July 4th, 2017 | 44 Entries

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44 Entries for “defy”

  1. The scene before him defied everything he thought he knows about reality. There it was, a turkey vomiting little yellow dwarfs with shiny pink piggy-wings on their backs. It was unbearable.

    By cup on 07.04.2017

  2. Enemies of freedom, I defy you. Money-grabbing tycoons eager to burn journalists at the stake, I defy you. Shadow men who wish to sabotage democracy; narcissists gaining blisters on their fingers from trolling; politicians eager to strip away our flesh from our hungry bones. You may dismantle this country for raw goods, but to the bitter end: I defy you.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.04.2017

  3. defying gravity in space is really cool. it is life you are flying like superman. you can only do it in space though.

    By zachary cameron on 07.04.2017

  4. i defy the odds of gravity
    cool huh?
    It’s scientific shit, I like it. do you?
    Fuck physics, HUH
    lol cool
    I can fly my friends the show must go on
    odds? wow or evens? huehuehuehue nicenicenice

    By Noor Emad on 07.04.2017

  5. “YOU dare to defy ME?” its voice shook the cathedral to its very foundations, shattering stain-glass, bringing chandeliers hurtling to the ground, and causing one of the knights to burst into flame.

    By Sam on 07.04.2017

  6. We were told to find a way to defy gravity. Is that even possible. What if it was. We would all float up to “nowhere” !!!! It would eventually end because when we get into outer-space our bodies would explode into a trillion atoms!

    By chyra washington on 07.04.2017

  7. I bought the car just because my Mom said I couldn’t. She never thought that I would defy her. I was always the good kid. However, she never listened at one thing I said. She didn’t even look or give it a thought. Just “No”.

    By Cindy Britton on 07.04.2017

  8. i already did this one so i’m defying by not writing the same thing i wrote before. i really dont enjoy doing things over again, but this is way logning than my last entry. almost doneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee done

    By Emma on 07.04.2017

  9. Your eyes defy all things vile.
    sweet mischief smile
    Starry sky in my dark, black night.

    The way your lips curl
    into a dream thing,
    a whisper of a kiss
    so loud my ears ring
    to the gentle tune
    of your throbbing heart song.

    You sing in motion,
    every breath a melody
    that I cannot forget.

    Defiant of the violence
    that once chilled my aching bones
    Rebel against my black and blue
    splashing warm hues
    and pastel tones.

    By Emily on 07.04.2017

  10. I’m defying gravity. I am above it. My life is far beneath me and it looks weird to see it all from up here. Why am I so stressed about all those petty little things when they’re so small compared to the world.

    By Lau on 07.04.2017

  11. I’m defying gravity. I’m soaring up high. My life is beneath me. I’m looking down on all my petty little problems and I think about how I could care about them when there are bigger problems.

    By Lau on 07.04.2017

  12. I did this one already. I’m not writing with about the same word again tf smh

    By Lau on 07.04.2017

  13. I want to defy all the people of the joy they seek from destroying me. I will not fall , I will stand tall , feels like no one can beat me. I’m in the control of my life and will carve my way through no matter the obstacles.

    By Anuj Saraswat on 07.04.2017

  14. Why always the same word “defy”? huh are you kidding me, I’m here to learn something and you’re defying of that opportunity, I thought this website was cool but I don’t think that now.

    By Anuj Saraswat on 07.04.2017

  15. Arggghh, again , this word is now killing me to death, why can’t I see another word, It’s like the website is defying my requests to access other words.

    By Haha on 07.04.2017

  16. I defy them, and everything they are. The scandalous group, with their rabbit masks and top hats. They killed my parents and I will avenge them.

    By TheWannabeWriter on 07.04.2017

  17. I defy them, and everything they are. The scandalous group, with their rabbit masks and top hats. They killed my parents and I will avenge them.
    “Blast!” I yelled.

    By TheWannabeWriter on 07.04.2017

  18. Defy yourself. Defy your limitations; defy your prejudices. You are better than you tell yourself.

    By Antonio URL on 07.04.2017

  19. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but today I learned something quite tragic. You don’t define you. Your upbringing does. And if it doesn’t? Well you, my friend, are the exception.

    By Corinneashleigh on 07.04.2017

  20. I Dont Know What Defy is SO I Am Totaly Busted In This Writing Session I Hope You Learnt something about the word defy??? i DO Not know what this soi am just gonna say thank and goodnight

    By LJ Tutaia on 07.04.2017

  21. defy

    By Bella Gu on 07.04.2017

  22. Defying the expectations is something a lot of people try to do. For some reason though once people start doubting that they can EVEN do that they stop. They don’t push forward even though if they just waited for one more second… they would have done it sadly. Defy the odds people.

    By sky on 07.04.2017

  23. “I defy you to find one thing wrong with him!” She shouted at me and I stood there, thinking of what to say. I could find many things wrong with him. He had no money, he was impulsive, he was too skinny. Most of all, I was in love with him too.

    By MsShel330 on 07.04.2017

  24. Defy

    By Jason on 07.04.2017

  25. Taeyong telah menentang begitu banyak aturan seumur hidupnya. Bertemu dengan Doyoung membuat ia paham mengapa ada orang yang patuh terhadap aturan. Ia tak menyangka taat pada peraturan ternyata bisa menarik juga.

    By d i l i a URL on 07.04.2017

  26. The hammer hits against the spewing pipe, finally it bends into place stopping the flow.

    “Take that!” I yell as the clock reaches it’s end.

    By bannedbookreader on 07.04.2017

  27. A wordless rebellion; a cause not spoken is the most dangerous of all. What is fought against, and to what end? Half-awake tumbles down the drop-offs into the wine-dark sea; I’ll split a glass with you, Odysseus, I’ll drink it down for ten years to come, give me a respite of lotuses and gods.
    The current is strong, the current is strong.

    By Ai URL on 07.04.2017

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    By Gaspar Plociennik URL on 07.04.2017

  29. Defy your sorrows, grab your happiness, rein the world. Defy negativism, reach for the positive sunlight. Glow & Gleam.

    By garima URL on 07.05.2017

  30. I will defy everything I need to.
    To win.
    To lose just enough.
    To be accepted by myself.
    To find out what to fight for – you need to fight everything first, until you realize what you have to fight against.
    you’ll be the one defied.

    By Anastasia on 07.05.2017

  31. its us against them
    me and you against the world
    our passive battles fought daily, victories are muted,
    our existence a defiance from the natural order,
    this is us, the youth.

    By ching on 07.05.2017

  32. i dont know! i dont know! i dont like this! its anoying! destroy them! destroy them all!

    By jordan on 07.05.2017

  33. “Don’t you dare defy my words,” her mother said, as she held up a hand to land a blow.

    “But you’re not my mother!” jdhjfrhfkjkm. iujk
    jn waht is rhsi

    By nura husna URL on 07.05.2017

  34. i used to defy the laws of the smile,
    because i was forced,
    to sit back,
    and dial,
    to make a living in a world filled with death,
    and dismay,
    but oh well,
    that anger fueled me to defy laws of the possibility,
    confabulation met self-regulation
    and now their a collaboration
    for my further generations!

    By Milad URL on 07.05.2017

  35. defy the status quo
    swim against the flow
    i will not go where others go
    i am not a sheep
    i will not march complacently
    trudging to inevitable slaughter
    my blood to give
    my flesh to be consumed
    i shall not obey
    the commands of heartless masters
    to their voice I will not respond
    call me black
    chide me for my nonconformity
    dare not ask me to agree
    with this societal insanity

    By alasthepoetwarrior on 07.05.2017

  36. defy, defiance… there can be so many emotions and numbness from this word through repetition and overuse.

    By Jena McGee on 07.05.2017

  37. I intend to defy my very own way of life, my comfort, my thoughts, my instincts. Myself. I plan to leave this nest and open my wings and go against a city that has no love for my embrace. I will challenge everyone to stare away from my flight and keep my circle close. i will defy whatever they think i need to be.

    By Inessa on 07.05.2017

  38. She sniffed, haughtily, “No.”
    “No? What do you mean, “no”?
    “It’s a one syllable word. It’s meaning is very clear.”
    His eyes blazed momentarily and then he inhaled and the fire extinguished. “I see.”

    By Bridget Grace on 07.05.2017

  39. what does it mean to defy? Is it good or bad? It depends on the situation. there are many things that need defying but it can be very scary to defy the law or those that hold power. I think that when i first read the word I had a negative connotation with it but the more i thin kabout it the more i think it has a good meaning,

    By on 07.05.2017

  40. what does it mean to defy? Is it good or bad? It depends on the situation. there are many things that need defying but it can be very scary to defy the law or those that hold power. I think that when i first read the word I had a negative connotation with it but the more i think about it the more i think it has a good meaning or has the potential for good things

    By on 07.05.2017