July 3rd, 2017 | 21 Entries

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21 Entries for “vaccine”

  1. One of the most important cure, came with the discovery of the vaccine. It has helped a lot of people through time.

    By Marcos on 07.03.2017

  2. “I refuse to have any doctor give my beautiful daughter a single vaccine,” scoffed the mother in the red skirt and white blouse. “You realize they cause autism, right?”

    Her words were followed by a yelp as the high schooler in front of her proceeded to slap her across the face. A silence fell over everyone in the line.

    “Sorry, lady,” said the high schooler. “It’s an illness I have. I was never vaccinated against violently reacting to stupid.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.03.2017

  3. a vaccine is something to help someone either to get better or an animal to get better. it is very useful today and a lot of people use it.

    By zachary cameron on 07.03.2017

  4. vaccine was introduced into the world around the 1890s i believe and has helped many throughout the years and decades.

    By zachary cameron on 07.03.2017

  5. The vaccine was supposed to cure us, not hurt us. It was said to be the next plague, a warning from God some called it. I was worried, who wasn’t? And when the new anchor told us of the cure, the vaccine, I jumped for joy. This might work.
    It didn’t. It worsened the virus until it really was a plague. It killed millions, billions, of people. My family is only four of them. Four that nobody but me would miss.
    The vaccine brought on the apocalypse, the apocalypse that would destroy the world.

    By Mia on 07.03.2017

  6. Little did they know, this vaccine would not help them, but rather hurt them. I created it specifically for that purpose. To harm. To kill.
    A few had caught on in the labs, asked me a bunch of questions. I have given them the first dosage, a little for each of them.
    That is how this all started.

    By Mia on 07.03.2017

  7. Vaccines are fuel for the heart. It help cure diseases and protect us against any painful bacteria.

    By chyra washington on 07.03.2017

  8. people today don’t want to get their kids vaccinated. Many believe that the vaccines cause down syndrome. Little do these people know, that not vaccinating their child is doing more harm than good.

    By Claudia on 07.03.2017

  9. “No!” I scorched at the nurse. “The vaccine isn’t curing anyone, only making their lives worse. I refuse to take it, send me to my death bed.”

    By Chyra W. on 07.03.2017

  10. The vaccine wasn’t available. I sat on the chair in the waiting room, staring at the back of my father’s head. The words all seemed to jumble together. How was I ever going to survive without this? The room began to spin. The dust from the chairs filling the room, choking me. I would die of this first.

    By Stephanie on 07.03.2017

  11. I was sitting in the waiting room, sweat pouring down the middle of my back, yes, not a trickle, but a regular river of sweat. My back was sticking to the plastic chair and I was gripping my fingers, twisting my hands in nervousness. I looked up quickly at the large clock on the wall. Yes the hands had moved, God! It seemed like an eternity that I was sitting here, waiting, waiting, the second hand on the clock slowly traveling towards 12. Yes, the nurse was now officially 10 minutes late calling me in for the…shot.

    By Renee Michel on 07.03.2017

  12. a antidote to a disease or something that is harmful to the body, perferrably something that usually cannot be cured without a vaccine. they often try and use it on people if they are infected.

    By Ashley Carvajal on 07.03.2017

  13. The needle pierced my skin, and I can’t remember it hurting at all. It probably did. They usually do, don’t they? Hard to remember, almost impossible to. But in the end it doesn’t matter. Hurt, doesn’t hurt. Fuck it. All the same.

    By Sara on 07.03.2017

  14. Inoculation, the poisoning to grow stronger, hoping to grow stronger—if I fight it off this time, I always will, right? It will get easier to win every time,
    Just a prick, a slip under the skin, a flare of a rash as proof of my war. Angry blood, hungry virus, shot full of raw fever—
    You were supposed to be dead when I took you in.
    Your death now will be wasted on this.

    By Ai URL on 07.03.2017

  15. I couldn’t lose my baby. I’d already lost too many children to the same, disgusting illness. There was no way that I would let it happen again. I wouldn’t make it through.

    “I’m sorry ma’am. We’ve done all we could. She’s gone.” And just like that, my light was gone.

    By MissRainbow13 on 07.03.2017

  16. Vaccine – saving lives or pretending to?
    What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, but shooting your own death into your veins…
    You will not grow on this.
    Only a little closer to him.

    By Anastasia on 07.04.2017

  17. Taeyong terpikirkan sesuatu;
    tampaknya ia butuh vaksin terhadap Doyoung. Agar ia kebal dari pesona lelaki imut seperti kelinci tersebut.

    By d i l i a URL on 07.04.2017

  18. what’s a cure to indecision
    on wasting a day like it’s out of my vision

    By tones8 on 07.04.2017

  19. there is no cure, no vaccine for love. once you’re infected the disease spreads to your entire body. nothing you do will ever fully reverse the damage, even if your body moves on, there will always be traces of what once poisoned your bloodstream lingering around your soul.

    By scarlett mitchell on 07.04.2017

  20. It’s strange to grasp that one moment really could change your world, the course of your history. That one idea, one decision, one action, one injection could actually change the course of time itself. That history books will write about and study that decision, hypothesize why it went wrong, and explain the events that followed.

    By Emma on 07.04.2017

  21. There was a vaccine laying on the table with strange, bubbling green liquid in it. The doctor picked it up and held it toward the little girl, smiling with his crooked teeth like a retarted pervert. He rested his fingers on the trigger, ready to push it.

    By cup on 07.04.2017