July 10th, 2013 | 104 Entries

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104 Entries for “derived”

  1. The first word I thought of when I saw ‘derived’ was derivative, which is a difficult word to spell. Usually, I write little stories and snippets on these things, but I guess today my brain just wasn’t feelin’ it. It’s hard to create a story out of nowhere, and they almost never get finished. Writing a complete story in a minute could be impossible. Usually mine don’t have endings, but maybe that is a goal to aspire to. I feel like I’m cheating, because none of this has to do with the word derived… But this is a word association game, and all that came to my mind was stream-of-consciousness type rambling today. Hah!

    By hannah URL on 07.10.2013

  2. came from originated root of Latin form of type form of grammar part of speech

    By Karen on 07.10.2013

  3. I only have one thought that I derived from your visit. Your last kiss on my cheek left me wanting your lips. You are gone, but I await your return. I await your kiss.

    By Sterldude on 07.10.2013

  4. Late, he’s going to be late if he doesn’t hurry his ass up. This is the kind of stuff that while drive a fella crazy. He waits until the last minute, comes out looking all frazzled like he fell out of bed and into his blazer.

    By Criss on 07.10.2013

  5. purple black predawn
    sorting, lists, order
    calmly dissonant
    the work/sleep dmz
    shifting light
    and mist receding

    again dreamless
    kettle steaming
    staring blindly
    into the rising sun

    By david URL on 07.10.2013

  6. Their boredom derived from the shocking lack of quality wine in the house. The storm had completely wiped them out, and the guests were starting to get restless. Time to get out the antique riffles.

    By Liz.B. on 07.10.2013

  7. Down from the heavens he descended unto my dry compost heap. The lifeless downturn of mystery creeps up my leg to find the key of truth that is derived from the heavens. Beauty.

    By JB on 07.10.2013

  8. A dor derivada do seu sorriso.

    By Juliana on 07.10.2013

  9. “d-e-r-i-v-e-d. derived.”


    the girl smiled, somewhat relieved, and sat back down.

    By Melynda on 07.10.2013

  10. We never really bothered to think of what we were derived from for so long. We knew we had our trees, our caves, our tribe and that had been enough.

    By Jack on 07.10.2013

  11. “Derive.” She said, in that strange accent of synthesized speech.
    “That’s good, keep talking.” He replied, bleeding out as he carried her.

    By Worstwriterever on 07.10.2013

  12. Her father was arrested, and she went to live with her mother. Her livelihood, derived mainly from the sale of her father’s possessions, was simple, relaxed, and at her own pace. But more than anything, she was free.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 07.10.2013

  13. I don’t know how to make a story out of the word derived. It’s really depressing. Thus, I have failed and now the princess will never be saved from her tower. The end.

    By Licia on 07.10.2013

  14. A pleasantly slight tang, derived from the sweet scone, gave me a kiss.

    A kiss in the tongue, and therefore my tongue’s sweet air was what it gave me.

    But then, it escaped and lost hold of it, all over again.

    By OneJen on 07.10.2013

  15. We weren’t sure how he derived all of the money but he had a lot of it and he sure knew how to spend it. It wasn’t long until we all had money to spend.

    By anthony URL on 07.10.2013

  16. “You see, when your mother and I got together, we became a family. And, we derived you from our integration.”
    She had a Calculus professor for a father, and even at two years old she knew that she was going to have an interesting life.

    By redpinkandwhite on 07.10.2013

  17. I dived. That was it, wasn’t it? The catalyst? The chain reaction.

    Divided what was mine, more is less, but it only…it only…
    Reminded me of what was left behind.
    I decided then I’d record the passage of time.
    Very neatly written one letter per each single line.
    Energy seeps into the phrases which are keyed to rhymes that later become the signs.

    By Intuition on 07.10.2013

  18. Early the next morning he is awoken by the dawn crawling through his curtains. He is sore, stiff, and completely saturated with what he hopes is his own vomit–most likely derived from his stash of now-empty beer bottles the night before.

    By WearyWater URL on 07.10.2013

  19. The new form of species that was created during this test in New Mexico was derived from a species of monkey that had been found in the deep jungles of central Africa. This led many of the scientists working the project to believe that they had discovered something truly magnificent.

    By Drew Snelson on 07.10.2013

  20. In one small step, she falls into a river that derived once from an ocean. That ocean used to be magnificent.

    By Jedouin on 07.10.2013

  21. She stepped into the path of a slow moving trickle that was once a river. That river once derived from the sea which came from the salty ocean. We are all parts of larger things that were once massive.

    By jedouin on 07.10.2013

  22. What is success derived from? Is it willpower? Good planning? Research? All of the above? Is it different for each person in the world, and can we discover where our own personal success is derived from? I sure hope so.

    By Kla on 07.10.2013

  23. The fact that Paul was a prick was derived from the fact that he had never spoken a nice word to anyone in his entire life. We all despised him and wished him dead. Imagine our surprise when he made our day and ended up dead.

    It was a Friday and we all got to work at our regular times, somewhere close

    By Eileen Maki URL on 07.10.2013

  24. The best feeling in life, that most people try to achieve, is the feeling that they are wanted or needed; best friends are a great example of that. However, once in a relationship, you get that feeling tenfold. You now have this one person that wants to see you all the time, otherwise, their day is incomplete. You need to have them around as well and have never been happier. Unfortunately, your best friends began to slowly disappear; something you promised yourself would never happen. But what if, one of your friends confessed they didn’t like your new love? This key information forces you to question everything that ever happened or rethink everything ever said. Then you begin to wonder if she is the only one who thinks like this and is this the reason plans always fall apart? Perhaps this is another sacrifice in life. The life most everyone dreams about is finding love, having a family and living happily ever after. I have never believed in fairy tales as my life has never been an example of one…..but what now? Can we not have it all? Friends, family, love?……Maybe having love means losing people of your past; perhaps, its just one of them.

    By Kari on 07.10.2013

  25. You see, I think the word derived is just about the best word ever. Why? Because who doesn’t want to be derived from something? I’d rather be ‘Derived from the misty flowing hills of deep Ireland.’ than ‘From some place by London? I don’t know.’

    By Rhiannon on 07.10.2013

  26. I would be so glad to be derived from something, but being human, I can only be from. See, I wish I was ‘Derived from the glowing hills, dancing with the rain of Ireland.’ Then to be ‘From somewhere in Europe, we don’t know.’

    By Rhiannon on 07.10.2013

  27. From her, I came. She held me first, she kissed my forehead, she rubbed my back. She put soft hats on my small head and kissed my toes. I can’t imagine a day she could ever be the same as she was. She will never be the toe-kissing, back-rubbing, bear-hugging mother I dream of and need and want.

    By purr.purr.kitty on 07.10.2013

  28. our meaning derived from the definition of struggle alongside the definition of conquer. we were made to fall, but we were also made to reunite with a greater sense of purpose.

    By Pip on 07.10.2013

  29. I am dervived of sleep i stay up all night thinking about you so when the morning light starts to come through my window i know i didnt get any sleep because all that time.i had i wasted on you someone who would never spend the time to think about me

    By taylorp URL on 07.10.2013

  30. “To Hell with them!” That was his first reaction. His environment, had played a big role in his way of thinking, and that is where his answer had been derived from. He didn’t actually care about the facts that had been presented. He had his opinions that were biased by his upbringing and he wasn’t about to change his mind.

    By Shane Clements URL on 07.10.2013

  31. love and time are just about the same thing
    abstract villainy – something incomprehensible,
    but easy
    as it breaks to nothing to pieces
    we still stand above it all
    about around astounded
    nothing derived from an idea
    how it fades away if you think hard enough.

    By Matty M. on 07.10.2013

  32. “This derivative nonsense is something I cannot abide.” I heard over my shoulder from some unsuspecting critic who forgot to ask who the writer was.

    By darseyrsm URL on 07.11.2013

  33. my thoughts are derived from my many experiences,
    the things i’ve seen and life’s incongruences,
    there are things that dont make sense at,
    and when we try to understand, therein lies our downfall

    By Kayaus on 07.11.2013

  34. She looked towards one corner, and then she looked towards the other.
    There was no way to decide which flower looked better.
    So instead, she stepped towards the middle, took a breath, and stared towards the ceiling.
    So that, in this way, she wouldn’t have to choose.
    And in this way, she wouldn’t derive anything anymore, any longer.

    By malarial on 07.11.2013

  35. love is derived from compassion, she realized when she saw the beggar’s eye glisten with happiness

    By Vijayalakshmi on 07.11.2013

  36. This text is derived from the word derived which appeared at the top of my screen. So many things are derived from other things. Creativity is all about observing the world, taking it all in, and coming up with a twist on something else. If derived hadn’t been my assignment, the end result would have been different, but still derived.

    By Jói Sigurðsson URL on 07.11.2013

  37. What pleasure can be derived from this relationship? Can you tell me the answer to that question? Should we even be together on any level? Is it not short term
    pleasure for long term pain?

    By Tracey on 07.11.2013

  38. What pleasure can be derived from this relationship? Can you tell me the answer to that question? Should we even be together on any level? Is it not short term
    pleasure for long term pain?

    By Tracey on 07.11.2013

  39. All is derived from a single atom, the world being an oak and from an acorn, sprouting. A life of love and compassion is derived from kindness and patience and joy shown a child; an aggressive dog coming from harsh words and smacks and impatience. All is connected, everywhere.

    By Ara on 07.11.2013

  40. She had been through a lot in life. And thus she was able to derive a simple technique from her experiences, to help make life easier. It was to ask herself, whenever she was in a ‘less than desirable’ situation, “Will this matter in five years?”

    By Alvina on 07.11.2013