June 27th, 2013 | 151 Entries

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151 Entries for “decoy”

  1. It was early morning.I was in the duck blind.Come on little duckies.

    By A False Terl on 06.27.2013

  2. I was trying to not be seen by them. So i stuff my old clothes with cotton that I picked from the fields in the summer before. I put this stuffed version of me on the stairs. So when they tried to kill me they would attack a pillowy white me instead.

    By hale on 06.27.2013

  3. The decoy failed to divert the missile. The resulting explosion destroyed three of the ships in the armada. Violet was lucky to have stowed away on a ship in the outer ring.

    By MauriceWilliams on 06.27.2013

  4. When I go outside. You may think its impossible for one to hide so much. Why would you if you had the whole world at your disposal? She may have hired a decoy, to let them think she was still at home, helping women do their deeds. But I am really here, teach me how to live free of the present.

    By micheline on 06.27.2013

  5. you look into my eyes and said you were my friend
    instead you were a decoy, for an end
    you lie and toyed with my heart
    you were a enemy from the start

    By Reba on 06.27.2013

  6. The people acted as decoys for the criminals. No one knew they were there, and no one needed to know. Working undercover was a serious job and we did everything we could to stay undetected.

    By danamcg on 06.27.2013

  7. “Jacks, you’ll be the decoy. Just fire a few shots, enough to get their attention and then high-tail it outta there. If you hit even ONE man, they’ll follow.” Tamren said.
    “Sounds easy enough. Philip never was able to resist a challenge.” I agreed, looking over the map.
    “Just remember who you’re aiming at. You can kill anyone else but we need Philip ALIVE.”
    I waved him off. “I know you don’t much care for me, Boreas, but we both know I won’t miss my target.”
    “That’s my point, darlin’. I know you’ve got a lil bit of…history with our dear prince.”
    My eyes flashed dangerously, fingering twitching towards my dagger. “My past is no concern of yours.”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 06.27.2013

  8. took me by the hand
    led me astray-
    not what i wanted.
    destroy me with a decoy
    of what i thought
    she might be.

    By mouse on 06.27.2013

  9. I think Evan isthe cutest guy I’ve ever seen. he’s in 9th grade and is taller than I am and every time I hear his name I swoon and secretly wish I’m dating him. I hope he notices me soon and ask me out. is that possible for me?

    By Kitty on 06.27.2013

  10. The silhouette of Bernie was nothing but a decoy, constructed of the finest materials. Those items used for said conglomeration of a six-foot-tall individual were including but not limited to feathers, velcro, duct tape, denim, flannel, fallen tree branches, and some very coarse wire meant to look like his steely gray hair.

    After finding the dummy, the authorities looked everywhere for the real incarnation. But all they could find were scarecrows.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.27.2013

  11. a decoy for hiding from who you are
    made you lose yourself
    in a mason jar
    you closed it tightly
    but forgot where you hid it
    and then you threw it in the washer
    with the rest of your dishes
    so where did you go
    you’re not sure anymore
    because you’ve been washed and dryed
    and you’re not a whore
    you’re a sad little girl
    with a big heart of pain
    and for the last time
    you’re words are in vain

    By on 06.27.2013

  12. There have been a lot of decoys in my life. Lies and distractions and anything to deviate me from the truth. Sometimes i created them myself, a lot of the time they were the creations of others. I want them to go away. I just want the truth. Decoys are silly. We have no time for them.

    By Lunchbox on 06.27.2013

  13. the amount of decoys james had to get past in his mind was staggering. his mother told him it was just his lack of practice and his dad said ‘it takes time, son, let it happen when it happens’ but james couldn’t shake the feeling that everyone else had part of their brain that he would never be able to access. in school his teachers would leave his comments or questions until the end of the discussion and say ‘sorry, we’re out of time, but maybe next class?’ and he hated, just plain hated it. he was smart, he felt it, but he couldn’t never get past the superficial amount of decoy and dumb information clouding his mind when the chance arrived.

    By Anna Klos on 06.27.2013

  14. I stood there looking at him blankly. How could she put me in this situation? I had no idea what to do or say. I blinked twice then managed to stutter out, “Uh, I heard you’re working in the library now. That’s nice, books and stuff.” He stared at me silently for a moment, and muttered, “Yeah, I suppose.” He pushed past me while he spoke. Distraction was not my forte. So, what else could I do, but punch him in the face?

    By Alex on 06.27.2013

  15. The answer is B. Probably. I mean, A, C, and D I can actually get with calculations … how B appears as a possible solution to this equation is beyond my comprehension, which means it’s probably the right one.
    This is my method. There is little madness to it. Given my scores on the last three tests, I’d say it works out quite well.

    By terradi on 06.27.2013

  16. I feel like a decoy sometimes. Like, someone is trying to use me for something other than being a friend or girlfriend. It’s really hard sometimes. I don’t know how to feel about it. It makes me sad. And how do you even talk about something like that to some one.

    By Cori on 06.27.2013

  17. This is the word another blogger posted about! I know I shouldn’t have ended my sentence with “about.” So little time – so much to think “about.”

    By Carol Tomany URL on 06.27.2013

  18. That’s all she was. A decoy, employed for her less beautiful sister’s gain. Of course, it was hard to say that one was more beautiful than the other. But Hallie certainly thought she was the prettier one. Annie wanted the guy, but she never got them.

    By Brita Moore on 06.27.2013

  19. Sometimes I feel like a decoy by those whom I love. I feel like they use me to get to places in their life. I know this is true with people whom I’m not friends with. But, I don’t know how to feel about this. I can’t talk to people about it. I can’t just say “Hey! I feel used by you!”

    By theballadofloveandhate on 06.27.2013

  20. The decoy had failed. Elizabeth had seen right through it – Mary was behind this all along. That was the problem with Europe: all anyone ever wanted was the throne. Once you had it, thousands of people just wanted you off of it. Fortunately, Elizabeth understood this fully.

    By Brita Moore on 06.27.2013

  21. I was the decoy, whatever happened after that is beyond me.

    By Mr.T on 06.27.2013

  22. i’m using you my little decoy, abusing you, my little decoy. Woah, I’m not sorry at all. Not sorry, no, I’d do it over again. You’ve never been so used, as I’m using you, abusing you, my little decoy. Don’t look so blue, you could’ve seen right through. I’m using you, my little decoy.

    By Jess on 06.27.2013

  23. I set up a decoy for my eldest brother. He thought he was so slick, but I was going to have him cornered in this trap. I couldn’t wait to see the look on his face when he spotted the huge zoo animal in the middle of his bedroom.

    By zaharaa on 06.27.2013

  24. Decoy roger standing tall
    At the ivied garden wall
    By the little gate, they think
    That i am praying, so they think

    By ObsidianSky URL on 06.27.2013

  25. Grappling with the rope and fighting for dear life I could hear the screams of blood lust at my back. I noticed a flare in the distance and watched as the entire northern wing was lit ablaze. My pursuers watched in awe as their castle began to burn and then turned their eyes on me. I couldn’t help it- I grinned as wide as the sea before me. And now that I’d fulfilled my purpose and diverted their attention so the deed could be done, I completed my mission just as it was always meant to be. I relinquished my grip and fell into the masses, knowing that either way, we’d all end up in ashes by daybreak.

    By stephanie on 06.27.2013

  26. well at times I have known people to use a decoy to test a dogs ability to hunt, that is to find the bird or what ever had just been shot by the hunter.

    By mary lou URL on 06.27.2013

  27. Huzzah!!!! Run, go go go go, why aren’t you going, he’s right over there, come on go go go, what what’s wrong, what you can see me , wait how, what??

    By Evan on 06.27.2013

  28. “So we’ll use you as a decoy.” said he.

    Ana glared at him. “I refuse to be used as a decoy for bandits.” she said, “Why don’t you be the decoy?”

    “BEcause,” he said, agonizingly cocky and sure of himself, “I am the man. You are the woman. No one will be expecting you to be able to whip out a knife and defend yourself.”

    Ana snorted. “I am Nato. Anyone can tell just by looking at me. All the bandits will be expecting me to whip out a knife.”

    By Maria URL on 06.27.2013

  29. I thought that that person was the one planting the bomb, that’s why I was followong him. I was about to arrest him untill I heard an explosion. Turns out that person was just a decoy. I’m still arresting him and I’m going to find some answers.

    By Anna on 06.27.2013

  30. Many people hide the most vulnerable parts of themselves and use their wit or sense of humor as a decoy blocking the real true person.

    By jeanne saporito URL on 06.27.2013

  31. I can’t believe it. i fell for it. i actually fell for it. how could i be so naive? i thought i was in controll when it all went down. i thought i was following the main group. picking them off one by one; slowly diminishing their numbers. but really, i had followed the decoy. i actually did what they want. just as i had taken aim for the last man and steadied my bow, i felt something hard hit the back of my head. now im here. great….

    By Analece on 06.27.2013

  32. The man she had called “Father” was not her real father. He was a trick, a decoy, to distract her from her real identity. She had so much she wanted to ask her mother now that she had found her, but her first question had to be; “Why?”

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 06.27.2013

  33. things in life that distract you from your soul purpose like men that aren’t sincere, TV, work or the busyness of work not the soul of work, food, other addictions, anything that causes you really to leave yourself and leave the present moment

    By Susan Addington on 06.27.2013

  34. Grrr, it was a decoy I thought. I was trailing a dangerous criminal but he had brought me against a dead end. I kicked the wall in anger. now to start all over.

    By Kat on 06.27.2013

  35. The way he lived was much like most of the world and his generation lived. He life was a decoy for what was actually happening around him. He never really once looked around and experienced anything. He just passed through aimlessly. Constantly distracted by any and every little thing.

    By Patrick URL on 06.27.2013

  36. i am a decoy for the others to make it across safely …i am willing to sacrifice my life so that the others can make it to the bridge in time to blow it to keep them from getting through…I Hope this wasnt for nothing

    By mike angel on 06.27.2013

  37. i am a decoy for the others to make it across safely …i am willing to sacrifice my life so that the others can make it to the bridge in time to blow it to keep them from getting through…I Hope this wasnt for nothing!! i hope there will be a place to call home if we make it through!

    By mike angel on 06.27.2013

  38. You were my decoy heart. A distraction from it all.

    By Tiffany Boss on 06.27.2013

  39. She didn’t believe him. She thought she was the decoy, the distraction, a part of the “slight of hand” taking place in front of the rest. He was precise in his movements and his words. He convinced her she was more, but she tried to resist the dream. She felt it was an illusion, but she couldn’t find the strings and fell in love with the magic and the magician despite herself. Then he changed the routine, the script, the carrot he dangled at the end of the invisible wire. He adored the applause but didn’t want a partner in anything but the show. The rest of the time he kept to his dressing room, fussing with things hidden in his trunk, writing notes in his journal. She thought she was a special part of the show, but he made it clear. As part of the program she was always welcome, but off stage there was no sparkle except for the costume sequins falling helplessly to the floor to be stepped on.

    By JDwrites on 06.27.2013

  40. the duck was a decoy for the shooters. it sat quietly on the water and did nothing. after four hours it became tired of this and decided to fly away. it was so interesting to see the faces of the men as they watched the fake duck f

    By gaileen on 06.27.2013