June 19th, 2016 | 40 Entries

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40 Entries for “dad”

  1. My dad is the greatest. He is responsible, practical, nosy. He is strict, stern, gentle. He is happy and sad. He is fun and boring. Everything he is makes him who he is to me.

    By Katacomb on 06.19.2016

  2. my father is the kind of man to sit back in a crowded room and think, ‘this is where im comfortabble.’ whith his children he needs to be the be all end all of their day to day or he gets pissy. he would scream about the smallest things when i was a kid; once i ate a cookie and he made me cry for three hours.

    By Kiersten Flynn on 06.19.2016

  3. i want a different word other than dad. please, I am so sick of belly aching about my father. inspire me. i want to create, to explore, to excite and be excited. give me life.

    By Kiersten Flynn on 06.19.2016

  4. I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to see my dad again, but six years later, he turned up. He parked by my house in a beat up green van, dressed in camo pants and a dirty T-shirt with the name of a band I didn’t recognize. When he got to my porch, his eyes shot straight to the ground. I was sitting on a chair outside, reading a newspaper, while my cat slept in my lap.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.19.2016

  5. Yesterday was father’s day. Very apt topic. I wished dad yesterday. Although the day means nothing to me, coz everyday we ought to respect pareents but ok if it brings smiles on folk’s faces! :) Happy dads day old pops out there!!

    By Karishma on 06.20.2016

  6. There’s no way I can describe how unbelievably awesome Simon is. El es el papa mas maravilloso en todo el mundo and I know everyone says that but he is. His hard work, intelligence, goofyness, stubborness, stoicness all is in me and I love him for that. I love him.

    By Debbie Herrera on 06.20.2016

  7. Yesterday was father’s day! The best thing about this father’s day is that we ourselves are going to be parents soon! We are so happy. Hope all goes well. Touch wood :)

    By Pallavi S Ojha on 06.20.2016

  8. My Dad is taller than his own Dad. He is funny and likes socks.

    By meghan on 06.20.2016

  9. My dad is amazing, but I feel like a might have made him age faster by leaving to study and work abroad. He worries too much, and all the time, it gets annoying sometimes because I just want to live my life but I also know that that’s his way of showing he cares. You see he’s not the kind of guy who actively shows his feelings to others, so I understand that showing his worry is his way of caring. I know he will always be there for me even though we’re miles apart. I just hopes he learns how to relax more and take life as it goes.

    By Claire on 06.20.2016

  10. Oh! Do you only get one word to inspire you per day? Hmmm… well I guess I hope all Dad;s enjoyed Father’s Day yesterday. Til next time ..

    By Claire on 06.20.2016

  11. My dad is the number 1 dad in the world. He is always there when needed. And helps me with everything.

    By caden on 06.20.2016

  12. Dad is one of the most important person in your life since he should always be there when you need him.

    By caden on 06.20.2016

  13. Dads all around the world are celebrating Fathers day.

    By caden on 06.20.2016

  14. To most people, Dad was a god. He stood tall and straight and set everyone straight. you didn’t have to think because he would tell you what to do. If there was a problem, he didn’t even bother to talk to people because they looked up to him. They did everything he said.

    And he invented a device and they knew it was good. He was already out by the orbit of Mars when the device activated. It was supposed to provide unlimited energy. But someone sneezed at the wrong time, and the Earth exploded.

    “Whoops,” someone said in the control room as the fragments expanded outward. Dad just smiled.

    By chanpheng URL on 06.20.2016

  15. The word resonates with me. He was a difficult and brilliant man. Unfortunately, his brilliance did not extend to parenting and I, after many years, have spent too much time on the couch as a result.

    By Martin514 on 06.20.2016

  16. Being a dad is hard work. Take my dad for instance. I was a horribly emotional teenager. Poor guy didn’t stand a chance, but he loved me despite all my hormonal issues and tears. Thank goodness for patient dads out there.

    By Amanda Moore on 06.20.2016

  17. i love my dad. he has made mistakes, but i dont think that the one i have in mind really had anything to do with me, and i have learned to look at him instead for the good things that he really has done. i am a lot like him, and i am grateful for those similarities: tan skin, artistic brain, being good at fixing things.

    By MillerPepley on 06.20.2016

  18. traitor. selfish. papa’s girl but he left us easily. i hate him. but yeah, I can still talk to him. fuck. this is full of shit.

    By LousyLevi on 06.20.2016

  19. My father. I looked across the table and for the first time saw him as something other than my father. But that was so much of who he was, right? That was part of his identity…
    But there was a whole swath of his life that never included me. My life always included him. And yet… He looked up from his soup and raised his eyebrows.

    By Bridget Grace on 06.20.2016

  20. Provider, safety, love, devoted, determined, hard working, teacher, sensitive, prayerful

    By Melisa Kehler on 06.20.2016

  21. daddy

    By Rafaella on 06.20.2016


    By e.gnol on 06.20.2016

  23. okay I just talked about my dad I thought this site would be funnier but now i’m tired bye guys yeah i dont use comma bye bts yay thanks dad

    By Rafaella on 06.20.2016

  24. My dad is cool. I love him a lot. When he tries to speak Spanish, he can always make me laugh. His wacky inventions, like carrot cookies (his greatest invention) and random things he says (“sweet elevensies” a popular one from yahtzee) are almost tradition in my house.
    Your might have a dad and he might be rad, but there ain’t no dad like mine

    By e.gnol on 06.20.2016

  25. “Hey, can you review this for me? My boss will pay you.” my dad called.

    At the mention of being paid, I bounded into the room. I don’t get money at all unless it’s my birthday.

    By mars on earth on 06.20.2016

  26. He was having a dream, no, a nightmare. Some distant part of him knew it. And yet…

    Sora could not help the elation he felt when he ran towards Cloud’s open arms, knowing that he was here, he was with him after all this time.

    There was a blurry figure behind Cloud, one that reminded him of someone he knew, but no, that couldn’t be.

    He couldn’t seem to run any closer though, no matter how hard he tried. Their images started to fade, the blond hair being replaced with a deep crimson that seemed to engulf all of him until he shattered.

    And the other? Well, it seemed like his other father was never there to begin with. He merely faded away.

    By A Paper Flower on 06.20.2016

  27. father, where have you’ve gone? I’ve needed you most and you’ve disappeared from my life entirely. I shall never forgive the day you walked out on my mother and I. Charles only being 2 years old, and began speaking your name. the hurt in my mothers eyes was a death within itself.

    By nole on 06.20.2016

  28. I didn’t call and wish my Dad a happy fathers day. A part of me feels guilty but then I remember how often he calls to talk to his kids and grandkids. I did call Grandad to tell him we would be over tomorrow.

    By wordsarebeautiful on 06.20.2016

  29. I didn’t call and wish my Dad a happy fathers day. A part of me feels guilty but then I remember how often he calls to talk to his kids and grand kids. I did call Grandad to tell him we would be over tomorrow. I wish I could express how much of a father figure he has been to me. I just want him to know how much I love him.

    By wordsarebeautiful on 06.20.2016

  30. He heard his little angel scream out loud behind him “DAD!!”. He was about to smile at her but her mother’s face horrified him. Her mother was not much older than his daughter and her screams “STOP DAD”, not so long ago on one of those drunken nights echoed in his ears.

    By puttu on 06.20.2016

  31. Her father always loved her. In the summertime, when the asphalt smelled strong and the lightning storms filled the air with a deep and beautiful tenderness, she could look into his eyes and know that all the world was safe. Years later, miles of road away from rainstorms and worlds with lightning, she still knew he loved her. The world was still safe.

    By Iris on 06.20.2016

  32. dad
    i wish i had the words

    By Hanna on 06.20.2016

  33. My father is an enigma and a ghost. I never knew him as well as I think I do. My memories linger leaving the impression of a genius, jack of all trades who could conquer the world with his smile. Little did I know that I believe hiding underneath all of his talents was a man in depression, eager to make the world fit into his preferred view.

    By Alix on 06.20.2016

  34. Yesterday was fathers day! actually very day is dads day! when is he not there for us? when is he not willing to make time to hang out? he is always ready to move around his appointments to accompany me to the movies or an exhibition, if i have no one else to go with! Such a dad is a treasure! I am indeed fortunate to have him and i am sure my sister would second that.

    By confused doc on 06.20.2016

  35. Dad is a wonderful relationship. Especially for a girl child. I do miss my days which I had with my dad. If I have a time machine, I would go back to those days.

    By Thooyaa URL on 06.20.2016

  36. most important guy in my life, taught me so much, made me laugh so much more, best story reader when i was a kid, always with the tickly beard, great at hugs. Doesn’t say much but doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel/think so much

    By Lisa Snell on 06.21.2016

  37. Graeme. unaffectionate however always loving, it is ultimately the attention and time that has mattered to me as an adult and not the lack of material and unimportant things in an attempt to show love.

    By Emma on 06.21.2016

  38. I love my dad even thought we’re not close at all. He’s a great person and has a really great personality. He can talk to anyone and everyone. I’m honestly so jealous of that trait. Also, he’s traveled the world. He’s been everywhere and I someday want the opportunity to do that too. I hope that I become my father, a world traveler and a really nice friendly person.

    By Julie S. URL on 06.21.2016

  39. Shuffling in the living rom, slippers dragging along the stone floor with a loosely wrapped bathrobe he squints against the early light of dawn. “Happy Father’s Day!” we shout. He winces as if slapped. “It’s 8am, y’all? Seriously?” We grimace and shove our gifts at him stubbornly. He huffs with a reluctant smile, accepting all of them.

    By YOLO4Sho on 06.21.2016

  40. Dad is nice.

    By Josiane on 06.21.2016