December 24th, 2011 | 76 Entries

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76 Entries for “clamp”

  1. Just a second, and we’ll hold down these days until the time is right. We’ll pin this second like a moth netted in the woods, we’ll hook this minute like a pumpkin seed fish from the lake. We’ll hold on tight until we feel like letting go.

    By mere URL on 12.24.2011

  2. Clamp is the company thing that makes Chobits. Chobits is awesome, it’s about persecoms. They are personal computers that look like people. There is this one named Chii and she is really cute. The story is about her and this guy named Hideki and their whole relationship and stuff.

    By Acela URL on 12.24.2011

  3. Call

    By ellie griffith on 12.24.2011

  4. No turning back to the womb now, the clamp had been applied — it was onward, forward to LIFE for the infant. The room is so bright!

    By Clarity URL on 12.24.2011

  5. Teehee, Lelouch is a character made from CLAMP…DON’T JUDGE ME!!!!!!!!!!

    By Aspen on 12.24.2011

  6. i clamp my mouth shut and duck my head, struggling to keep my laughter contained.
    every year, this woman seems to sit behind our family on christmas eve and belt those high notes as loud as she can.
    too too funny.
    and not appropriate to burst out laughing during hymns.

    By sarah marie URL on 12.24.2011

  7. The clamp was locked into place, shutting out the light. The door would not budge once the clamp was locked down. If you were trapped inside then you could not get out until someone opened it from the outside.

    By Rae D. URL on 12.24.2011

  8. it was too tight.
    I never thought id be holding so many things.

    By Jen Nifer on 12.24.2011

  9. hurry quick it’s leaving me i’m dying i’m bleeding out i’m losing all life or am i? am i stepping closer to everything I’ve ever wanted? i think i’m finally getting what i’ve looked for and searched for for so long. it’s here it’s stealing me away but i’m now becoming exactly what i want to be.

    By C. Ritchie URL on 12.24.2011

  10. Our hearts have been clamped together; now, I’d do anything to break free.
    I can’t take this anymore.

    By Eileen URL on 12.24.2011

  11. Hold on real tight.
    Like when you have a bag of chips and you only eat half,
    you must clamp the bag closed so they stay funky fresh.
    one love.

    By andrea on 12.24.2011

  12. Clamps held the piece securely on the table. It smelled of balsa wood and sawdust. Delicate slices had been made using the slick saw and I was making the tiniest corrections with my file. My masterpiece was almost complete.

    By an octopus URL on 12.24.2011

  13. Scrambling to find the last clamp, he gathered the velveteen curtain between his fingers. The navy blue material, heavy and dark, felt soft against his palms, as he watched the lights grow dim upon the stage.

    By Zoë Aiko URL on 12.24.2011

  14. Amazing manga artists and storytellers. They all have such different styles yet Clamp has such a distinct way of telling their stories that you know it’s them.

    By curiousdee URL on 12.24.2011

  15. When I’m chillin with my homies, one thing that I always notice, is that they’re a bunch of mommas boyz. And that’s quite frowned upon in the suburban ghetto, because customarily, a boy’s momma is a sucka.

    By Joel Anderson URL on 12.24.2011

  16. clamp the clam shut it has many pearls in it and you dont want to loose them. clamp your mouth shut because spilling secrets always hurts feelings. clamp it all shut. clamp clamp

    By Amela on 12.25.2011

  17. I think of the clips i use for my bows that I make. Well they’re very sturdy. I like them because they don’t slip out of your hiar and well they’re called alligator clips but they’re not like the electrical alligator clips, they’r for your hair obviously.

    By Ingrid on 12.25.2011

  18. There was a clamp on his heart. Something was holding him back. “Emotionally damaged” he said. My heart broke. He said he just couldn’t love me like i loved him. My heart shattered into a million pieces. He couldn’t love me but I loved him with every piece of my broken heart. No matter how cliche it sounds.

    By Brittface URL on 12.25.2011

  19. She clamped hard onto my hand as we walked into the ocean. that’s all i remember except that the water was cold and she was screaming. But even those things are fuzzy. All I truly remember is her fingers around my arm, and the feeling of me finally going home.

    By Alessandra on 12.25.2011

  20. It was all beautiful until your last sentence. The last sentences that revealed the next half a decade of my life. The realisation clamped down on my heart like a fox trap and as I read each word it felt as if it had turned into a torture device and had was slowly and rhythmically clamping down harder and harder around my heart – cutting off my breathing and my lifeline till all I could manage was to sit, in heartbreaking shock.

    By J9 URL on 12.25.2011

  21. God. Not this again. The pipe has been leeking on and off for so long, I don’t know what I’ll do it if starts up again after this time. Really,it’s such a drain on my resources. My family doesn’t have the money to keep fixing this. We couldn’t sell the house with our water in such bad shape. I need to clamp up the line, and fast. Water lost is money lost, money we don’t have to lose.

    By pyroelectricity on 12.25.2011

  22. like a lamp clamp? those are always hard to put on. like on a desk or a chair? i don’t know. those things always put up a fight. but they keep there for a long time. if you coax it into doing something you want it stays. i wish people were like, i would love for people to be like that.

    By sunny URL on 12.25.2011

  23. Una mordida verde. Asi lo sentu en la parte blanda del talon. Justo alli, me miraba con ojos brillantes un enorme cangrejo.

    By gretchenlopez URL on 12.25.2011

  24. They put a clamp down on internet use in the office. Jamey was upset and disgruntled. However was he going to purchase a holiday gift for his mother when the only place he was able to locate the special item was from an internet site for a store in another state. He was frustrated. He couldn’t get enough time off work during his lunch hour to go to the library to use their computers, plus the library frowned upon internet sales on their public use computers…

    By j.renee on 12.25.2011

  25. Coldness clamps around my heart, and I can’t breathe. Air hitches and scrapes at my throat, coming in clumps out of my lungs. Shivering and sweaty, my hands tremble and quaver and I fight to steady them. This horrible feeling of fear grips at my whole body and renders me powerless, bending me into nothing but a trembling little girl.

    By Sarah on 12.25.2011

  26. little
    “It’s a girl,”
    and she cries tears of joy
    as I clamp the umbilical cord
    and put her new daughter
    into her arms

    By Valkyrie URL on 12.25.2011

  27. a clamped mind and mouth. to go with a free body and soul. a walking paradox. the epitome of contradictions. nothing here. thoughts clamps lamps bumps

    By Dee URL on 12.25.2011

  28. His hand clamped onto my arm. I knew I was in trouble this time. The fire in his eyes told me he didn’t see me, he was full of rage. What was I to do?

    By Zoe on 12.25.2011

  29. I clamp my mouth shut, knowing that if I were to speak, I would die a terrible death. The man in front of me stares down at me with cold eyes and looks as if he is about to yell, but holds back and leans forward, a snarl growing upon his face. “You’ll regret the day you were born, mister.”

    By dolphinherovamp5 URL on 12.25.2011

  30. I decided to clamp down on his arm really hard. He was wrestling me for quite some time when I told him that the violence had to stop. There was no holding back now I finally fought back.

    By verbalgymnast URL on 12.25.2011

  31. I sat there in the chair. My thoughts clamping me to it. I couldn’t believe what was going on. The baby mama’s of my cousins were too much for me to handle. Their stairs were like knives. They weren’t any more important as I was, but they made it seem other wise.

    By Izzy Gorden URL on 12.25.2011

  32. it sounds like someone is watching me. it sounds like someone is listening to me. it feels like every is anticipating my next move, and because of that i think i’ll sit right here, not at all content but happy to be a clamp to the couch, happy to pretend nothing at all is suspicious when i have oh so much to cover up.

    By Abra URL on 12.25.2011

  33. Her tiny hand us clamped on my arm. I pat her back reassuringly and she looks up at me with wide, scared eyes. My heart breaks a little. They grow up so fast.
    I kneel down and look in her eyes, “You’ll be fine.”
    “But I’m scared Momma,” she whispers.
    “It’ll be okay.” I tell her. She looks at me and nods, loosening her grip on my arm. I take her hand and we walk into the preschool together.

    By Jocelyn URL on 12.25.2011

  34. The midwife clamped the Umbilical cord

    By Therese on 12.25.2011

  35. hard. awesome. cool. noneasy kid friendly .,.,. heard well.

    By ellen glynn on 12.25.2011

  36. I’ve only ever known force. They never held, they clamped their fingers around me, leaving fingerprint bruises. They never kissed, they gnawed, as if they were hungry and I was the fix that could satisfy their ravenous appetites. They never looked me in the eyes, although I watched their’s, as they moved their way down the length of my body. They never asked, they never stopped or slowed, they never enquired as to if I was okay. They dominated. And I let them. To be nothing to someone, meant something. At least, it meant something to me.

    By Taylor K URL on 12.25.2011