November 20th, 2013 | 93 Entries

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93 Entries for “defended”

  1. I defended him at every point, stood up for him until I had nothing else to say. He accepted it in his own quiet way, never giving me a clue about how he felt. Could I see it in his eyes and have missed it somehow?

    By Russ Wollman URL on 11.20.2013

  2. what you stand for, like the moonlight you think you deserve everynight the same full moon, the same full heart, the same full life, dream, sleep, rest, the

    By Elsa Sanches on 11.20.2013

  3. The child cringed, holding his head in his hands, trying desperately to plug his ears against the deafening roar and chatter of gunfire and bombs. Next to him lay his dead mother, who had died protecting him from the sudden gunfire. The rebels had come and attacked the area, and the people died defending their homes.

    By liyasha on 11.20.2013

  4. I defended my toast from an onslaught by my cat. I shooed her away. She persisted. I ate my toast in fear of my cat.

    Only crumbs were left when she licked the plate.

    And I felt as if I’d deprived her.

    By spiderjunior URL on 11.20.2013

  5. And in that moment, I realized I had defended him too much. I had come to his aid one too many times. I had trusted him way more than I should have.

    The cold handcuffs clicked as they closed around my wrists and the office shoved me toward the waiting squad car. Putting his hand on my head, he put me in the car and shut the door. Tapping the hood of the car, he turned his back on me.

    By Eileen Maki URL on 11.20.2013

  6. My spine is actually salt water. Now that I have you though, the fences never crumble and the ocean never floods, because I know that you’ll speak up for me when I can’t. That’s why you’re the best defensive player on my team.

    By Chris on 11.20.2013

  7. why did she defend him why did she believe him why did she love him more than she believed me didnt she see what he had done didnt she believe that i was broken why didnt she understand all that had transpired i was done i was gone i was alone alone alone alone

    By akku on 11.20.2013

  8. “I defended you to everyone. To the council, to my parents…I cast my own SISTER away, and for you!”
    She looked away. “I never asked you to do that,”
    “Never asked…” she trailed off, speechless. “You didn’t have to ask, Tamlin; I loved you, gods’ damn me for saying it but, even after all of this, I still do,”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 11.20.2013

  9. “I’m not trying to be funny!” I defended myself as my sister criticized. “You’re so weird, seriously what are you even doing?”

    By Olivia on 11.20.2013

  10. I often felt I had to take a step back, in those weeks before the break up, to figure out how I was going to lie my way out of this or that particular situation. Honestly, telling the truth wouldn’t have been so bad. I just got so damn defensive, and started to weave these situations where there was no way he could possibly be right. Lying was my defense, when I should have just been honest.

    By Erin Michael on 11.20.2013

  11. John defended his right to the horses and cattle on his farm by whatever lethal means at his disposal. He had an arsenal of rifles, knives, hoes and pitch forks, and did not hesitate handing them out to his family and workers. After all, John had slaved many years to become the largest cattle rancher in the valley.

    By just a girl on 11.20.2013

  12. Without a single flaw visible, you’d think he was the perfect boy. Nothing to hide, ever. But he hid a secret. He put up his defenses against everything that would cause him pain- against anything that would cause him feeling. Which means he defended himself against love. Which was not what he wanted.

    By Zach on 11.20.2013

  13. A lawyer, like atticus must denfed the law. But when you denfend someone at the expense of someone welse you do not do it right. Its wrong. This is wrong.

    By AlisonWack on 11.20.2013

  14. Derek always defended Tracey at every turn. It didn’t matter what Tracey said, or did, or even intended – to Derek, Tracey was justified in regards to every trick she pulled.

    Some say it’s typical for a father to be so forgiving of a daughter’s motives. Then again, Derek even let a nearly deadly prank against his own brother slide. So his sister and I were ready to give him what for.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.20.2013

  15. I feel as though my callous bones

    i never thought my callous bones
    could quiver like they do
    whenever you speak

    or how the ligments and muscles
    that align my back, and shape my whole
    could tremble ever so suddenly

    i come apart

    and trail to my toes

    tremble and

    By b.h on 11.20.2013

  16. Twigs snapped. She turned quickly, wide eyed, afraid. Her hair stood on end, terrified of what was going to happen next. What was hiding in the fog thickened air around her?

    By Ivy URL on 11.20.2013

  17. I defended you when you did wrong. I defended you when you did wrong by me. Now I must defend myself from you and me…

    By Bchange.Cchange on 11.20.2013

  18. I defended my position within the debate. Only then did I go onto the offense. Tomorrow I will know how many people have been swayed by my words. Will anyone agree? will they all just not understand? Will the react with horror after understanding what I intended? Only time will tell.

    By Chuck K. URL on 11.20.2013

  19. You could have defended me
    With all the strength you said you had
    You could have defended me
    Would it really have been that bad?
    When I needed your shoulder
    You brushed me away
    I needed a defender
    But tomorrow will probably be the be same as today

    By Evie Stevie on 11.20.2013

  20. Nothing. No one has ever done this to me before, ever. No one has ever cared enough to speak up for me, for the girl who never has a voice. I try to speak for others, I try to be caring and to give them love. I never gossip so why won’t the same courtesy be offered me? Who knows, who cares. I don’t get that type of reaction from people. Those who put me down get to do it over and over again, and I’m too “nice” to say anything about it. Why won’t anyone help me?! Why do they let other’s words cut into me. WHY don’t I get help? HELP ME

    By Kay on 11.20.2013

  21. He was someone special to her.

    So how could she just sit there, watching them tear him apart?

    “Stop,” she said, a little monotonously. Her voice croaked. Her head pounded. She tried again, but she couldn’t find her voice. “STOP.”

    By Catherine on 11.20.2013

  22. I helped her
    I defended her honor and this
    this is how she repays me after
    after all the love and support
    I just don’t understand because
    No one else helped you
    Just me
    So why stab me in the back after I defended you
    to my friends
    and family?
    and to myself

    By Kay on 11.20.2013

  23. The last three of them defended the fort bravely, despite having only the most basic weapons. Four days after the initial attack, they were still fending off the rebels, counting down the last bullets they had. Ted stopped firing to load his last clip of ammo, and that was when he heard the helicopter rotors chopping through the distant air, arriving just in time to rescue them.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 11.20.2013

  24. He never really wanted to be a writer, so he used adverbs as much as possible. They defended him from being noticed or read by anyone.

    By Dtnixon on 11.20.2013

  25. If i fixate on the mix-tape
    of the dead rapper guy that
    got shot up
    at a donut shop
    while some cops defended
    their loot
    then what am I
    doing with the life that
    I’ve been give?
    I’m not standing up for the ones
    I love or even their tasty treats.
    I’m just using myself to inhabit
    the blank space we call
    Earth in a manner such as this.

    By [Sic] Philosophy URL on 11.20.2013

  26. defended: a word that shows bravery and stupidity in one. deriving from the word defending, defend, defender. It mean that it is

    By meee URL on 11.21.2013

  27. His tone was bitter and words short as he defended his right to be there with the rest of us.
    “Asking me to leave will change nothing!”

    By WearyWater URL on 11.21.2013

  28. you are always fearing the intelligence of someone may outweigh your own. Your thoughts and opinions are defended by the silence which conveys your freedom of expression. Live without fear of judgement.

    By Victoria on 11.21.2013

  29. “How dare you defend the homophobic salvation army of anti-gay!” yelled the bearded man on the bus to the old man with the red kettle full of coins. Everyone stared. Man with the coins just grunted a little and mumbled something I couldn’t hear. When the bus reached its next stop, another man got onto the bus and he ran over and shot me in the face. From heaven, I came to understand that the man who shot me in the face confused me for someone else. It was a hate crime and he had mistaken me for being Boy George. Why would Boy George be riding some random bus in Iowa?

    By nodochinko on 11.21.2013

  30. I stuck up my shield and pulled out my sword. The metal clinked and clanked as I lifted it. Despite my efforts, and all the training that I had been through, I wasn’t quite strong enough to hoist the hunk of solid metal higher than my waist. The arrow pierced me right through the heart.

    By KT on 11.21.2013

  31. He had committed a terrible crime but Jane had a job to do. She didn’t know how she could do it but she stood up in court and defended him.

    By Alexandra on 11.21.2013

  32. defended by a huge wall the ma felt secure but alas his enemies had a dog…

    By jack blake URL on 11.21.2013

  33. ‘Fight, fight fight!’
    Conkers and jam sandwiches.
    Pumps kicking up a cloud of dust.
    Dunlop bags, satchels, jumpers thrown down to mark goals.
    ‘Big ears!’
    ‘Leave her alone fat face’
    Shirts rolled up, ripped blazer badges.
    Shoulder above, teacher holds them apart

    By Ian on 11.21.2013

  34. He defended himself in the only way he knew how: by striking first. The other man was still doubled over, cupping his hands to his nuts, when WIll hit him a second time.

    By mrsmig on 11.21.2013

  35. The zombies are attacking! We must defend the fortress!

    By Katelyn on 11.21.2013

  36. We defended our right to free speech by walking off the job for two weeks. A province wide strike by teachers to fight Draconian Bill 115.

    By nancy wimbush URL on 11.21.2013

  37. I hated this. Hated having to defend myself all the time. For every little thing I did, there had to be some explicit reason behind it, or else I was worth it. Oh, I wanted a scoop of ice cream? Well, I did deserve a treat after spending two hours in the gym that day and another eight working, And yet, that still wasn’t a good enough reason for her. Never for my mother. Nothing I said could ever please her.

    By Jo on 11.21.2013

  38. She defended her, and I defended him, and he defended his dog, and I defended my aunt, and my aunt’s dog defended the entire house.

    By Kayla Pongrac on 11.21.2013

  39. you take the east wall, j you the south, b and r, go to the north and i’ll take the west. we’re outnumbered, so fight smart and fight hard, people. let’s go. keep in contact, yell like hell and make em think there are more of us.

    By Lee on 11.21.2013

  40. I was always a better defender when I played basketball. I knew that my skills were weak on the offensive side of the ball so I put all of my effort into being the guy who defended like no one else. I

    By Carl on 11.21.2013