June 27th, 2013 | 151 Entries

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151 Entries for “decoy”

  1. The decoy was waiting for the mark.

    By Jerri on 06.27.2013

  2. The mirrored obsidian mask, the archetype upseated. Fractal. Prismatic. The slant to the left when your mark’s to the right. Step back. Step around. Go!

    By G M on 06.27.2013

  3. The real is hiding and we are taking its place.

    By Grace on 06.27.2013

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    By test on 06.27.2013

  5. Life was always somewhat pointless for him, knowing his purpose, his destiny. It was never something great, no epic battle or great work. His purpose, since the very organized idea of his birth, was to be the decoy. To save someone else’ life while pretending to be someone he’s not.

    By Jade on 06.27.2013

  6. I was a decoy for him. I was just something to use to distract himself from his ex. That’s all. I’m not real. I do not exist. I am simply a decoy. A fake. I know it and it hurts, but I can’t say no. I can’t end it. Because he makes me happy. And knowing I can help him makes me happy. My heart hurts.

    By Maddie on 06.27.2013

  7. that wasn’t funny and i’m not going to listen to you bang the door at the temple falls angels we see too many of them and think they are typical measurables city factories produce what a lot of crap this crap is everywhere

    By reluctant URL on 06.27.2013

  8. I’ve always thought of myself as two separate people. Not in the Dissociative way. Rather in the sense that I can establish a facade better than anyone. I know the right things to say in any given situation, but manage to never lose my sense of self. The inner me is always cognizant and very much in control. Isn’t that what knowing yourself is all about? Being who they want you to be, but never letting go of who you really are.

    By John on 06.27.2013

  9. He stood at the edge of the trees looking at the best deer he had seen in a long time. He leveled his rifle and took aim. He fired at the middle as not to miss and the whole thing fell over. That is when he heard the footsteps behind him and turned to see the smiling face of the game warden.

    By Brenda on 06.27.2013

  10. i have no idea what this word means but i think it`s a bad word sound fancy and interesting i like it

    By Alexander McFee URL on 06.27.2013

  11. He created a decoy of his dead fish because he couldn’t bear to part with his best friend.

    By a on 06.27.2013

  12. The bite on his shoulder was nothing but a decoy, so that as he hissed in pain and smiled she could slip her hands down his pants, rake nails on the sensitive skin below his hipbones and make him hiss some more.

    By CH☆M on 06.27.2013

  13. my favorite condom is a decoy but not a real decoy. half truth being a lie or vice versa. more like not being coy but being very coy.

    By Mr.584903 URL on 06.27.2013

  14. Why are ducks always used as decoys? Or are they not? If not, why are they the first thing that pops into my head when I think of the word “decoy”? What does that say about me? Or about society? Word association. It’s an interesting thing… How have I been conditioned to associate “decoy” with “duck”? Are all our thoughts and associations conditioned by the world we live in? Is anything real? But what is real?

    By Debbie URL on 06.27.2013

  15. I laid down in a bush
    Waiting for the right moment to make my escape
    I decided to throw a doll into the wind
    So I wouldn’t turn into breakfast for the lion
    Which awaited me
    This was my decoy
    I shuttered and turned away from the beast
    Hoping he wouldn’t make me his next feast
    Quietly tip toeing
    I made my calm and collected get away

    By Paul on 06.27.2013

  16. I was eating cake. I forgot to write. That’s one hell of a decoy!

    By Lou on 06.27.2013

  17. I was one chosen to lead my crew. I had no choice. i Was the worst of the clan and had few options. But i was skilled in my own set… i was stealthy. I snuck in the backdoor, and took that mother fuckers pizza. And he saw me leaving, chasing after me with his delicious circle.
    My men then raped and killed his wife and daughter. All this for ….

    By Michael on 06.27.2013

  18. I used my friend as a decoy. We sent him out a flag tied around his back and told him to run back and forth. While the enemy had their sights on our decoy, we ran across the open field to get in a opening position on our enemies flanks. We just reached our position when our decoy was almost shot, but we opened fire and took out the remaining foe.

    By victor ferreira on 06.27.2013

  19. I slipped on the mask a hoped that my decoy would take care of my aunt. “Don’t look over here,” I whispered hurriedly to my servant, “Don’t move.” He moved. And we got caught. I haven’t seen daylight since.

    By ferdinand the shark on 06.27.2013

  20. A decoy is something used to distract someone from the real problem or whatever it is. Mostly someone or something that easily draws attention to it. Like a big noisy smelly bomb to distract from a thief.

    By Aly on 06.27.2013

  21. I walked down the street that cold night, holding the decoy in my hand. people were looking at me strangely, but I knew this is what I had to do. Holding it tightly I placed it on the ground, a wallet. The man stooped down and picked it up asking who’s it was? when he wasn’t looking I grabbed the girl and ran.

    By Fiona on 06.27.2013

  22. I dropped the decoy on the ground, hoping he would notice. He did. “Sir! you dropped this!” I clutched both the wallet and his girls hand tightly. “No, not mine!” I pointed a few feet ahead of me to another person. the man dropped his daughters hand and ran to catch up, I took the girls hand and ran the opposite direction.

    By Lily on 06.27.2013

  23. It was a decoy.
    A clone.
    That was the only thought he was able to gather before the true beast sprang forward and bit him, starting him on his journey of a hellish life.

    By Cat on 06.27.2013

  24. mannequins lined up at the dock, they didn’t look like a real crown they didn’t move except for he occasional waving hand or spinning head that Alex programmed using his knowledge of robotics. It would have to do. They all looked the same save the thrifted outfits i picked out for them.

    By Ben on 06.27.2013

  25. Have you seen it? Have you seen it? Have you seen what lies underneath these covers? You see nothing more than a decoy. Under this decoy skin, I am a demon of the arts. Demon of knowledge. I can cause you quite some evil,my dear. Yet,you still believe my cover. Oh how tragic this could all be.

    By Amber M. on 06.27.2013

  26. fake, something that is only there to distract others until the real thing can emerge. Is only needed long enough for a clean get-away.

    By shira on 06.27.2013

  27. Its all about this. Decoy. And who the hell knows what it really means anyway? In fact, when I first saw it, my eyes hurt. Where did that come from?
    Who the hell uses it anyway?
    Decoy. Sounds like detergent!

    By Manuela on 06.27.2013

  28. i had a decoy in place. but it didn’t fool anybody. so I decided to make another one that would be a little more convincing. the second attempt at the decoy didn’t work. still nobody was fooled

    By joe on 06.27.2013

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    By lollipop on 06.27.2013

  30. i dont know what this word means =( i am frum canada so i have a small vocabuleri

    By lollipop on 06.27.2013

  31. i have no idea what decoy means or what it is. im not sure what are lot of things are now. im not sure who my real friends are and stuff. i dont know what to type or what to do when i get older.

    By buddy the elf on 06.27.2013

  32. Caring is a dangerous game. Letting her in the car and not knowing where she had been, the fact she wouldn’t even talk about, it unsettled me. Her urgency to get to the bank seemed nothing more than a hideous decoy for the awful things she must have done the week before. I don’t know where the money came from.

    By One and Only Profligacy on 06.27.2013

  33. Another day another decoy. Just me, the hunter and the decoys. Us boys would be sent out as decoys, trying to draw the dogs and the hunters off the precious, protected wildlife, whose presence in our preserves meant, ultimately our own survival. Why did we do it? Well, mostly we hated the idea of poaching, but basically we did it because we were told to.

    By Tristan de Chalain on 06.27.2013

  34. We stood around in a circle, acting as decoys. This was our last chance to do something for our people. Those we had cherished and that had protected us all our lives. If we were killed, we were successes.

    By Shane on 06.27.2013

  35. second self… fuck i wish i had a second self. then my second self could do things like work and weed and hoe and i could live in an old house on a cliff in ireland and kidnap a nice smart boy who loves me!!!!!!!!

    By gia.mfgon on 06.27.2013

  36. jabfabftiowabrtiawbo
    what’s even going on
    I don’t know
    is this a trap
    wow I’ve written about this word 3 times
    can u not
    just trying to get the next word
    want some tea? No? oh ok
    I didn’t want to share anyway
    fuk u
    no jk ily
    (((((((no homo))))))))))

    By BRITTANI URL on 06.27.2013

  37. A trick. Something you’d never expect to not be there. What would you do if that necklace your significant other gave you isn’t the real thing? What if that ring you have to get to Mordor wasn’t the real one? Wow, you’re fucked. But that’s the scary thing. How easily things that mean so much to us can be replaced, without our knowing.

    By Brittani c: on 06.27.2013

  38. heavy, complicated, the space between is thick
    Give me a decoy-
    one thicker than the air.

    By Kara on 06.27.2013

  39. Fake, betrayal an act to confuse. I lost it you had it I was meant to lose. A pretending, a falsehood lies.

    By Sunny on 06.27.2013

  40. I switched into sport shorts.It wasn’t exactly a decoy..but it did take her attention off other things

    By A False Terl on 06.27.2013