November 28th, 2008 | 305 Entries

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305 Entries for “aware”

  1. the girl was aware of the wolf satnding behind her and made a run for it befoor e the wolf could gobble her up she ran in her red pinched shoes as fast as she could. the gray wolf bounded after her aas she leaped over fallen tree trunks and big boulders on the uneven ground

    By fabi on 11.30.2008

  2. what i am of his every movement. what he is not of who i even am. what everyone else is not about the fact that although i came out as lesbian i am in fact bisexual. what i am half relieved and half frustrated that people are not.

    By anne onymous on 11.30.2008

  3. It was the first time I was aware of my body. Your eyes swept over me and suddenly I felt cold. Then, very warm. I never felt that way before. All I knew is that I yearned to feel that way again.

    By Raquel on 11.30.2008

  4. known. scared. away. war.we are

    By maayan on 11.30.2008

  5. aware , awake but never a waste
    this is how I am perceived
    though my eyes are open
    it is but a prelude to the self awareness ever present in my heart and my mind
    a blend of the two equals my soul

    aware, awake but never a waste

    By on 12.01.2008

  6. it’s important to be aware in a world where people are constantly trying to betteryou. Today, competition drives anything. In fact, college can be seen now more than ever asa recruiting ground for huge corporations. That shit’s intense.

    By kyle on 12.01.2008

  7. How do you know if you are aware? If you are un-aware, you wouldn’t know it.

    By cari on 12.01.2008

  8. AWARE

    All around the captive warrior wallowed in the rain of his tears. Mirrored mountains reflections stood still in the memory of a love he once knew.
    “To long the travels of his my soul”. he cried
    standing atop the buried bones of my great, great grandfather and great, great grandmother I feel the pain of their tears. For in the midst of sacred beginnings lies they believed ripped them from their home causing their hearts to bleed.

    By carol saffen on 12.01.2008

  9. Being aware of the cannibals, I decided to get a gun and loaded the gun. I waited in the grass and aimed the gun at them. “Goodbye cannibals”

    By John Marsh on 12.01.2008

  10. iam she is he is maris, not my dog is i wish i was cuz if i was i would have known, juan is not aware, so where do i go now if now im aware

    By dee on 12.01.2008

  11. The word is still aware, but maybe that is a good thing. We all need to be aware of the world, ourselves, others. Who cares? I want to write something people don’t know.

    By Aubs on 12.01.2008

  12. Being aware is much like living well. We must be aware of our surroundings, of the people around us, and to not offend either of those two. To beware is to be aware in some cases. Best of luck with that.

    By Dylan on 12.01.2008

  13. Beans.

    Maaan do I love beans…
    I’m not quite sure when my love of beans first started, perhaps it was that fateful night in Santa Monica…the night that changed my life forever…

    By Reuben on 12.01.2008

  14. i am aware of the things that are changing in me. i think of the changes, and by doing so , dilute my awareness. i overthink, overcook it until it has no more power over my reasoning. then i throw my awareness away.
    i run into the same walls over and over again. i have the thick scars upon scars to prove it. and i cannot understand why this is.

    By yoss on 12.01.2008

  15. im aware that india is becoming more and more to terror attacks infact the recent mumbain attacks has made all the mumbaikars even more aware of the fact that its not unly under the scrutiny of the deadly raj thackeray but also the terrorists…Im aware that ppl martyred their lifes for MUMBAI

    By Rohit on 12.01.2008

  16. to know about someting, having knowledge

    By tejasvi tannan on 12.01.2008

  17. being aware of awareness. being aware of the world inside of you and the world around you. aware of all the bad things and all the beautiful things that can happen. is being aware enough? what else do we need to push for action? we still dont know. we dont have that awareness yet. so we stay just that – aware of awareness, aware of limits of awareness ….

    By mirjana on 12.01.2008

  18. He was aware of her there. He didn’t realize how much he wanted her there until now. Her hands touched his back softly, caressing him to act. He growled turning around and wrapping his arms around her in a tight embrace.

    By Jess on 12.01.2008

  19. Are you aware of the consequences of your actions? No? Then go ahead. Follow the beautiful girl into the shadows, see how well you parents take it when your exsanguinated corpse is found the next morning. People will wonder where you went for about three weeks if she hides you well, or maybe she’ll let you live and give you to her lupine brothers as a snack.

    Don’t trust the pretty girls, not when you look like you do.

    An easy mark.

    By Nagi on 12.01.2008

  20. I am aware that every single day can not be the best day. We must live through the downs as well as the ups and learn to accept the downs for what they are … just a part of life.

    I am not in a good place, however I am aware of that fact and am looking for help.

    By lpw on 12.01.2008

  21. Aware of the coolness in the fire of the double headed dragon, I slowly step into my calling; or a small rendition of a capital L.
    I exhibit the knowledge that shows that I’m here, and only by being here can I be even vaguely aware of a drag on the intellect by corona’s and flying creepers. Don’t you understand the psychology of tripping, don’t you?

    By Khari on 12.01.2008

  22. ive been aware for a long time in fact i am aware right now being aware is good and is almost not possible to not as human s=s we are always aware which is the gift and the curse of human existence. I am aware of my being aware.

    By Chris Wollstein on 12.01.2008

  23. I was aware of her presence the moment she walked in the bar. The air was misty with smoke and the place rank of alcohol. she stood out like a broken nail on a clean piece of plank. Steady as ever, she walked to where I was sitting and asked, “will you do it?”

    By Shenanigan on 12.01.2008

  24. I’m totally aware that all is not what it seems to be on the surface.

    Be careful of what you don’t see. It might bite you in the butt later.

    By Martha on 12.01.2008

  25. Never had I been so bloody aware of the length of my hair. I nervously shook my hair out of my eyes as the man interviewing me stared at me. He had glanced at my hair more than once, but had refrained from commenting. I was so nervous that it was affecting my chances for this interview.

    By ethyachk on 12.01.2008