painful memory can cause all of that pain and suffering. Human emotions are much too sensitive, one little word can ruin your whole mind.

    By Juliann Trester on 05.29.2011

  26. The first one she collected came to her; fell into her lap after the man sitting next to her on the subway clipped it off with no regard for where it would land or how far it would go. She looked down at its cresent moon shape, at the specks of dirt and dust on its underside and thought to herself: This is the piece of a person. Not wanting to attract attention, she placed her hand over the fingernail that had taken residence in the dip of her dress and waited until the man rose from his seat and shuffled out the double doors. When all was clear she placed the fingernail in her purse where it would remain until she arrived home, where she would place it in a jar and label it with the day’s date. This curiosity became an obsession, and after only five months, her apartment was crammed full of jars full of fingernails. It was on a friday in November when she learned about the meetings, her co-worker, two cubicles over, a fellow collector, saw her picking a hangnail off the carpet with a pair of tweezers and decided to invite her. “I want to show you something,” he said, gesturing for her to follow him to his workspace. He opened a desk drawer, and inside were dozens of eyelashes, pressed between thin sheets of glass, as if he were prepairing to view them under a microscope. “They’re only ones people have blown away and made wishes on,” he said, beaming with pride. “How can you tell?” she asked. He made a face at her that suggested confusion. “It’s a very delicate process,” he said, taken aback. “You know that.” She didn’t, but she would find out in a week. The following friday she understood what he meant by delicate process. At the collector’s meetings that met once a month, people pulled out delicate containters and viewing cases with only single things inside of them. Her co-worker passed around an eyelash labeled “despair,” and explained that the person had wished their loved one would wake up from a coma. People murmered in approval of his exposition. One man passed around a jar that was empty, but when she held it it felt like it was full of angry bees. It was labeled “faggot” and he explained that he collected hateful slurs. Several other jars and containers were passed around and when it came to her she pulled out her largest jar of fingernails which was simply labeled “fingernails.” No one said anything. When she asked if she should pass it around, again no one spoke until the silence became unbearable and someone piped up and said, “No, I think we get the idea.” The person next to her pulled out an empty jar and unscrewed the lid, held it near her face for several seconds and then placed it in their lap and sealed it. She taped a label onto it, scribbled the word “embarassment” onto it and then bagan passing it around the room. As she left, someone bobbed the jar up and down in their hand and before the door closed she heard them say to the person next to them: “This is just awful. I’d hate to be whoever this came from.”

    By Ian Rowe URL on 05.29.2011

  27. We are held in despair every hour, but it is our choice to sing about the hope that will be on the other side. To dwell on despair is to dwell on only the things we can see now, instead of what the future holds.

    By Hannah URL on 05.29.2011

  28. I couldn’t believe it. The sight had brought me to despair and there I stood, wringing my hands and staring down the edge of a cliff. It was only a matter of time until someone came and found me but I found myself unable to move. I didn’t think that it mattered anyway. Everything was ruined and there was nothing I could do to change it.

    By Sam R URL on 05.29.2011

  29. oh no, again. it’ll be over soon. even though it doesn’t feel like it. everything is not insurmountable. hey, there is air in despair. :) oh and a pair! that’s upfull.

    By ada on 05.29.2011

  30. i despair at the thought of my own existence just ending. in the middle of the night. not eventfully. not in a flash or bang, not in so much as a wisper. and before i do what i want to do.

    By John Rock on 05.29.2011

  31. Its that pit feeling. It starts at the base of your stomach and rises, till it comes out of your mouth and nose and eyes. Tears, screaming.

    By Amy Brighter on 05.29.2011

  32. Lonely with no one to turn to. Reached the bottom of the barrel. Pulling your hair out. Fed up. Nothing left, worried, angry and hurting. Wishing things were different. Everything on top of you. To much or too little. Desperate. At the end.

    By vicki on 05.29.2011

  33. Despair was her middle name. She long time ago quit the intention to make her life better. I a way she was accustomed to feel this way. Nothing for her was worth to make the effort, her life was letting herself to get carried by the current. No resistance, no battle to fight, that was not for her.

    By Fabiola Del Castillo on 05.29.2011

  34. It feels like forever since I started feeling this. Why? I don’t remember, nor care how it started. All i know is that the feeling seems to feel like forever. I see her and my heart breaks at the thoughts I have to give up in order to accept the unacceptable. My mind freezes and everything goes blank. My breath escapes my lips and leaps into the air. The plastic bag floats away into the heavens above and I am reminded of the words we used to share, the embraces we use to give, the way in which we both read in between the same lines. I miss you…i love you. Come back.

    By Jules on 05.29.2011

  35. despair is when someone tells you horrifying news. when your stomach drops? that’s despair. it’s how someone will tell you something vague, and all of the worst possibilities go racing through your mind. you can’t help it, or avoid it. it’s natural. but it’s a terrible feeling.

    By dylannnnnnnelson URL on 05.29.2011

  36. Despair is a sense that every human gets. I know I’ve gotten it from time to time. Maybe it’s the feeling that I just can’t live without something, and I know that it’s gone. Maybe I think despair is just the idea that I will never be able to reach my true potential because I don’t have the commitment. I don’t really know what to think of it, it just kinda happens.

    By Thayer on 05.29.2011

  37. Despair is the loss of all hope. But how does it happen? What’s rock bottom? Because as far as I can tell, whenever I think I’ve hit rock bottom, things tend to not look up for a while anyhow. Despair means rock bottom to me, and I’m just curious if anyone knows when that actually happens.

    By Alexis URL on 05.29.2011

  38. Desolate. Yet paired.
    Pariahs, perhaps.

    How beautiful it must be,
    to feel in togetherness.

    By Aditi URL on 05.29.2011

  39. Despair was a foreign emotion in these lands. A person might feel a fleeting sense of despair, but it never lasted long and was instead overtaken by other fleeting emotions. They were fickle like that. I guess it was both a blessing and a curse. The people here did not stand still when faced with loss, but neither did they feel any lasting commitments…

    By Ralyn Longs URL on 05.29.2011

  40. I sat there in a chair in despair just me there who could care about me, alone in a chair, in despair ?

    By Laura on 05.29.2011