March 7th, 2012 | 405 Entries

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405 Entries for “demonstration”

  1. something that is demonstrated.

    By MeganP on 03.08.2012

  2. showing things that you want to show. showing that your right. proving that your right. i think of how people can talk or show this to show that your right. you can demonstrate something to save someone s life. you can demonstrate something to save an animal or a country or something like that

    By stormy christensen on 03.08.2012

  3. Today im going to demonstrate something. it demonstrates things i want to sleep goodnight everybody.

    By dakota on 03.08.2012

  4. people that demonstrate their project to try and sell it us mother f***er!!!!!

    By devin on 03.08.2012

  5. show people how to do stuff..

    By tyler on 03.08.2012

  6. I imagine the moment in the infomercial when they show how to use the supplies that we already have and then they turn around and show how much better their product can be. Like someone trying to wind an extension chord in dim light and utter frustration. Then the new product in clean white light, a big sigh, a smile and hands on hips!

    By Elizabeth H. on 03.08.2012

  7. Demonstrate ill demonstrate several uses of of demonstration or not becuase i just did thats right i just blew your mind. i saw a demonstration of a man doing a backflip.

    By jeff stewart on 03.08.2012

  8. The chemistry teacher wanted to show his class how two chemical compounds mixed together can make an explosion. He used a demonstration and wowed the class. Trouble is, in the midst of this explosion, all the hairs on his body incinerated.

    By Micah Csider URL on 03.08.2012

  9. please allow me to present to you my demonstration. i’m here to show you something i know you’ve never seen. i’m here to teach you something i know you’ll be excited to learn about. i am here to today to bring my contribution to the table and i’m so determined that i promise not to leave until you have an A in Calc II

    By Abra URL on 03.08.2012

  10. I don’t need a demonstration showing how I’ve messed up. I know, okay? I can see the bruises and burns on my body. I can see the cuts- all made from MY hands. You don’t need to tell me what I’ve become. I can figure that out.

    By laughalot on 03.08.2012

  11. Hillary chuckled at her brother’s ridiculous demonstration to Glenna. That boy was the biggest show-off she’d ever seen. Worse yet, Glenna seemed to adore the childish exhibition. Hillary shook her head and walked away. Her best friend was too boy-crazy for her own good. Someday, though, she’d learn. At least Hillary hoped she would.

    By ritajuanita URL on 03.08.2012

  12. Just let me get it off my chest. I never told a soul until yesterday. I always said he just assaulted me. No. There was one full-on rape that he doesn’t even remember, and I don’t care who knows now, not even if he remembers one day. He ripped me apart and then rolled over and proposed to me. He was high. And I am okay.

    By Sasha Yedrysek URL on 03.08.2012

  13. to demonstrate something is to say how it is and what it is and what it is all about. redo or try to demonstrate it is to recreate it using whatever it is you have to accomplish it.

    By tee on 03.08.2012

  14. ugh never mind…

    By tee on 03.08.2012

  15. Have you ever been shown something but needed to be shown over again, and again, before you understood their demonstration?

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 03.08.2012

  16. showing and telling someone something. leaders demonstrate. teaching people things

    By squid on 03.08.2012

  17. I set up the demonstration and watched as the crowd moved in. Their eyes growing large as they looked at the contents of the bottles lined up on the table. Seeing bones in glass was not what they expected.

    By Sheila Good URL on 03.08.2012

  18. demonstration videos are boring. it’s funner to figure it out yourself.

    By just582 URL on 03.08.2012

  19. Well I have seen many demonstrations in class and otherwise out of school, and I must say some of them were very good. Obviously others weren’t and that is simply because the demonstrater did not research his subject very well and somehow messed up.

    By brittany URL on 03.08.2012

  20. We all gathered on the steps of the Capital. Holding our signs and mega phones, we anxiously awaited more members. Our cause was very important and we wanted to make a huge impact on the legislators. The meeting was about to begin and the time was ticking on the issue for everyone involved. A demonstration was our last effort to influence the bill.

    By mpatton on 03.08.2012

  21. A demonstration is used to explain or to prove or to show how something is done. You could give a demonstration on how to use a computer.

    By Damaris URL on 03.08.2012

  22. demonstrate that you care about what you are learning about because otherwise some bitch will hold a bias against you and you might end up with an unsatisfactory grade for the first time in college. demonstrate that you can speak the language fluently or else

    By ee on 03.08.2012

  23. A room full of demonstraters chanting and rallying the masses seeking a better tomorrow for their children and their grandchildren. There has never been anything greater than expressing yourself freely and moving others with words.

    By Mayra URL on 03.08.2012

  24. A demonstration of power and a demonstration of good leadership often lead us to the same conclusion: violence. A demonstration of democracy is done, proving we do not live in one because if we did, why would we need to be shown. A demonstration of ability may be justified in some cases but not in others. And this demonstration of my writing skills has been less than fruitful so far: a demonstration of my own inability to focus.

    By Mikyla URL on 03.08.2012

  25. “No Homework! No Homework!” chanted the children as they marched up and down the school carpark like a line of soldiers. the teachers were a mess, shouting and bellowing at the kids, but their cries were lost in the furious cries of the students. “No Homework! No Homework!”

    By Antonia on 03.08.2012

  26. There’s always students demonstrating at school. Everyone has a problem with everyone else, everyone’s an activist. The only thing I can bring myself to actively demonstrate is a need for a long hug and a middle finger to flip.

    By Melissa on 03.08.2012

  27. A demonstration is an example of a certain skill or sunject which you are talking about. It is usually a performace to an audience of watching people to allow them to improve their understadning of the topic of conversation.
    For example:
    You may be wondering about how juggling works, well here is Carol, from the circus here to demostrate juggling!
    *Cue a juggling demonstration*
    Audience: Aah, so that’s what juggling is.

    By rebecca on 03.08.2012

  28. demon is in demonstration and my brother DEMONstrates wrestling moves on me. he is doing it right now.

    By NUNYABUSINESS scott URL on 03.08.2012

  29. demontors demonstrate the kiss of death. harry potter is god i mean good but then i realized it is god to it’s the bible bro. I’m Sirius.

    By NUNYABUSINESS scott URL on 03.08.2012

  30. damn demonstration this like crazy i remember this this happened with the word weave. damn it kept happenin and i thought it was a faulty website

    By NUNYABUSINESS scott URL on 03.08.2012

  31. to do something
    to show
    so know how to
    to demontrate

    By mike on 03.08.2012

  32. where you show someone and example how to do it and give them a review on how to do it correctly. A sample showing how to complete something during a practice.

    By megan on 03.08.2012

  33. To show some one how to make or do something.

    By Heather Reyna on 03.08.2012

  34. So that was it.
    Some sort of vile demonstration of your unwanted affection.
    Did you honestly think that continual harassment would endear you to me? That making fun of my strange name, drawing crude things inside my sketchbook (one of the few things I hold especially dear), and always being around when I am especially ill-equipped to deal with you just to make me even more insecure would make me turn around and realize what a wonderful boy you are? Grow up.
    And keep your sick infatuation to yourself.

    This isn’t one of the better things I’ve written.
    But for the sake of a personal catharsis, it was necessary.

    By WearyWater URL on 03.08.2012

  35. show it is not are no corey whitt snow a

    By stormy christensen on 03.08.2012

  36. demosntrations of affection are the things i most need right now in my life. Not that I don’t have them but they are always treasured

    By pancha on 03.08.2012

  37. “Was that demonstation really necessary Catarina?” he asked his tone dripping with derision. I refused to answer, merely glaring at the wall behind his head. “Come on,” he implored. “Stop acting like a child.”

    By april93 URL on 03.08.2012

  38. I cannot believe the streets and the deep red flags floating up them. unique and obstructive, they blind my view from any hope of escape, the demonstration of power from the government is overwhelming and hostile. How can we possible fight back this sea of red?

    By Krisi URL on 03.08.2012

  39. “Let me show you.” he said, as I shook with anticipation, nervousness, awkwardness. He put his hand to the back of my head, holding it gently, and pulling it softly towards his face as he leaned in to kiss me.

    By Paige URL on 03.08.2012

  40. natalia grabbed olivia in the middle of the store and planted a small, lasting kiss on her dark red lips. “what was that for, baby?” “I was just giving them a demonstration!” Natalia winked at her love and proceeded to shop for cupcakes while Olivia stood in place with a confused look on her face, trying to understand what just happened.

    By alexis on 03.08.2012