December 25th, 2011 | 101 Entries

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101 Entries for “deaf”

  1. Are you deaf?


    Now you’re playing with me. I said ‘Are you deaf?’ didn’t you hear what I asked you to do?

    No, did yo ask me something?

    Yes, I asked you to buy your father his Christmas present.


    By Amimee URL on 12.26.2011

  2. I was walking too close to the site were the dynamite blast occurred during the construction of the apartment building, and as a result I was deaf in my leaf ear for a few minutes.

    By victor walkes URL on 12.26.2011

  3. i’m. can’t listen to anybody…nobody listens to anybody…
    listening to yourself only is being deaf…

    By vikrant on 12.26.2011

  4. women’s talks make me act as I’m deaf. seriously…

    By vikrant on 12.26.2011

  5. What?? What was that word? I can’t hear you, speak up!!!! It’s not like I’m deaf!!!! Just announciate your words!!!

    By bella on 12.26.2011

  6. I’m no deaf – I can hear you just fine. Whether it be in text, out loud or out of the corner of your eye I hear the disdain and misery that fills your life. Keep it to yourself. Don’t poison my atmosphere.

    By More Everything URL on 12.26.2011

  7. He was deaf to the sound of the waves crashing along the beach, the wind howling in his ears. The grey sky twisted and curled into the foaming surf, an expanse of turmoil and indignant anger. He didn’t know how to calm the anxiety in his chest, didn’t know how to escape her ever-tightening hold as it eroded his insides.

    By cmsiena URL on 12.26.2011

  8. Her statement fell on deaf ears even after they watched the video tape. Chris had a solid alibi…but how was he going to explain the blood stain on guest room nightstand?

    By vanhaydu URL on 12.26.2011

  9. You would think he was deaf – well, maybe he was, but not in the traditional sense of the word. He could hear, but only when he wanted to. He simply wouldn’t listen. Being deaf when, really, you could hear the other person was much worse than simply not being able to hear at all. It ruined relationships. It prevented relationships. He was deaf, but worst of all, he was selfish.

    By Haley URL on 12.26.2011

  10. f I were deaf, I’d have more of a reason to explore the world. I would do it for all of those who can’t. I would prove myself to all. If I were deaf, there would be no more music for me. That is a scary thought. Without music, I would go entirely insane. I just can’t imagine if I were deaf. But there would be great opportunities for me. I would love to be that person to take my disability as a gift. But, I wouldn’t. I couldn’t. My negative attitude, there’s no way I’d be happy. I just couldn’t be. I never am.

    By Haley URL on 12.26.2011

  11. i cant hear you. i cant hear you. i cant hear you. I CANT HEAR YOU. YOU CANT MAKE ME HEAR YOU, YOU CANT MAKE ME LISTEN! I. CANT. HEAR. YOU!

    By lucinda URL on 12.26.2011

  12. ears that don’t do what they are made to do. However the other senses of the human body are strengthened even further and the individual is developed into a more complex being regardless of his/her disability.

    By Lorenzo Alajar on 12.26.2011

  13. Daphne is deaf. She got sick when she was a child and was too poor to be treated. Emmett is her best friend, and he is also deaf. They used to go to a deaf school together, and he rides her around on his motorcycle. I don’t know how he rides it without hearing.

    By Acela URL on 12.26.2011

  14. Deaf may be the ears. But deaf may be the eyes. Deaf may be the heart. But don’t be deaf in the mind. Though deaf may be the heart, ears, and eyes, those are what we all listen to the most. Leaving the mind–kicking and screaming in an empty room.

    By Carrie on 12.26.2011

  15. My world is all about vision. I envision the past, the present, and the future. Without the noise of the present, I can clearly see everything as is. It may be scary–the vividness–but once beheld, it will reveal all the secrets your ears have encased.

    By Carrie URL on 12.26.2011

  16. “I envy them,”


    “The deaf. Those who cannot hear. It may not be by choice, but…I envy them and their ability to not hear. To not have to listen and be subject to the throws of a single word. To never know that pain– that is what I wish for.”

    By Vburgh URL on 12.26.2011

  17. I didn’t think it would be like this. I didn’t think it would feel so… void. But it is. And it leaves me to think of what I could be hearing. Anything. A scream. A bird. The wind. Even when I thought everything was silent, there was always the wind….

    By Nicole on 12.26.2011

  18. I see him. I understand him. I feel him. I talk to him. I listen to him. Hmmm…. I listen? You don’t know him. Even if I wasn’t deaf, even if you were, you can’t help but listen. He knows me.

    By NCISaddict on 12.26.2011

  19. Ouch! Bang! Boom! Zang! Owweee!!

    They can’t hear the pain of the world. And this is incredibly unfortunate.

    By Melissa on 12.26.2011

  20. the man was deaf and he walked down the road looking for something to eat. He stopped at a hot dog stand. The man behind the stand asked, “do you want the works?” Motioning, the deaf man tried to make the hot dog man understand. He wanted onions, ketchup, mustard, and a bun. That was it. When he was done, he walked away with a hot dog.

    By Brianna on 12.26.2011

  21. And even after the accident, he continued to go to the opera. He continued to sit in the front row, closest to the orchestra, and feel the vibrations of the instruments, even though he could not hear them. He continued to put his earphones in and press ‘play’ on his iPod, when he went for his morning runs, and run to the beat of silence. He continued to watch the evening news at 6 o’clock for an hour, and make up the news stories as the reporters moved their lips.
    He continued to go about his daily life, as if it had never happened. It was terrible being deaf. He knew what it was like not to be, once, not so long ago. And the memory of the sounds he once could hear, but now couldn’t, were what had him continue, had him pretend. The only thing worse than being deaf, would be forgetting the sounds he so desperately wished he could still hear.

    By Taylor K URL on 12.26.2011