May 16th, 2011 | 612 Entries

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612 Entries for “curious”

  1. I am very very curious. About life ahead of me. Also… what was the saying. Curiosity killed the cat? Curious George! WHOOPEE! I like cheese. I said that because i cant think of anything else, C is for corn. U is for you and me! N is for any where any time and anyplace down in the deep blue SEAAAAA

    By Amy on 05.16.2011

  2. Cats are such curious creatures. They live life full of lethargy twinged with spurts of actions. They gladly ignore their human captors yet snuggle at times. Who knows what is happening inside their curious little heads.

    By yetihk URL on 05.16.2011

  3. “Curiosity killed that cat” is the old saying. But whats the point of life if you’re living in fear the entire time? Curiosity is a good thing. Forget what they say. Without curiosity there would be no explorers, no scientists, no religion, no drugs, no stories to tell your grandchildren. If anything, curiosity can define your life, and usually, it does.

    By justin URL on 05.16.2011

  4. I am really curious, I want to learn everything about everything. I need to learn as much as possible each day to satisfy my curiosity. Curiosity is a blessing and it is something that helps me be able to communicate with all people…not just my peers.

    By Teresa on 05.16.2011

  5. my curiosity always seemed to get the better of me. I considered this as i tumbled down into a bitter inky darkness that appeared to be laden with beady glowing eyes.

    and a signle white flame.

    By Timothy on 05.16.2011

  6. I wonder

    what is that over there

    we are like Alice
    always looking
    never learning anything

    except that there are more questions
    to be answered
    more mysteries to be explained

    and things that Mother told us never to see
    and yet we look and


    By Beebee URL on 05.16.2011

  7. curious having wonder. when you wonder, you explore the world around you, and inside of you; what is your mind? where will it take you? curious is questions. curiosity killed the cat.

    By Mashoog on 05.16.2011

  8. Is a peculiar word. They say curiosity killed that cat and by my experience that is true. Curiosity isnt good, although without where would we be today. It has disadvantages and advantages.

    By Chelsy on 05.16.2011

  9. im thinking of you.
    im breathing you in.
    im missing you tons.
    and then i’m so damn curious..
    do you love me too?

    By Gabby on 05.16.2011

  10. curiosity killed the cat. here kitteh kitteh…….dead.

    By Isabella URL on 05.16.2011

  11. The curious incident of the dog in the night was one of the most influential contemporary books of the 21st century. Selling millions of copies, it was indeed a book of revelations. Curious generally means to ponder, but by nature, to be curious is to observe and to speculate far past what you would ordinarily think.

    By Josh on 05.16.2011

  12. Curious. I’m a very curious person. VERY curious. I wish I could know more about some people but they usually don’t want you to know. And I’m like that too. So i guess I understand. Humans are just naturally curious, what can I say?

    By casey on 05.16.2011

  13. Curious George the monkey who would never stay in his own business. I think his owner was British, or something? And he always wore yellow, with an explorer hat. Those were good books/movies, I think. I don’t remember much haha.

    By Savannah on 05.16.2011

  14. Kids are curious, Adults, too. Scholars need to be. Obviously. Curiosity is a driving force. It lead us all through and makes sure we progress.

    By george on 05.16.2011

  15. Pooh Bear and Co. were curious, and curiosity killed lots of things, but it created space shuttles and happiness, gardens and cell phones. Kittens are said to be curious but aren’t we all?

    By Kate on 05.16.2011

  16. She lies there in bed, next to the love of her life. They hadn’t seen each other in over 9 months. She got all dressed up to meet him as he came home from Iraq today. They spent the whole afternoon together, but as night time rolled around, things changed. He fell asleep, she was awake in the dark, staring at the ceiling. What was he dreaming about? What was running through his mind today during the silent moments. He wont talk about it, she’ll always be curious.

    By Kari Shadrick URL on 05.16.2011

  17. This boy- he made me curious. He was so afraid of love, yet he gave it out to everyone like it was as normal as blinking. He lived life to the fullest, even though his life was just as boring as mine. As curious as this amazing boy is- it’s even more curious why I love him so much.

    By lovedaily URL on 05.16.2011

  18. I think that the dog was very curious about the smell that was coming from the woods. He coould not see what was there but he new that something smelled good. The smell was a mix of bacon and hot sick, the type of smell that only a dog could love. He went to investigate…

    By Feyd5 on 05.16.2011

  19. Ten questions at a time. Gracie was curious about anything and everything. What a wonderful state to be in, I thought to myself. Eight years old and not a care in the world. How angelic. She isn’t afraid to transgress decorum because she has never heard of those words before. A minute understanding is all it takes to be free of this too-human suffering.

    By Dave URL on 05.16.2011

  20. Curious, very curious! It wasn’t often people stared through the blinds of the old abandoned restaurant. Most people had heard what happened there and why it had closed. Making them avoid it like the plague. That’s why it made the perfect hideout for Mia.

    By Nixee URL on 05.16.2011

  21. this is when i wonder
    this is when i hurt
    when i fail
    when i consider things that do not belong to me
    the secrets i cannot enter
    the minds i care about deepest
    the hearts that i have yet to discover
    wondering how i can share what i know
    and if it will ever be enough
    my curiosity gravitates my attention
    but it is not about me
    it is about what i am thinking about
    who i am thinking about
    what i am listening to
    and how things change over time
    whether i understand them
    or remain curious

    By nikki on 05.16.2011

  22. I am curious. What am I curious about? I don’t know….the world…myself. I want to live the best life I can, and enjoy it. I want to learn as much as I can…be a sponge almost. Absorb the richness of life. If I can do that? Well then maybe, just maybe, I will find peace.

    By Bridget Wood on 05.16.2011

  23. As she turned the pages of the dusty old book, she became more curious as to how these rituals would work. Marly was so engrossed in what she was reading, that she never noticed the creature lurking in the dark corner, eyes firmly fixed on her as it licked it’s lips in anticipation.

    By Helen URL on 05.16.2011

  24. She was very curious about where the door led to. Another room or another world entirely. She knew she wasn’t allowed to open it, which made it all that more appealing. She knew she needed to open it while no one was looking.

    By Shannon on 05.16.2011

  25. I am curious about butterflies and ligers. and flying and bungee jumping! maybe I should try bungee jumping and flying, and maybe meet a liger and a butterfly. That would be nice.

    By Emma R on 05.16.2011

  26. i wanna find out where things go from here, just to look forward and see what we’ll be. the things that will change.

    By a on 05.16.2011

  27. I’m sometimes curious about who I will become next. I go through major phases and swings of interest, activity and investment. because I’m an avid fan this month doesn’t mean I’ll care necesarily next month. I’m not one to overexplain but i do tend to over analyze. Curiousity will keep going and keeping me searchign long after others settle down and focus. It keeps me peeking around corners to see what I’m missing, or where i miht have gone, should i have taken a different path.

    By moze URL on 05.16.2011

  28. im curious about the world. why it is the way it is. why all these bad things happen. what the purpose of everything is. why do we get hurt. why are we happy one minute an it gets taken away the next.

    By amany on 05.16.2011

  29. it’s a curious thing. makes you think what the hell is going on and what is on the next paage. also makes me think about george the little monkey. can you be curious about curious? I guess so. I also don’t really know what else to write. i like that they choose the color purple for this.

    By kay URL on 05.16.2011

  30. A fish staring out of its glass bowl, a child on a tricycle, holding the ribbon of a purple, helium-filled balloon. Staring at each other through a store front window, each wondering what the other is.

    By Robin on 05.16.2011

  31. Curiosity kill the cat you know. Curiosity is the fuel that feeds science, that feeds knowledge, and that feeds our youth to strive for better in their lives. Curiosity is also painful, and can lead you to places you never wanted to go in the first place. Hence the dumb girls who die in scary movies because they decide to go through the door.

    By Alexis URL on 05.16.2011

  32. im curious about you.
    the things that run through your mind.
    and if im there.
    if you ever think about me at all.
    and how you could just go on so easily,
    forgetting about your own blood.
    and how you made your life such a shame.
    the traps that you’ve created for yourself,
    so you can at least for see yourself fall.
    the things i used to want to be,
    but now i can see we’re the same
    in many ways but completely
    different at the layout of our hearts.
    you’ve inspired me, i will never be like you
    and make myself lose at the very things
    i create and run from my problems.

    By alexx on 05.16.2011

  33. there are many things in this world that we are curious about. one that many people find very curious is the power of love and how it affects people. its the simple magic that intrigues us, keeping us very curious to that nature.

    By Ale on 05.16.2011

  34. I am curious about the way the sea swallows the sand
    yet she never grows any wider than her immnse belly
    already has grown

    By Osaro URL on 05.16.2011

  35. curiosity killed the cat. I love curiosity, I love learning. Mystery, curiosity it all contributes to this amazing adventure called life. If we were never curious we would never make progress, make mistakes or learn

    By Tora on 05.16.2011

  36. I wonder who put the extra hours in this day. I feel as though I’ve been trying to make my way to the end of this day for far too long. Certainly it’s time to slumber. Regroup. Try again in the morning. Curious about what awaits in the morning. More long hours? Perhaps super fast moving clock hands will assist me to Wednesday.

    By Kit URL on 05.16.2011

  37. Cat slayer.

    By carl on 05.16.2011

  38. Candy and the man won’t leave me alone.
    He lets syrup ooze from his fingertips and impish face with gumdrops gleaming in the gaps between his sugar coated teeth.
    And frankly, I just want to get away,
    because I don’t trust the shadow behind this mask,
    this corn husk wisp of shriveled gray shadow,
    and I’m so wrought by it that
    my curiosity has waned
    and I am tired of new faces
    and attempts by them to sugar coat mine too
    and frankly,
    for the time being,
    I would like to be alone.

    By Effie Felix URL on 05.16.2011

  39. i once read a book called the curious incident of the dog in the night time. i have many cats on the bag closest to me. i bought it at a second hand clothing store. curiosity killed the cat. i like cats and enjoy their inquisitive nature. i believe curiosity to be a human condition

    By Cat on 05.16.2011

  40. Curiosity is peaked by anything. May it be a thought, or an event. A smell or a taste. A brush of the wind, or sprinkle of water. Curiosity killed the cat, but we are not cats. We are human and curious of it all.

    By Mabel on 05.16.2011