April 13th, 2018 | 41 Entries

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41 Entries for “crowded”

  1. She tried to elbow her way through, but her arms weren’t as agile as normal when they were laden with bags. She ducked and weaved her way through as much as possible.

    By Bridget Grace on 04.13.2018

  2. When you’re in a crowd, especially a crowd of strangers, it becomes difficult to remain fully autonomous. Humans seem to instinctively revert to a more basic set of behaviors when faced with a crowded environment. We loosen the constraints on our individuality, and while it still varies from person to person slightly, we actually seem to give a portion of our decision making to the group itself. It is an evolutionary trait, we subconsciously accept that the group as a whole might know more than we do individually so we opt to move with the group rather than act independently. Crowded theme parks are a great example. When we want to get on a ride we look for the group of people standing in front of it. When we are in a new place, like maybe a new job we constantly look for what the majority of people are doing for instruction on what we should be doing. Stranger still though is that most people dislike accepting or admitting that the crowd (or group think) has as much control over them as it does. Despite all of the evidence the contrary we want to think of ourselves as proud independent people that are not easily swayed by the crowd around us.

    By Kristian Pierce on 04.13.2018

  3. No thanks.

    By okayfine on 04.13.2018

  4. Here we are in a crowded parking lot, where the air conditioner doesn’t work in my sedan, and it’s getting way too hot to concentrate on the melting road ahead. Look, I see many mirages, waves of intensity rippling like water in front of me. Is asphalt could be an ocean, then all it needs now is salt and seawater before it consumes me. I am trying desperately to drive in a straight line, but everything is crooked, and everything is off-center.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.13.2018

  5. In a crowed space. I think of a festival or carnival where there are tons of people and kids running around. There is lots of food and activities to do. There are so many long lines to ride rides, food stands, etc. I feel claustrophobic.

    By Kiesha on 04.13.2018

  6. I hate crowded places. Mostly because my mind still finds a way to feel completely alone. The empty feeling of being home by yourself on Saturday is absolutely nothing compared to the empty feeling you get when you are surrounded by people and have no one to talk to or understand you. Too bad life is crowded.

    By Tori on 04.13.2018

  7. It’s simple not crowded in this tiny room. Well, unless of course one like myself might uncomfortable in my own skin. Which I am sometimes, but that’s not the point, is it.?

    By Matthew on 04.13.2018

  8. I need some air, he said to the waitress, and she nodded and jotted something down on her notepad and whisked off. Orange slices, tomato pickles, brittle teeth, and–ah, thank you–a jar of air, and he took it gratefully and smiled, palms caressing his face.

    By Riannon on 04.13.2018

  9. It was just too much. I felt the tightening in my chest, the squeezing of my heart, the constricting of my throat. Seeing you was too much. I could not breathe. I could not speak. I could no longer see in the crowded room where you and I once belonged.

    By skylarxx13 on 04.13.2018

  10. Can’t. Breathe. The crush of people around me closes in. Can’t breathe. Can’t think. Too many bodies. Too much pressure. Too many casual breaths and glances. Too many people looking away and pretending that we’re not in touching distance. That we’re not casually touching.
    I need out I need out I need out I need out.
    Dear gods. Why do people take subways? Why do they do it every day?

    By terradi on 04.13.2018

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    By 1 URL on 04.13.2018

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    By 1 URL on 04.14.2018

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    By 1 URL on 04.14.2018

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    By 1 URL on 04.14.2018

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    By 1 URL on 04.14.2018

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    By 1 URL on 04.14.2018

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    By 1 URL on 04.14.2018

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    By 1 URL on 04.14.2018

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    By 1 URL on 04.14.2018

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    By 1 URL on 04.14.2018

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    By 1 URL on 04.14.2018

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    By 1 URL on 04.14.2018

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    By 1 URL on 04.14.2018

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    By 1 URL on 04.14.2018

  33. ´Crowded in the room, the sun was sunny´, said the cloud

    ´First day without rain and wind and pollution´, replied the skies around.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 04.14.2018

  34. It was crowded in that small bar at the shore. Apparently Elliot wasn’t the only one with the idea of going to The Seahorse. What shame though, this was his favourite bar. Always calm, not too crowded and great for loners like him who still wished to enjoy the seashore.
    It was the third time someone had bumped into him wich caused his to spill his drink, this time though it actually spilled on his trousers.

    By Marie on 04.14.2018

  35. I felt like I was being squished by to giants that are fat in New York. I swear we never get any space in that state. We need more space

    By KaysaanWaites on 04.14.2018

  36. all of the elbows are kissing throwing ash softly across laced and straightened forearms. new thoughts might beckon but the knocks fall on deaf ears. perhaps its own microcosm of that syndrome where no one acts and collectively they internalize the gifts that could lead to free will and movement and something just less crowded. call it a curse.

    By smurfstoestar on 04.14.2018

  37. Flustered thoughts
    couldn’t calm her down

    Her voice
    in the great
    sea of people

    round and round

    she had hoped
    to discern herself from them

    but caught up
    in it
    she is one
    of the crowd
    in such
    a crowded

    By Lynn on 04.14.2018

  38. I was walking through the park and I look around it was crowded with hundreds of penguins the way they slowly walked side to side made me uncomfortableness their black beady eyes staring up at me like I am the crazy one my heart is pounding. I don’t know where they were going and I didn’t know why I was following we were now heading down the street. I could see it now they all wanted this big bright purple ball. I wanted it too. I was trying to punch my way through the penguins but I had no luck. I was

    By Jaclyn on 04.14.2018

  39. crowded room with flags and drizzle, porpoise dandelions in pots and troughs, come the cake and the balloons, and the old men with their piney scent, come the nilla wafers and the bag of doritoes, and the children aflutter and trampling beneath the slanted door shadow.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 04.14.2018

  40. feeling hemmed in and not sure where to go or what to do. The room was crowded with people I not only didn’t know but who I did know. all spaces were filled with the clinking and laughter that makes me nervous

    By crinky on 04.14.2018