January 20th, 2009 | 635 Entries

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635 Entries for “change”

  1. there’s a lot of things that can make change. but i think the most important aspect of ‘change’ is how a person deals with it. i personally feel that change is good. any kind of change. i like the challenge. i like the uncertainty. i like the idea that something can happen that never happened before. its change. either that or some money in my pocket.

    By justice on 01.22.2009

  2. your clothes, or hair
    or just change a single thing,
    one unnoticable item about your person
    just to say you’ve done something,
    to make this a new year,
    to make this a new start,
    to show them
    to show him
    you’re newer than ever,
    your over the old hurdles,
    you’ve shut all the doors and windows,
    a new draft excluder,
    but you still feel.
    for him.

    By ele on 01.22.2009

  3. Change is cool, but only if it’s necessary. Otherwise, it’s just change for change’s sake, and it’s pointless, and more concerningly, the change could be for the worse. Communism is bad change. More social rights, however, are an example of good change.

    By Rebecca Binns on 01.22.2009

  4. change is good, its like a butterfly. it’s one thing, but when you look at it closer, it just keeps changing and shit. I once went to a butterfly conservatory, it was fucked. butterfly’s just kept landing on people, but none landed on me. I guess change doesn’t like me.

    By Roland Reece on 01.22.2009

  5. Obama, be the change you want to see in the world, inevitable, always changing, fall. leaves. Portland Oregon. moving. Rain, wet, Sebastian’s cute rainboots. My life has changed so much since the baby was born, and I am happy with the change. I wish I could I don’t know.

    By TIffany on 01.22.2009

  6. Change is terrible, it hits you left and right and you just want… No… Need it to stop, but its relentless. A charging bull, a hungry tiger. Change ruins your plans, what you have come to accept. It ruins lives.

    By Charles on 01.22.2009

  7. i hate change it’s too much trouble to think about but then change is good as well cause where would we be without change change is good I know how much I’ve changed in my teaching practice over the past couple of years change for the better not just for the sake of change

    By sally on 01.22.2009

  8. change. somthing i want. somthing i need. but also somthing that has eluded me for far too long. always just a step away leaving me behind with my same hair and same face. same desires and hobbies. one day i hope to wake up changed. a whole new person. i wonder if i’ll like me

    By kat the great on 01.22.2009


    we can believe in.

    By Lulz on 01.22.2009

  10. the world is always changing, even this week we saw change with the inaguration of a black president. change is the weather outside my window, change is what is in my head this moment. how can I be the change I want to see in the world. Ghandi. change is being flexible, change is more than black and white.

    By laurie on 01.22.2009

  11. to go from one to the other, altering between the gray areas of life. never forgetting but always adapting. never forgetting. two quarters or four dimes for a dollar. from pajamas to jeans and a t-shirt. clogs to sandals.

    By Lj on 01.22.2009

  12. I thought that you had changed, but really you didn’t. I just fell in love with someone that didn’t exist.
    When you “changed”, you really didn’t. You just showed me yourself; the self that had always been there that I hadn’t seen. I thought that you had CHANGED. But you hadn’t. Instead the person that had never existed disappeared. Which must be very hard to do when you don’t even exist. I thought you had changed…
    Isn’t that weird? It adds to the confusion I suppose.

    By Candice on 01.22.2009

  13. boy oh boy do i ever long for change. and finally i have asked for it. enough settling, enough biting my tongue. enough waiting for you to fix what is broken for you, for me, for everyone who is involved in this endeavor. enough waiting for you to change the way you operate. do you know that the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”? it’s no wonder you are where you are in this world. you walk in every morning with the same stream of “if only”, but YOU’RE NOT OUT THERE DOING ANYTHING TO COMBAT THE CURRENT STATE OF THINGS. sitting on your ass does not qualify as “doing something about it”. but who am i to ask – or tell – you to live your life any differently; never mind that your actions impact my circumstances, it’s simply not my place to suggest changes in the way you do the things you do. just because i don’t agree doesn’t mean it’s not right FOR YOU. but i do finally realize that it’s not right FOR ME. and my power lies in being able to choose to BE DONE. i have clarity. i know my purpose, and it is not here. it is out there in the big blue beyond. so thank you for the lessons and the wisdom and the healing. i’m leaving. now. goodbye.

    By J on 01.22.2009

  14. wow. people want Obama to bring CHANGE.
    why is he the only symbol of change these day?
    What if I decide to change the color or length of my hair?
    That is change.
    It can be a big or small change.

    By Kristen on 01.22.2009

  15. but your eyes – they stay the same

    although you might look difference act different be different say things differently – well, okay, you’re not who you you used to be at all, YOU are different.

    (but your eyes are still the same.)

    …i think.

    By fallenpanda on 01.22.2009

  16. Change, ha! I was just reading about you today. here you go showing up again damn it. Messages, signs always coming at me. maybe I should begin listening. Change.

    By Edurne on 01.22.2009

  17. Sometimes, I need change. It feels good to ditch everything I’ve ever believed in and find new meaning. Let’s destroy something beautiful. Let’s tell our mothers we love them, then take it back because that’s what we do. Let’s not care. Because that’s what change is.

    By Sami on 01.22.2009

  18. Whipped through my world and knocked me on my ass. I was preoccupied at the time, and was taken aback. But the thing is…this change, this shift in my life…it’s been a long time coming. And part of me knew it was on its way all along.

    By Tina on 01.22.2009

  19. Its pretty bad ass to change shit about stuff and do stuff like change things and what not so i dont know what the fuck this is im just typing and i dunno what this is im just typing change is awesome because its switches things up a bit and thats always good because being good is awesome just like change is and i wish everything could change but no it cant because change is too awesome just like you mom

    By kevin on 01.22.2009

  20. change can be good. change happens to everyone. we change clothes every day. we make change with money. clark kent changed into superman. change is necessary. diapers get changed. we change our minds often. we change the channel. change lanes when driving. change our hairstyles, style of dressing. we change cars. change the oil in cars.

    By linda on 01.22.2009

  21. Obama! We want change and we got it! we got the first african american president, whos from chicago i might add! Rascism (is mostly) over and down for the count!

    yay newness in the U.S of A

    By Adrianadesiree Vega on 01.22.2009

  22. I need change in my own life. but I believe if it as going to happen it is because I make it happen. I just don’t know what my next step should be. They say that inaction is action, but that one is the hardest one. I wish there was not the changes that had already happened, at least some of them

    By Crystal Storms on 01.22.2009

  23. Change seems to be the word on everyone’s lip and everyone’s mind. Everyone wants change. Tomorrow will be difficult, but I am not afraid and I am so happy to experience it with you.

    By olveinspace on 01.22.2009

  24. change… oh em gee its the same word as yesterday1 Woop De Do!

    By Troy Bolton on 01.22.2009

  25. Change is the fundamental of life. With out change, the world cannot revolve. If the world does not revolve, we all will die. Dying is bad.

    By Jose on 01.22.2009

  26. It’s coming.

    By HAN on 01.22.2009

  27. Change. It’s enevitable; you can’t change change. You can fear it; you can try to run from it, but in the end, all you can really do is try to embrace it and reconcile yourself to whatever screwed-up life fate has in mind for you.

    By Cherry on 01.22.2009

  28. Change? I wish I could, I wish I could change for the better, or for the worse. Depends on who you ask, if you ask him, it would be for the worse. But for me, change would definitely be for the better, the much better. It would make me feel alive, strong…happy! Oh how I long to be happy again.

    By Rachel on 01.22.2009

  29. jan. 20, 2009 I’ll never forget crying and thinking that we have changed.

    I need some spare change in my life.

    Go Obama go! Let there be peace.

    By ACV on 01.22.2009

  30. change is needed.
    though it has only ever truly been accomplished by one…one man.
    change the world.
    change for the better of all.
    change for love
    change for peace.

    All you need is one thing to get it…
    To trust in him completely.

    By Emily on 01.22.2009

  31. I think it’s about time. Change should never be feared so long as we are strong. Remember the tree of freedom can always use a little pruning.

    By Joe Nardi on 01.22.2009

  32. Change happens. It can be good or bad or neither. It just is. Personally I love change. Even if it’s bad, at least it’s something new. Sure, it can be hard or sad or painful or whatever but what can I say, I love adventures no matter how sad or hard or painful they are.

    By Josie on 01.22.2009

  33. change is inevitable, all we know is that its coming like the train at the end of the tunnel and the next lil wayne album

    By josh on 01.22.2009

  34. Before my eyes you turn old. I beg you to stay the same sweet boy I know. Yet I know I have to let you go some day as we will all die in the end. I hope the day will never come and time will stop for me.

    By Tiffany on 01.22.2009

  35. It was a day of change. It was amazing how quickly your entire life could be turned upside down; In the span of two words, a universe falls apart and the momentum of the moment wreaks havoc on the immediate future. Infinite, horrifying freedom and the unrelenting avalanche of change.

    “She’s dead.”

    By Tori Crossman on 01.22.2009