June 18th, 2016 | 17 Entries

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17 Entries for “standup”

  1. Everyone should standup when we are reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, or sining America the Beautiful. We should our respect for our country when we stand up proud to be an American

    By amanda ayoso on 06.18.2016

  2. I went to see Andy’s standup comedy routine at the Loose Tooth Tavern on the corner of Fifth and Cain. Needless to say, he was a riot. He got two standing ovations and several people demanding an encore, and after he was finished, dozens of booze-brained fans asked for pictures and autographs. He had been very open about his identity – Hell, it contributed to most of his jokes – which at least I found very refreshing.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.18.2016

  3. There’s a guy I know– real sweet fella, the genuine sort ya know. The kinda guy who shows up to fix your wagon when ya call, or carries your groceries on his back in the rain so they don’t get all wet from the carryin’. Real nice guy.

    By Courka URL on 06.18.2016

  4. They said said standup and I did but I fell right back down again. They said it again; I fell again. “Standup!” they shouted angrily. So I did, from the ground. I stoodup for those who are told what to do, fail in the attempt, and have reached a point they will standup no longer and except for those things worthy of standing up for.

    By Bill Wren URL on 06.19.2016

  5. Bill is one of the worst standup comedian I have ever come across in my entire life. $60 for a show was such a waste of money. I would rather have that money stolen from me than wasting it on Bill. And what sort of a name is Bill anyway.!

    By AISHWARYA KUMAR on 06.19.2016

  6. you should always stand up for whatever you feel it is right. Always listen to your heart and go for it. The person who can stand up for right cause, can achieve lot of things in life.

    By Kavitha URL on 06.19.2016

  7. The laughter bounced off the bricks on the back wall and ricocheted through the open doors to the outside, swallowed up by the sounds of the streets. She peeked her head in. Maybe just this once. She slipped inside the dark bar and took the closest seat. And there he was. In all his… glory wasn’t the right word. In all is sameness, though.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 06.19.2016

  8. The room was large and felt stuffy. “Marcus, standup and explain your actions to the rest of your team.” He stood up and then faced the other people in the room. Suddenly, the room seemed to swim around him.

    “I, I, I,” was all that he could say. He passed out but when he woke, he knew that he had only deferred telling the truth for a short while.

    Truth was, the guilty party was his girlfriend. He didn’t know how to protect her, or whether he should.

    By chanpheng URL on 06.19.2016

  9. It is time to find the strength. Cast off the weight of doubt and the shackles of fear. To stand in Solidarity…in Hope…in Love

    By Nomdore Gnike URL on 06.19.2016

  10. you’re a standup guy
    but i guess you’re not mine
    i should just let you go
    it wouldn’t be fair
    to hold on
    you’re so far away
    i can’t reach you
    so maybe
    i should just
    give up.

    By e on 06.19.2016

  11. Joe was an average kind of fellow, but everyone would always say one thing about him, that he was a “standup” guy. The guy you called to help move that old washer and dryer, the guy who would help you get your truck out of the mud.

    By Maryann URL on 06.19.2016

  12. The idea of being a standup comic is terrifying. Can you imagine being on that stage and having to remember all your jokes and get people to laugh and also deal with hecklers? Lucrative though. I like standups who tell stories, not one liner stuff, although Tim Vine is fantastic.

    By Anna URL on 06.19.2016

  13. Stand up is a command. A simple directive. It could simply mean get up out of your chair, or stand up for what you believe in. It is a motto or an aspiration. It could change your life.

    By Tor on 06.19.2016

  14. a standup comic uses impromptu ideas to make others laugh (although, are they truly impromptu ideas or a string of preconceived ideas?)

    By MSB on 06.19.2016

  15. He was a real standup guy. At least, that’s what he would have you believe. He made sure to open the door for you and pick up the tab. But all of that was just a way for him to justify his other actions.

    By K Kosk on 06.19.2016

  16. A standup guy. Standup comedy. Those two things aren’t very interrelated. What makes a standup person? I can imagine what my parents would think a “standup person” is, but on my own terms, that feels hard to imagine. Maybe it’s the guy I dumped just last week :/ but it wasn’t right.

    By ashmangus URL on 06.19.2016

  17. I think he ought to be made to fall to his knees, in front of a crowd of hecklers like he sees every Friday. He has hurt so many people, just bring him down, someone, please. I can’t stop crying when I see his face everywhere. I hate that it’s okay to hate women the way he does, that it’s funny, but if I say I hate men like him, I’m a crazy bitch. I’m not the one who categorically wants women to die violently.

    By lapis URL on 06.19.2016