August 5th, 2012 | 289 Entries

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289 Entries for “dare”

  1. I wish i could dare to tell my dad that i want to have a drink with him.

    By doodle on 08.06.2012

  2. Berani. Satu kata yang tidak bisa dinilai dengan sudut pandang lemah. Ketika kau melihat sesuatu yang menantang, yang mempertanyakan kejantananmu, kau berani. Ketika kau menghadapi suatu kenyataan di mana kau akan menjadi sendirian, kau akan menjadi lemah di kemudian hari,

    By Ariska Kamila R URL on 08.06.2012

  3. “Do it, do it, do it!” The crowd behind me cheer. All of my friends are right behind me trying to talk me out of this madness. This is Double Dare and you can’t back out of a Double Dare. I take a deep breath and then I step on to the ledge of the Dead Man’s Bridge, a place that is known for drownings and deaths. I look down at the mincing waves that slap the bank angrily and I gulp. “Don’t do it,” I hear my best friend whisper from behind me. I slowly turn to face the crowd. “You can’t back out of a Double Dare. It’s not how the game is played.” I let myself fall backwards, the world rushing around me, until I slap against the angry waters below.

    By Vanessa on 08.06.2012

  4. “I dare you.”

    “Come on, really?!”

    “Yuh-huh! Really! Go on, right now!”

    She darts out from behind the corner and walks up to the mustached gentleman who is reading a newspaper on a bench. Very well-to-do. Isn’t he missing a top hat and monacle?

    “Excuse me?”

    The man looks up. “Yes, what is it dear?”

    “Your flies are undone.” She darts away, face flushing, stifling giggles.

    By Salem on 08.06.2012

  5. I dare to make a difference in this word. people think that one person can’t make a change? I think not. If no one stands up, who will? I’m here to be that person. Thats why im on this earth. I DARE to make a change.

    By Megan on 08.06.2012

  6. I dare you too….
    A dare; scary thing sometimes. We once dared a housemate to kiss a guy who was madly in love with her. Pretty mean I know, but she did it anyway! I also found that I can fit 14 whole monstermunch in my mouth at one time.

    By Emily on 08.06.2012

  7. I dare to make a change in this world. People think only one can’t do it? No. I think not. I was put on this world for a reason. And its not going to waste…..I DARE to make a difference.

    By omgedemer on 08.06.2012

  8. dare to lead. dare to be out of league. dare to be oneself.

    By Ranpal on 08.06.2012

  9. I dare you to shove 18 marshmallows up your nose, he said
    No! I replied
    Okay, then I’ll do it for you!!

    And that is how I got 18 marshmallows up my nose without using my hands. True Facts.

    By Lauren on 08.06.2012