January 18th, 2009 | 352 Entries

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352 Entries for “dance”

  1. I never learnt to dance, sadly. I guess it must be a nice activity, but then you feel weird when learning it at 30+. So probably won’t work out any more.

    Maybe the right girl will teach me one day, in private.

    By marc on 01.20.2009

  2. Is it time to dance yet? after A lifetime of sorrow and sadness, when will it be time to dance again? To dance with a heart broken open, with sounds of joy and twirling hips.

    By ev on 01.20.2009

  3. THe following day we both headed to the wooden terrace again, where we took off our shoes and jumped barefooted onto the splintered platform. He picked me up and we danced, my red dress floating around me as he lifted me and spun me until tears danced in my eyes.

    By sue on 01.20.2009

  4. i like to dance whenever I get the chance. It helps me to deal with whatever I’m feeling. If I’m mad, I have the chance to stomp it all out. It gives me the chance to show somebody I like them. A slow dance gets me close to the person I like.

    By Kara on 01.20.2009

  5. Well, Dance is very cool
    I dance too
    If you dance you’ll have a lot of fun and its very easy :)
    I like dancing.
    You can dance to music from the charts or
    musicals or classic music.
    Its Very nice :)

    By Lisa on 01.20.2009

  6. Dance! Sing! Laugh! Drink! These are the things I associate with dancing. Especially the drinking part. I don’t really know why, shyness I suppose, but if I’m going to go out and shake my booty in front of people, I find it really helps to have a drink or three first. My drink? Long Island Iced Teas tend to get my motor running.

    By ethyachk on 01.20.2009

  7. colorful lights, moving your body, tiring loud music, DJ,

    By bob fatty on 01.20.2009

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    By fat ass on 01.20.2009

  9. me and my sister play dance games in our basement. It is also fun to come up with a dane. I think dance is really fun. I used to do dance when i was little but i stopped. I wish i still did dance.

    By mckenzie on 01.20.2009

  10. dancing is including two people
    dancing is a movement to a type of rythem
    dance is fun to do in free time.
    It lets you express feelings

    By madeline on 01.20.2009

  11. dance is fun. Dance is fast paced. dance can be slow. there are many dances.

    By griffin on 01.20.2009

  12. Dancing is leting out your energy and expressing your feelings. You can dance to about anything music olr you can just be happy and dance. There is a hip hop, jazz, and lots of other dances.

    By isabel fuller on 01.20.2009

  13. There are many different types of dances like Irish dancing and this is one of many dances of the world. A lot of kids do this as a sport. Aside from that there are moves like salsa dance.

    By matt saunders on 01.20.2009

  14. Means to move in rythem.
    I think break dancing is cool
    That person is dancing
    I like to dance
    Dancing is fun
    who dosen’t dance

    By Donovan Keen on 01.20.2009

  15. I love to dance. There is ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and many others. My favorite type of dance I like is jazz and hip hop.

    By Sydney on 01.20.2009

  16. There are many different types of dances like Irish dancing and this is one of many dances of the world. A lot of kids do this as a sport. Aside from that there are moves like salsa dance.

    By matt Saunders on 01.20.2009

  17. Dance.
    In the darkness, beating through the heart
    Hands streaming mystic spells, they twirl along with YOURS.

    By IlloX on 01.20.2009

  18. The one thing we could do all night. The floor is ours to have, but no, you chose to stand by the bar and fixed your eyes on the clinking glasses. The swirling of the liquids were more enticing than a dance with me.

    By sharine on 01.20.2009

  19. a beautiful woman. maybe. perhaps -even likely- a woman who does not fit our usual ideals of beauty. maybe a man, actually. maybe someone who doesn’t have a problem smelling bad after a show. who loves the stink of exertion. the pall of beauty. natural. and human.

    By brendan schwarz on 01.20.2009

  20. i like dancing olof talks about world of goo. the cursor in world of goo looks like a dancing thing. How about creating a dancing game out of world of goo? With the wii balance board on wii?

    By Niklas on 01.20.2009

  21. Earlier I did dance.
    It got a lot of fun.
    I had dance with my sister and my neighbour.
    Sometimes I think I can dance again.

    By Sophia on 01.20.2009

  22. Dance is often used as a metaphor for life. Dance as if no one is watching you people say.

    By Rachel on 01.20.2009

  23. I used to dance with abandon as a teenager and as a young adult. Haven’t done much as a mid-lifer…really need to let it out! Ideserve it!

    By Kate on 01.20.2009

  24. As loud as you can. Dance for joy, for celebration – like no one is watching. Dance your own dance – your kitchen dance – your happy dance. Dance because you can – every day that you can – every minute that you can. Dance with someone else – with everyone else – never dance alone.

    By Anne Byrd on 01.20.2009

  25. dace is a very important thing to learn because if you dont learn it then you dont know how to really live people learn dance becauswe tehy feelit can set them free dance is the way to live it is the way you can be you some people dont like dance they think it is a wast of time and energy personally i dont care.

    By kita on 01.20.2009

  26. Something I love to do and not very good at. To see a ballet is something. The grace and movements of the dancers is awesome. The pratice it takes. I wish I could dance a bit better than I do.

    I would love to learn how to salsa and ballroom dance. I think it would be a lot of fun.

    I love to watch dancers. They are so graceful and the timing is also something to watch.

    By Sheila Leal on 01.20.2009

  27. filled with a spirt to move
    freeing my limbs from head to toe
    freeing my heart and soul

    By Mookie on 01.20.2009

  28. I dance in the river, I dance in the sea.
    I dance when you are near me, and when you are far away.
    I love to dance, and be free.
    You are the one I love to dance with, to let it all go with.
    Dancing to let my worries go.

    By Victoria on 01.20.2009

  29. fluid movement, simple, luscious
    quickly, she darts, flitting her legs,
    she leaps
    arms wide

    By kristin on 01.20.2009

  30. i like to dance when i am alone and when i go out into the world i get to show people how much i can love and how much i can express of myself i liked to make them feel free by being free myself.

    By Rachael on 01.20.2009

  31. Empowering, inspiring, honored to be a part of an historical moment; courage for a better future, economy, peace, and prosperity. May God bless him and may we still honor him in 4 years!

    By liz maxwell on 01.20.2009

  32. I wish I could dance like no one is watching, because no one is so ther is nothing to prevent me except my own inner constraints. Its time to let go of my “no” messages in order to live freely in the moment . thy kingdom come

    By Maryann on 01.20.2009