September 20th, 2011 | 413 Entries

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413 Entries for “crouch”

  1. I crouched down on the side walk, he ran towards me looking for anything but a tear falling down my face. He hoped for a smile, there was none to be found. I Loved him. I wanted him to know.

    By Indiana on 09.20.2011

  2. tired, low hunchback over, hurt, weird

    By maria URL on 09.20.2011

  3. The hunter crouched into position. All of his senses were fixed on the deer in front of him. He needed this catch. With the empire taking over more and more everyday, food was getting harder and harder to come by. Suddenly, he sprang.

    By Claudia on 09.20.2011

  4. I dont know what this means. Really, I dont.

    By Lilian Ferrer on 09.20.2011

  5. “Get down! Get down!” the general said to me. A massive bomb had just exploded on a neighboring tank. It wasn’t out bomb, intruders must be on the camp which raises quite an alarm. I crouched down hoping to find the unwanted person, I was tricky with a sniper. Sighted! His helmet left just enough skin. Shot and done, but he wasn’t the only one.

    By Erica URL on 09.20.2011

  6. I tried to capture a squrril once. I put food under a bowl and propped it up with a stick tied to a string while i was crouching under a bush, holding the string.

    By just582 URL on 09.20.2011

  7. She began to tremble as the woman’s footsteps drew closer. Maybe crouching behind the couch wasn’t the best idea for a hiding place, after all, who knew what this woman was capable off. Hadn’t it been enough to see those pictures Marissa showed her? No, she just HAD to break and enter…what was she thinking, didn’t she learn a lesson from last time, this was unhealthy, and yet, she could not keep herself from doing it…

    By Jessica G on 09.20.2011

  8. I crouch, drawing my knife.
    Hunting is a dangerous dance, you spring too late or too soon, and it’s over. The rewards are excellent, and if I fail, we don’t eat tonight.
    The deer of course has no idea. It continues munching grass. I smile as it looks up, suddenly sensing that something’;s wrong.
    And then I lunge, leaping out of my crouch.

    By Artimas URL on 09.20.2011

  9. crouching tiger in a dark, crystal meadow. thirsty and starved for flesh. staring longingly at innocent creatures in the distance. will he ever pounce?

    By Christianna on 09.20.2011

  10. i dont really know what it means but in mi language i think that shoulf be similare to stai jos, ghemuit, e o limba grea asta a voastra dar asta e trebuie s ao invat ca depinde de ea

    By Shylock URL on 09.20.2011

  11. The men were crouched against the ground, peering ever so secretly through the brush. The camp ahead was asleep. They were ready. All of their training came down to these next few minutes of attack.

    By Toni on 09.20.2011

  12. Crouch

    By Katie C. URL on 09.20.2011

  13. I crouch below computer desks, screaming
    for change and democracy
    or maybe just some Advil to get me through these
    fleeting unhuman moments of today
    and tomorrow and the
    days fly and I should pay more attention but alas
    I can’t get out from my crawl space.

    By Kaylee URL on 09.20.2011

  14. The grass I’m crouching in is dry and mostly pushed down by animals and wind. Winter is coming. It’s so strong I can taste it. My bones ache with it.

    By Stephanie URL on 09.20.2011

  15. I crouched out of the way after I pushed Kevin on the swing, he was mad at me because I did not push him higher instead. But I did not want to be kicked in the face that day.

    By unspecified URL on 09.20.2011

  16. She grabbed his crotch… Oh wait…

    By Alex on 09.20.2011

  17. I don’t know what to say about the crouch. He’s nasty and mean. His hair is always knotted and his breath is bad. He hates small dogs and all people. He lives in the space under the stairs next to the washer machine. I wish I knew a Crouch extinguisher.

    By Nichole on 09.20.2011

  18. Crouching behind the wall, she sits in isolation. Outcast. Almost ashamed. She knows what others think. She knows they know. She is a smoker.

    By MsAmbassador URL on 09.20.2011

  19. Hidden, in the bushes, waiting, watching. Crouching down. Away from the world. Protected by the leaves and flowers that are still buds. Away from the wind and the cold. Crouching. Now its time to stretch out from the bushes. Into the cold. Feel the rain on your face. And embrace it. Spring out of your huddled crouch, and fly!

    By Diana on 09.20.2011

  20. Lie low. Sit. Hide from something. To shy away. Keep from something. To talk to a child at their level. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Sitting behind a couch. Darkness. Keeping silent. Hide and seek. Fixing a low-level problem.

    By Kristen on 09.20.2011

  21. crouch down and get the dog.dont be late!!CROUCH CROUCH CROUCH C
    that’s it :)

    By jazmin silva on 09.20.2011

  22. crouch down and get the dog.dont be late!!CROUCH CROUCH CROUCH C
    that’s it :)…………………. no more words i can thinkk of SORRY!! Umm dont chroch down

    By jazmin silva on 09.20.2011

  23. that old crouch sits on his couch. nobody like him, old old jim. he mopes and he wines, and in he always dines. he is alone, completely recluse. just jim and his cup of juice.

    By Sophie Frostbaum on 09.20.2011

  24. Peter Crouch is the most underrated striker in the Premier League. If only he could head the ball then he’d be unstoppable. No one will agree with this ever. I mean, what player is nearly 7 foot tall and doesn’t learn to head the ball?

    By Boy on 09.20.2011

  25. I crouched down and forced my ear against the bars of the crib. The sound which I encountered was not one I had bargained for, and I found myself suddenly lurching away from the supposedly innocent creature, and falling bottom first into the pile of soggy soft toys on its bedroom floor.

    By Amber on 09.20.2011

  26. To incarcerate one’s own son, one must be able to separate emotion from duty. As a Union soldier would gut his Confederate brother with a bayonet, so too must Bartemius Crouch sentence his son to Azkaban.

    By a mere cephalopod URL on 09.20.2011

  27. i crouch down in the evenings and lions crough down to eat thier prey. when i pray i crouch down on one knee i love to crouch it means to get down low to the ground on one leg?

    By Jordan Ayres on 09.20.2011

  28. I didn’t see anything at first as I crouched by the small basement and peered out. Then I saw feet. Lots of them. Many of them were sheltered by low-top converses, mostly purples and blacks and blues.

    I had to get out there somehow, so I tapped feverishly on the pane and hoped someone would notice. The door was glued shut nearby. Ultimately I saw a face instead of a foot soon enough.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.20.2011

  29. that night for an eternity the moon crouched behind the huge dark rock as the man waited. he was conscious of the long shadow cast between the rock
    and his hard hiding place. overwhelmed by the tension, he thought his head would split…

    By jack maye URL on 09.20.2011

  30. I’m crouching like a tiger – a tiger, what a cliche. Tigers don’t seem to crouch, they leap, they bound, but they don’t crouch. That’s not the image you see of them in your mind. A crouch seems cowardly, not predatory. And tigers have that energy, predatory, feline, powerful.

    By Jordan on 09.20.2011

  31. She crouched down beside his bleeding body unsure of what to do. He looked up at her with his pleading emerald eyes and then all of the light fled from them, like a candle burning out. She sat there unsure of what to do, just staring down at the dead boy’s body.

    By Linda on 09.20.2011

  32. Crouching, slouching, forward towards the kitchen table, slinking in my pajamas, slowing tredding upon the black and yellow linoleum floor toward the oaken behemoth. Crouching, slouching, holding my jump rope, looking over the top of the table, peering, looking for the peanut butter sandwich. My mom made it. I would’ve made it with ketchup and mustard. She says that’s weird.

    By Kaye Black on 09.20.2011

  33. one of the funniest people i ever knew was the bold Lizzie Crouch.
    Whenever i feel down and out all i have to do is think of Lizzie
    and the world is not such a bad place after all

    By jack maye URL on 09.20.2011

  34. When you are tired of the world, find something to crouch behind. Just curl up like an armadillo for a day and just relax.

    By Lucy on 09.20.2011

  35. she crouched beneath the shade of the apple tree. Leaning into her book, completely entranced. Her whole life had been like this. Solitude followed her wherever she went, and it seemed to most that she loved the feeling. She was beautiful, in an average way. glossy black hair cascading down her back.

    By melissa on 09.20.2011

  36. Hii My name is ASDFGHJKL.

    By ASDFGHHJKL URL on 09.20.2011

  37. I crouch down to see if I can hear what they are saying, but the cold stone wall doesn’t allow the sound to reach me very easily. Instead all I hear is a muffled conversation. I can only make out some of the words. One word I do recognise. Adopted.

    By Paul Day URL on 09.20.2011

  38. crouching tiger hidden dragon never seen it probably only seen a snippet of advert subverting my mind telling me what to think what to want taking away my freedom and responsibility making cash from my MY dreams how fair is that consuming not producing over and over just using taking more and more and more

    By havingsaidthat URL on 09.20.2011

  39. Crouch. All I wanted to do was crouch. The last thing I wanted to do was keep standing. For hours they had been shouting at us; all day, and into this cold, hopeless night. Why? How? Who were these infernal humans to think themselves masters over us.

    By Matt on 09.20.2011

  40. Crouching reminds me of being a child and playing hide and seek in my house with my siblings. It’s incredible how time flies. Only yesterday, it seems, I was running through those halls with those two amazing people.

    By Nolan McDaniel URL on 09.20.2011