February 13th, 2010 | 178 Entries

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178 Entries for “delicate”

  1. Breakable,handle with caution, important. great value. special.

    By sloane on 02.14.2010

  2. Delicate reminds me of china dolls. Sounds like something a grandmother would have sitting in their dining room. The dolls would sit all in a row, and stare at you with those creepy eyes. You know they are planning to kill you…there’s no denying it. They’re so freaky!!

    By Kate on 02.14.2010

  3. People are delicate creatures, with transparent wings made of the hearts they’ve broken, the secrets they’ve bitten back on. They create shields with their see-through feathers, build towers so high to try and block everyone out. But everything breaks. Their towers are fragile, their shields are breakable. These ground-locked angels, with half-fledged wings bursting from their shoulder blades, are oh-so delicate.

    By Shay on 02.14.2010

  4. He took the delicate flower and extended his arm to rest the rose onto the casket.

    By Airyn Calle on 02.14.2010

  5. The lace on the bedding shown pink in the setting sun. A smile broke on his lips… at a mere 8 days old, this little one was a fighter, yet there was a bit of fragility to him.

    By Livingbliss on 02.14.2010

  6. like a rose, she was, in that laced dress. I was almost afraid to hold her, as if my fingertips might leave indents. I held my breath, reached out my hand, and brushed the back of my hand across her tear-ridden cheek. Her eyes, blue and clear, held such fear and despair at the world that my heart broke. I let her go, that day.

    By Kiote on 02.14.2010

  7. Almond delicate lace cookies crumble in your mouth. Just sweet enough. Just mild enough. Just small enough.

    By ann on 02.14.2010

  8. delicate skin delicate touch delicate flower love. I have never thought of myself as delicate. Does delicate equal fragile. How much does it take to become delicate? Are all ladies delicate?

    By Joanna on 02.14.2010

  9. She flexed her delicate fingers and spread them out over the keyboard, a cold breath stirring in her lungs. Fear clutched at her. She was shaking. She did not know why, but it seemed as if an open abyss was yawning inside of her, in her chest, right between her ribs. Slowly, then faster, she began to type.

    By Ri on 02.14.2010

  10. pretty a flower like a rose with soft scented petals beautiful but fragile be careful

    By Anonymous on 02.14.2010

  11. Delicate means gentle. Breakable. Like flowers. Flowers are delicate. Soft and sincere. Or glass. Especially glass. I like to think of delicate as a nice summer day. Soft and warm. Thoough in a heartbeat, everything can go wrong. People are delicate too.

    By Leah Craing on 02.14.2010

  12. it was a delicate position to put Todd in. he hadn’t had any pot for a long time and here he was being offered it in a peer pressured situation. it might cost him his job if he didn’t accept but he’d promised his wife never again!

    By Elizabeth Munroz on 02.14.2010

  13. I just got this word. Like literally.

    By Anonymous on 02.14.2010

  14. what is deleicarte? something i ovbiously cant spell huh i cant spell it right and im kind of high so that probably has something to do with something else im going to the mall i did last valentines day actually but today i actually am taken by either one of two guys: tyler and randall.. randall is delicate to me and tyler is more like the bad boy.. i like bad boys..

    By lesley fernamdo on 02.14.2010

  15. Her delicate features and lace dress contrasted with the anger with which she sang her lyrics. Up on stage, she looked not like a rockstar, but a fallen angel.

    By Becky Long on 02.14.2010

  16. Delicate was the touch from your hand upon my face during our unfornate final meeting. Never had I thought that I would feel so strongly for someone so quickly, merely to watch them leave and never return, proving the defenses I had built around my heart to be as delicate as that final touch.

    By Bronne on 02.14.2010

  17. delicate is how a mother treats her child and how a kitten plays with its brothers. delicate is the sound of wind in the leaves. Delicate is sweet.

    By Oana on 02.14.2010

  18. I don’t trust delicate things. What are they trying to prove and what’ll happen if they do? It’s like butterflies wings…they should shut up and just cause hurricanes.

    By Hector on 02.14.2010