December 3rd, 2014 | 45 Entries

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45 Entries for “cub”

  1. I was thinking about polar bear cubs earlier. They are so cute and dumb and perfect. They will grow up to be fierce predators desperately trying to sustain themselves in the ever changing climate they must survive in. Really what I was thinking about was calling you, but you don’t actually want to talk to me anymore so I think its probably easier this way.

    By Emily on 12.03.2014

  2. An adorable little fluffy animal was turning its eyes towards me. Little did he know indeed, in all its youthful innocence, the tragic destiny I was doomed to deliver to its short life.

    By Guillaume URL on 12.03.2014

  3. the cub followed her home. it wasn’t often that she was followed by bear cubs. she tried to keep her pace even, not to excite the bear cub. she also had stop herself from petting it – it wasn’t cuddly, it is wild.

    By Anu on 12.03.2014

  4. Cubs are cute little ones. My sons were in Cub scouts when they were younger. There were many fun projects and trips with the scouts that were positive activities for them and our family. I also think of babies in their mother’s arms when I think of Cubs- so full of dreams for their little ones And wondering about what the future will hold for them! What will my sons look like when they grow up etc. now my sons have Cubs of their own to cradle and nourish and guide. Life continues with such an inspiring and beautiful melody. Sometimes we have definitely been “off key” but we are in the process of finishing Our Song. It’s nice to ponder what a song of our lives would actually sound like. There would be many crescendos, I’m sure. I want our song to end on a very happy ending for us and the people whose lives we have touched.
    I hope that the song we are creating gives pleasure to Our Father!

    By Ronnie Beans on 12.03.2014

  5. The cub crawls into
    The cave’s mouth, into the world
    Joy of existence

    By FallenFromGrace on 12.03.2014

  6. The cub is very nice. The cub likes to climb trees with his mom. The cub has brown like fur and it’s very thick. The baby bear hunts with his mother until he is of age and can do it on his own.

    By Lauren on 12.03.2014

  7. Curb your enthusiasm, little cub.
    There’s not much more to this world than death anyhow.
    Find what you can contribute, be satisfied with what they give you, but don’t go out in search of anything more.
    Of any sort of liberation or life.
    It’s dangerous out there little cub.
    You best stay inside.

    By Jesse B on 12.03.2014

  8. bear, Bears, Sofia, birthday, grandma, house, dog, stairs, Christmas, Tom Servo, surprise, chair, red, window, big, trees

    By DarkerThanBleach on 12.03.2014

  9. Disregarded on the side on the road; it could barely lift its head.

    By himinanhawin on 12.03.2014

  10. I would love to have a little bear cub. They are bears and when he/she grows up they could hurt me. No way! I would train it to be nice and friendly to other people. It could be my guard dog!

    By Liberty Brouillette URL on 12.03.2014

  11. you were but a little lion cub, there was nothing you could think to do before that wretched falcon swooped down and pecked out both your eyes.

    By rose on 12.03.2014

  12. The cub couldn’t care less about the cold. Cradled with care beneath her mother’s claws, she was content.

    By Soft URL on 12.03.2014

  13. A cub is a baby bear. They are SO cute and furry. Iv’e seen trailers of movies about them. It touches me because the mothers are so protective of their babies, and show unconditional love.

    By dance120 on 12.03.2014

  14. Over the next four weeks, Dave had to remind himself many times that he was not the one on trial. Some of the accusations his mother in law made against him were so vile, that he was actually glad his children were not there to hear them. There was only one day when they did attend, to be given the chance to tell the judge their own wishes for their future. It was clear that they had been coached, because little Tom was so nervous, he kept looking at his grandmother for prompts, while clutching the little stuffed tiger cub he had obviously been bribed with. But it was the mother in law herself who gave the game away, by almost choking with rage when Nana, in a clearly deliberate move, blatantly deviated from her prepared script.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 12.03.2014

  15. The cub ran from its mother in sheer panic, not really wondering what would happen as it rolled and bounded down the mountain of ice. It was a long, sliding journey, one that seemed to last forever. Finally, the cub began to slide across the flat ice at the bottom of the slope, sliding towards the cold seas below.

    By Rumelis on 12.03.2014

  16. i remember a lesson in my elementary english class. we have to think of the animal and what do you call its corresponding child. it was not a walk in the park. but it was good to know how the animal’s kids are called.

    By e*dict on 12.03.2014

  17. den, little gay boys looking for bears, happy baby pose in yoga, cuddling and playing, running through streams, eating raw salmon, going through campsites.

    By jess akimoto on 12.03.2014

  18. Bear cub. In the den. Warmth and comfort. Peace and security. These are all things I long to have.

    By Rosie on 12.03.2014

  19. The man chased after the bear cub. He turned suddenly, hearing a roar behind him. The last thing he saw was a massive paw flying toward his head…

    By Trevor Lindberg on 12.03.2014

  20. a name for kids that they are called by their dad sometimes. it is also a name for a baby bear. cubs are cute.

    By Tom Brady on 12.03.2014

  21. i saw a bear cub outside my window
    cub cub cub cub cub cub i love this word it make me think of a cup or a cube
    a cub is small and fluffy

    By Hannah on 12.03.2014

  22. a bear that is young and is just born or is a child until it gets older. Is has big paws and can not make much noises. it is off a baseball team. Cubs are tiny fury bears.

    By mathew gregoire on 12.03.2014

  23. a cub is a bear cub. bear cubs can be so cute and they are very bad to get near. you should never try to pet one or hold one they can bite you. i have seen many bear cubs they were cute but very bad to get near so do not get near the bears cubs.

    By Bridget on 12.03.2014

  24. A baby cub sat on the outskirts of the woods looking for something to eat. I knew when I stumbled upon him, I was in the wrong place. My eyes scurried wildly trying to see if we were alone in this space….I quickly realized Mom saw me before I saw her and I was in trouble. No need to run. I said my prayers and we begin to dance.

    By Tamila on 12.03.2014

  25. Yumichika didn’t like bears. He’d much rather have a kitten or a fox pup, but the stupid bear baby wouldn’t stop following him. He actually felt some cruel urge to kick the thing to keep him away from their campsite, and he barely restrained himself from strangling Ikkaku when he fed it.

    By Emma on 12.03.2014

  26. I walked into his house. It had a strange familiar feeling. Like I belonged there. He smiled warmly and it just felt natural to be there with him. He went into the kitchen to get me a drink, and I glanced around the room. There wasn’t much on the walls, except for a painting of a bear and her cub. He came back into the room and, finally, the masks we had been wearing fell off.

    By mia URL on 12.03.2014

  27. These might look cute at first, but trying telling yourself that when its gone and bitten off your head.

    By SIXTYSECONDSGO on 12.03.2014

  28. I saw a fish cub the other day …… i think that or it was a bear ….fish and bears are very similar ,i’m sure i’m not the only one mixing them up.

    By BUSHYSTINKS on 12.03.2014

  29. If there was a way to bring the cub into the room, there wasn’t going to be any blockage from the other creatures that were already there. They were mostly full-grown, but their appetites weren’t as voracious as they’d been in the days before. After all, a rhino feeds many.

    By Rmund on 12.03.2014

  30. I ran through the woods not daring to look back. I could hear the mother bear breathing on my neck but I continued to clutch that cub and run. I knew the poachers were after me but who cares, this baby deserves a chance at life.

    By Olivia on 12.03.2014

  31. The bear cub hung tightly to the rotting mouth of the tree, a slight trace of honey noticeable on its jowl. None of us tried to approach it – it was clearly scared, and very, very hungry. The ranger with us fidgeted with his walkie talkie before slipping behind another tree to talk with a cohort.

    “Where’s its mom?” my son asked, holding tightly to my elbow.

    “I don’t know, Jim,” I replied, “but we mustn’t interfere.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.03.2014

  32. “He’s just a cub.” Sarah said quietly, her eyes downcast.

    “It doesn’t matter.” Her father shoved his arms into his jacket, grabbed the rifle resting by the door and stepped out onto the porch.

    The winter wind was biting and Sarah wrapped her arms around herself as she watched her father’s back retreat into the flurrying snow.

    By Eileen Maki URL on 12.03.2014

  33. What’s the name of the instinct that draws us to helpless, fuzzy things? The cub stared back at me with black, beady eyes. There was a look of innocence in there, which sounds so stupid in retrospect… but if you were there, you would maybe see why I didn’t hear his mother behind me.

    By asavas on 12.03.2014

  34. I saw a cube peeing on a tree while it was eat a honey and crackers.

    By Keith on 12.03.2014

  35. Small, tiny, furry
    Looks up to father
    Longs to be the “big bear.”
    Sick of being treated like a small guy
    Wants to adventure
    Run Away
    How much planning will that take?
    Will he meet a human?

    By poppy on 12.03.2014

  36. When I think about cubs I think of their mother too. A ferocious protective mammal whose world is ruled by her love for her offspring.

    By Tracey on 12.03.2014

  37. I do not have kids of my own, but often times I find myself showing motherly instincts. As if their creeping out my veins, wanting to show long before I have my own children one day. I work with children throughout the day and spend much time with my niece so that could be good reason for why I am often feeling like a mother bear protecting her cub.

    By Paige Noel URL on 12.03.2014

  38. I dashed into the kitchen. The overwhelming smell of smoke hit me so hard I almost fell. I look around and saw my little sister. My little four year old sister. She just stood there by the stove looking up at me in horror. The spatula in her hand queued me in that she had been trying to make breakfast! She stood there clutching that ratty old stuffed bear cub of hers, shrugged, and said “Pancakes anyone?”

    By Olivia Russo on 12.03.2014

  39. cubs are baby animals, I always thing of bear cubs when i think of cubs. I think if little bears playing with their mom in the woods. I also think of brother bear the movie and think about how much love means, and the relationships that form when you are not thinking about it.

    By Larisa Bellan on 12.03.2014

  40. cubs are cute! i think of being in africa when i think of a cub. looking at the baby leopards feasting on a dead buck… sounds disgusting and morbid. but this is actually a good memory. it makes me think of being with my dad, and enjoying being in the bush together as a family. that always makes him happy.

    By frances URL on 12.03.2014