May 16th, 2011 | 612 Entries

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612 Entries for “curious”

  1. Ah, curiosity. Too many times has it sent me to my room, entrapped me in a tangled mess, or lost me a friend. But to tell you the truth, curiosity is my favorite friend of all. Let my voraciously curious nature live on!

    By Meghan URL on 05.16.2011

  2. She was curious, and her curiosity always got the best of her. This time, however, she didn’t care. It was time to speak her mind and ask questions. Maybe he’d answer her this time.

    By Liz Humphrey URL on 05.16.2011

  3. Curiosity killed the cat. Being curious is not always a good thing. If you are too curious you can get into some bad situations, dangerous situations that you have no control over. Curiosity can also be a good thing because it helps you find out more about the world, yourself, and those around you.

    By Samantha on 05.16.2011

  4. She opened her eyes wide, seeking something in the garden that she could not name. She would know it when she saw it. On silent and bare feet she padded, the grass soft against her toes and the scent of the heady flowers reaching her nose on a light breeze. “This is paradise” she thinks, gliding silently in and out of the dappled sunlight.

    By Sally URL on 05.16.2011

  5. Curious, the fire made the knot on the log appear as lips. The painting came to life, moving the way I’m sure the artist intended. The trees reached over the streets, shadowy like in storybooks about little girls getting lost in the woods. The deer drifted away. I saw every movement of their muscles, their form rippling with blood and breath. Curious, the world is so alive and all I do is merely live most of the time.

    By Sarah G. URL on 05.16.2011

  6. Curiosity killed the cat. If someone is too curious then that can lead to some dangerous situations. If one is not curious enough, then they may never know anything about their world or their peers or even theirselves.

    By Samantha McKenzie URL on 05.16.2011

  7. Curious George. A tiny, happy monkey that swung on trees. A monkey that made her smile and giggle when it stormed cats and dogs outside, A cheerful little monkey that made her heart swoon and her lips smile.

    By Suwa URL on 05.16.2011

  8. i am curious to see how long I can go without actually eating a real meal. the last one I ate was pasta on Saturday… today is monday. I have ate food, but like slimfast, a pear, a bowl of cereal last night, a few bites of potaotes the night before…. I have lost a few pounds since I started being all un

    By Amanda on 05.16.2011

  9. fun, adventurous, fearless, whimsical, discovery, learning, new horizons, always pushing the envelope.

    By Chris URL on 05.16.2011

  10. teenagers go through a phase in their life where they get curious about things such as drugs, and alcohol.. i know i am, and also CURIOUS GEORGE HAHA the lil monkey, cute, teenagers are curious about sex and whatnot. ha ha ha curiosity killed the cat

    By emma burnin on 05.16.2011

  11. Curious makes me think of Curious George, which makes me think of Judah. He’s so curious about EVERYTHING, and I don’t get sick of it. Maybe I would if I was always around him, instead of a few hours each week, but I love all of his questions. About ants, about volcanos, about Mommy’s boobies, about everything. Why why why, he always wants to know. I love it, because it helps me see the world through his eyes, something I never, ever mind doing.

    By Jen URL on 05.16.2011

  12. to be curous is not to be nosey but to be interesting and fun like beans on toast and brown sauce.

    By Eva on 05.16.2011

  13. i am curious about this website what is the point i dont get it lmao but i guess im suppose to be typing about things im curious about? im curious about the oceans and wat lies beneath im curious about space and what lies above and curious about this earth.

    By Jaz on 05.16.2011

  14. one day i was curious about life. one day. just one day to strike a curiousity. the next day i was thrown into the world like a useless piece of garbage. one day. i was curious.

    By chandon griffin on 05.16.2011

  15. Curiosity killed the cat. Well, it was about to kill her right now. Not literally, of course, but she was caught in a very precarious situation that she really shouldn’t have been in. She bit her lip, again, weighing her options.

    By Owllight URL on 05.16.2011

  16. i am curious.. brain. thinking. curious is like being an innocent child. always wanting to climb to the top where all of the answers are. little does he know, that will not get him very far.

    By allie on 05.16.2011

  17. Looking around.

    By AmandaLee URL on 05.16.2011

  18. Everyone on Earth is curious about something. Some of us are curious about what happens to us after we die, some are curious about the origins of their greasy fast food lunch, some about why their lovers act the way they do. I, for one, am curious about this necklace. It was given as a gift to me from my mother upon graduating from medical school.

    By Nikki on 05.16.2011

  19. The curious cat slinked along the window sill, flicking his tail with every carefully placed step. He eyes darted around the garden as it followed the robins. The bird bath was three feet away. All he had to do was pounce right when the bird took flight from the water.

    By Evelyn URL on 05.16.2011

  20. Curiosity is something that catches your attention… You want to know more about. Studying

    By AmandaLee URL on 05.16.2011

  21. I’ve already done this word. I spoke of how curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back. I just wasted some time auto-correcting my spelling of curiosity in that second sentence. It’s not I didn’t know how to spell it, it’s just that I’m a fast typer. I think after this I will stumble onto another website of equal or greater amusement capabilities.

    By Danielle on 05.16.2011

  22. wonder. get in trouble, curiosity killed the cat. whats so curious, kids are curious. i wish i was curious so people would be curious. wearing black is mysterious

    By patty on 05.16.2011

  23. Today, I was curious as to why the sky is blue. I tried google, the encyclopedia, everything. I finally found out that the sky is blue because of the particles in the air, reflecting the sun’s rays. Apparently the particles don’t absorb the blue color, so they reflect it. I am curious about that as well. I wish I knew everthing.

    By Hope on 05.16.2011

  24. Curiosity killed the cat. It’s been presumed this image or form the cat was curious over was bad… but who said the cat wasn’t curious about chemo treatment? Sure it killed the cat, but maybe that was the right route. I love being curious.

    By Albert Mirabella on 05.16.2011

  25. Curiosity killed the cat, so the saying goes. However, in writing killing one’s own curiosity stifles energy and creativity. Curiosity is an engine for the writer.

    By Henry URL on 05.16.2011

  26. The monkey cried to it’s mother. She held him close, as he kept trying to reach away. She knew what he didn’t; his curiosity would be the end of him yet. He didn’t know what was out in that jungle. Neither did she, for that matter. All she could do is wait for the others to come back, and hold her baby close. What she would never realize is what her baby would become, what with his catlike curiosity. He was born that way for a reason, and nothing was going to change destiny at this point.

    By Ashbyrdie on 05.16.2011

  27. i am curious because I want to see the world- All of the world. No barriers- just being. I never want to give up my curioisty- without it you’re dead. I pity people who lack curiosity.

    By Jacquline on 05.16.2011

  28. “Why are you so curious anyway?”
    “What? I can’t want to know more information about people I see everyday?”
    “I just think it’s more than a little odd that you ask me that now. I think you already know that answer to your little question.”

    By Alex Black URL on 05.16.2011

  29. killed the cat
    human nature

    By isabelle on 05.16.2011

  30. George. He was a monkey. He was always curious about every damned thing around him, yet not once did he play with his Little George, or sneak into the Man with the Yellow Hat’s tent and stick a banana up the man’s butt. Not once. And, George was a monkey. Supposedly. A *curious* monkey at that. Yet no buttsex involving bananas. None that I recall, anyhow. Just a lot of spilled ink.

    By Interloper on 05.16.2011

  31. I am curious to know
    what it is that is on your mind
    I will never have the courage to ask
    yet for some reason I feel
    it may be the same as mine
    how can I make myself happier?
    how can I make my life easier?
    How can
    gain the courage
    and knowledge
    to do what I please
    with out getting teased?

    By m.A.c URL on 05.16.2011

  32. Curious cats sniff at my sneaker, lick the suede tip of my shoes, wonder if its friend or food.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 05.16.2011

  33. He was such a curious little kid- sticking his nose EVERYWHERE, even when it got shit on. Problem was that curiosity was dangerous… and highly annoying. If he didn’t get an answer, it turned into a shouting match- whoever could yell louder… Although he always somehow won. If he couldn’t yell it out, he’d throw it out – toys, stuffed animals, books, shoes, sticks. His curiosity was killing our patience, and pretty soon, it may kill us.

    By Elizabeth URL on 05.16.2011

  34. So curious. How, what, when, why, where? Nonsense words that all encompass the feeling that comes over Candy every time she hits the library. The stacks and their hidden mana. So curious. So, so, curious she is. Which is bad for a cat.

    By Raymond Masters URL on 05.16.2011

  35. I’m Just curious, but is that a gun in your pocket? It is? Why do you have a gun in your pocket? It is, too, my business. You’re right in front of me!

    By Will Wilson URL on 05.16.2011

  36. thinking about what ever you don’t know. asking people their secrets even if you know they wont tell you, and begging til they do. curious isn’t bad until it becomes invasive then its terribly annoying. im a curious person and always have been. im nosey and always have been.

    By Lillian Roth on 05.16.2011

  37. im curious about where this will go, never knowing.. thats the fun of it. you send signals that are always mixed, throwin a twist on this crazy game called love. guess well never know, but im curious.

    By mo on 05.16.2011

  38. to be curious
    is to wonder,
    to fascinate,
    to desire to acquire
    pertaining to a specific

    to be curious
    is to live.
    humans are curious creatures,
    and are what make the world so interesting.

    By amy on 05.16.2011

  39. Curiouser and curiouser…

    I’m curious by nature. Things are all so interesting if you really stop and take the time to study and analyze them. Where did they come from? Why are they here? How do they exist? Come on, doesn’t it make you curious?

    By Ellie Lynne URL on 05.16.2011

  40. I am curious what this is going to do for my writing motivation. At least I know I will have to write for a minut every day Does this entry get lost as soon as Im done orr what

    By roxane URL on 05.16.2011