September 10th, 2016 | 23 Entries

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23 Entries for “collar”

  1. I straightened out my clothes, tucked my starched white shirt into my burgundy dress pants, and stood there for a long, long time. My tie felt crooked no matter how tirelessly I adjusted it, and collar felt too tight no matter how I flipped it around.

    By Shr on 09.10.2016

  2. He tried to run away from me, but I was too fast. He tried to hit me, but my blows were sharper and more damaging. He tried to cuss me out, but I extended my fingers and gripped the rough edges of his shirt collar, pulling the stiff fabric around his neck so he could barely breathe.

    “In my neighborhood,” I warned him in a low growl, “your rebellion stops at my doorstep.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.10.2016

  3. He adjusted the collar of his shirt and stared deep into the green eyes of his reflection. Twenty years ago, a girl had fallen in love with them. He’d never understood why. And now it was too late to ask her.

    By gabriella URL on 09.10.2016

  4. All I remember is that my best friend is in love with collar bones. That’s what she loves about each of her boyfriends, wach time she gets a new one. She loves to tell me about how she kisses their collarbones and how she wishes she had pronounced ones like a boy’s.

    By Audrey Claire on 09.10.2016

  5. popped. A aggravating thing he liked to do. trying out new and uf\gly styles with his clothes. too poor to buy new ones. bored of the ones he’s had since highschool. too stubborn to listen when i tell him where i get mine for cheap.

    By prissynecromancy URL on 09.10.2016

  6. off of me mongrel hand wincing I wind dowwn with prongs sunk deep into my fur. stop. Halt. Go. Move. Love. Love with this collar. Love with the remedy of dog in hand yanked aboout. I will imagine you and I share this collar and you understand it hurts. you take it off I look at you the moment of awareness compassion truth hands neck cord. Stop halt injury to kindness prong insert lift. Suddenly afterwards after the walk we touch I don’t know how long before I walk you out of here

    By Simone Is on 09.10.2016

  7. I have always had problems with the collar of my shirts. It is the place that gets dirtiest, and is hardest to wash. I like buttoned down collars because they make it easy to wear shirts without ties. The kind collar that is cut back at an angle is not so cute.

    By Knolly Moses URL on 09.10.2016

  8. She ironed the collar of her business dress particularly carefully.

    By BR on 09.10.2016

  9. His collar was too tight. Why did he choose to wear that shirt on that day? It was too late now, she was almost there. Why?

    By Matt Patterson URL on 09.11.2016

  10. A collar is an interesting thing. Back in the old days, collars used to be separate to the shirt. Now, they’re attached to it. In most cases, the shirts have no collars. What would the ancients have thought about us?

    By Jim on 09.11.2016

  11. I already submitted this about five times! This website sucks.

    By Jim on 09.11.2016

  12. She adjusted his collar and looked up, smiling. “You look great.”
    “You like it?”
    “I do, it’s very handsome.”
    “Oh, interesting” he purred into her hair and started to run his hands over his waist.
    “Stop” she laughed, trying to keep her knees from weakening.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 09.11.2016

  13. When I look at my dog Lizzie, I think she is a better Buddhist than I am. She lives in the present and finds so much joy there, while I squander away seconds with constant worry and regret.

    By Katie URL on 09.11.2016

  14. Collars are traps for dogs and for men.
    Collars trap a dog onto a leash, or a man in a suit.
    No dogs like leashes.
    No men like suits.
    Collars are traps for dogs and men.

    By Emily on 09.11.2016

  15. collar bones
    collard greens
    collard phones
    and collar means
    caller id is calling me
    what do i mean
    oh what do i mean

    By grld URL on 09.11.2016

  16. The collar was choking him, but he knew that he couldn’t loosen it. Or at least, not just yet. He was a prisoner and he had to serve out his punishment before he could be able to breathe again.

    So he sat as still as possible and watched the graduation ceremonies on the stage, under the watchful gaze of his mother. She reached over and tightened his tight another notch.

    By chanpheng URL on 09.11.2016

  17. When you press hard against me
    I am unsure
    if you know what you are asking

    then slowly it floods my limbs:
    you’re not asking

    I fear
    What you are capable of
    Where you will lead me

    Animals stand
    in the still night air
    shrouded statues
    glued down to a black chessboard

    as you wander
    from the carnival lights
    leave the sawdust, the straw
    you can pick a path through anything

    you picked me

    By minimalist URL on 09.11.2016

  18. That collar is so hard to buckle on that shaggy neck. She is chomping at the bit to get out the door. The big, wide world is out there full of fun things to chase…

    By Karen URL on 09.11.2016

  19. it stands up at the edge of your neck and it keeps you nice and warm. sometimes it can look really stylish.

    By Michelle on 09.11.2016

  20. The day was bright and I was trying to get out of bed. My collar was stuck to the frame. I tried to pull it off but it wouldn’t come off. What is going on?, I thought to myself as I kept pulling on it. hmm…It does not seem to even be attached to the frame.

    By Ellie H. on 09.11.2016

  21. There was lipstick on his collar. She gazed at him with eyes that were full of questions. He looked back at her, unaware of what to say. Her lips finally parted, and before she knew it accusations upon accusations were hitting him.

    By Katie on 09.11.2016

  22. She wears a goddamned cat collar to school everyday, it’s made of black felt and a name tag – just in case our perfectly behaved classmates decide to start a fight and she dies in the middle of it.

    She keeps that collar on at home too, especially if her boyfriend’s there taking up all the bed with his “massive manliness” but it’s just so he knows what to call her when everyone can hear them.

    There’s a collar modeled after the one she tried to make for her own cat and she won’t let it out of her sight. Because collars make her feel safe – knowing someone will always leave milk on the porch and food by the bed.

    By M. Rene' URL on 09.11.2016

  23. Shirts have a collars on them.

    By jamesrotties URL on 09.11.2016