July 5th, 2013 | 134 Entries

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134 Entries for “creative”

  1. The smell became apparent within a 20 metre radius. Her eyes ate the cake before her mouth could get to it. The white frosting reminded her it had, in fact, snowed on her wedding day, but that was fine by her. The cold was outside and she was in, living the dream every girl had dreamed since they were young.

    By Emma on 07.05.2013

  2. What does it mean to be creative? Colorful terrific things. like cupcakes that taste like bacon. innovative discoveries. things that are crazy– like mixing colors to form new colors. who would have thought.

    By Katie on 07.05.2013

  3. I love to be creative. Sometimes this causes, what shall we say, a few problems. Creativity is not always positive, not always constructive. There are many ways to go wrong and I know most of them.

    For instance, there was the time I decided to do what I called a “chemistry experiment” in the basement.

    By Mr. Fred URL on 07.05.2013

  4. thinking outside the box or not fitting within the social norm with ideas. not being afraid of the reaction of others. always creating. inspired. imaginative.

    By monique on 07.05.2013

  5. The way he bound the ropes around her skin, pulling each strand tighter as he went, was more creative than anything her fevered brain could have imagined.

    “Too tight?” he asked softly.

    She twitched her arms where they lay folded on top of each other behind her, then moved her focus to her legs where they squeezed her clit between them.

    “No, Sir,” she replied.

    Time lost all meaning as she slipped farther into the pool of comfort with each tug of the rope…

    By bunny on 07.05.2013

  6. They tell us all to be creative. The creatives are a minority. If it becomes a majority, you’ve defied it.

    By Grace on 07.05.2013

  7. Writing. Doing something that makes you travel to another world. Expressing your self.

    By Cass on 07.05.2013

  8. creativity must be defineed by those of us differently because a sculpture to one may not be as creative as the music a dj makes.

    By casey on 07.05.2013

  9. Well, to be creative means to have the ability to create things that are original to yourself. This differs with each person, whether if its an art or an idea, creativity takes on many forms.

    By Nguyen on 07.05.2013

  10. Creativity is an attribute that, throughout history, has been applied to any field of work, interest, politics, human relationships, and everything else in existence in order to create any number of things; solutions to problems, new problems, inventions, anything can be made with creativity.

    By Goldye Harrison on 07.05.2013

  11. GREEN IS NOT A CREATIVE COLOUR apparently… (don’t hug me) okay this video messed me up what do I do now aahh

    By Leasha P. URL on 07.05.2013

  12. What an lame word to choose to write about. It doesn’t make me think or feel anything. I think it’s quite lost it’s meaning. Creative is a label given to the artistic community because most people don’t try to understand it. It’s the enigma that they just give to ot

    By McKaylea on 07.05.2013

  13. The girl looked down at the blank piece of paper. She needed to stop and think. Where did her creativeness go?
    She picked up her pencil and started to draw a small oval in the shape of a person’s head. She slowly added the features, the body, the background. Once she was done, it looked beautiful. But it wasn’t creative. It was boring. It was black and white and too realistic.
    She picked up some markers from under the table and added colors. Not the normal green grass, blue skies, brown hair . . . but it was purple skin, orange sky, green hair . . . once she was done, it was a masterpiece. She kissed the picture and signed the bottom. Her beautiful creativeness had returned.

    By Olivia on 07.05.2013

  14. I was sitting in the crowded room, starring at the clock longingly as the seconds ticked by. I could swear this was perhaps the longest I had ever spent in this room and I was proud of how I was handling the commotion and drama unfolding around me. I think the credit goes to my weeks of yoga practice routine and how I learned to block my surroundings and focus on my breathing.
    I sighed again as a girl laughed really loudly to my right and I pondered again how an art class could be this painful.
    I mean, sure, it was suppose to be creative but not about the 10000 creative ways to piss someone off.
    The bell rang, and finally, I was free to go.

    By famk on 07.05.2013

  15. Creative.
    The gold flecks in her blue eyes.
    The suns reflection on the water.
    The last flow of paint on the canvas.
    The ending to your favorite book.
    The sound of your typing on the keyboard.

    By Liv on 07.05.2013

  16. Creative.
    The gold flecks in her blue eyes.
    The suns reflection on the water.
    The last flow of paint on the canvas.
    The ending to your favorite book.
    The sound of your typing on the keyboard.
    It’s silent, but loud.
    It’s searching without being found.
    It’s unique.
    It’s wonderful.
    It’s creative.

    By Liv on 07.05.2013

  17. Carrie stared down at the carpet in front of her. The spot was definitely red. Not orange or brown, but red. A deep red. One she recognized from years of looking at red stains on carpets, as being blood. Not having her evidence kit with her, she knew she’d have to get creative to not contaminate the sample.

    By Eileen Maki URL on 07.05.2013

  18. I looked at the blank sheet of paper in front of me in disappointment. It seems like the weeks I took off for recovery had other effects too. One being all creative thoughts leaving my brain leaving confusion in its place. What’s hurting me is previously I could’ve easily closed my eyes and opened them to look upon something my mind hadn’t intent to make but my heart did, and I would smile and mysteriously look at it to unravel all the secrets of my brain. Laugh it off along. Now Im sitting here grimly trying to force my hand to move in the motion of a brushstroke and do something.


    Where has my creativity gone?

    By famk on 07.05.2013

  19. A way to express yourself in a way that only you can. It can be anything from creating something to thinking a thought of doing it. It’s a magical way to try and let the world see who you are.

    By Fleur on 07.05.2013

  20. it takes a lot of creativity to start writing about creativity. I guess creativity to me is the willingness to make mistakes for the sake of being outgoing. putting yourself out there in front of others or in front of yourself and doing what nobody has done before. having fun while doing something crazy and not worrying about it
    being creative -me

    By delana on 07.05.2013

  21. Kreativität. Für jeden etwas anderes und doch für alle gleich. Manche drücken sie in Geschiebenem aus (so wie ich), andere in Zeichnungen, andere im Tanz und nochmal andere in Musik. Egal, wie man sie ausdrückt, es gehört Fantasie dazu und für viele ist es schon fast eine Sucht ihrer Kreativität freien Lauf zu lassen. Sie verschönert unser aller Leben – ob wir nun selbst etwas daraus schaffen oder ob wir genießen, was andere geschaffen haben.

    By Deni URL on 07.05.2013

  22. I fancy myself a creative person. I’ve always favored writing over sciences and maths. I wanted to draw, paint, breathe life into my own creations and share them with the public, but ah. Only if I had the talent, the bravery to bare my soul in the form of text and oils.

    By Ashi URL on 07.05.2013

  23. Her paint-splattered jeans and windswept hair, carelessly thrown over a shoulder adorned by a patchwork bag gave an aura of creativity to her person. The paintbrushes and Macbook sticking out of said bag furthered the look, but it would have taken an in-depth look to see how carefully put-together the whole ensemble was.

    By Christinymous on 07.05.2013

  24. Creative is the person who stands up from the crowd. It is the one who lets his perjudices aside and takes control of the enviroment in a new way.

    By Adriana C. on 07.05.2013

  25. Artistic ability
    Create your own world
    Color it with pastels

    By juliette locke on 07.05.2013

  26. I am not very creative today.

    By A False Terl on 07.05.2013

  27. I kept trowing mud,mashed potatoes,grass,anything that could to make the mountain take shape on the table.

    By A False Terl on 07.05.2013

  28. it’s the wish of a creative person that every moment is spent creating, an object, a meal, a life. IN the end, it’s all creativity, all an experiment, life, all of it. in the end, we’re always creating; we’re all creative.

    By Maria on 07.05.2013

  29. He wanted to get “creative” in bed. What that meant to me was not the same as what it meant for him. For him, it meant a three-way with my best friend. Maybe, if I was feeling really freaky, I could even not be there when it happened.

    By darseyrsm URL on 07.05.2013

  30. Creative is creating. Creating is making something out of nothing. We should all create. Create our own paths.

    By Billy Bob Joe Bob on 07.05.2013

  31. I think creative means that you have to use your imagination. Just let your mind go and do whatever first comes. Creative to me means that you grab any supplies that you have and make whatever you can with what you have. I love to be creative!

    By Emily Fox on 07.05.2013

  32. To create is something simple, a task taken too with the ease of crayons and construction paper, but to create creatively defies etymology and becomes something beautiful, something new, something beginning again.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 07.05.2013

  33. be creative is very easy, just let it flow. but some time can be the difficultiest thing in the world. just to let it go

    By chiara on 07.05.2013

  34. I am creative. I have away with words. Dancing and singing across the page. I am more then a writer I am a masterpiece maker. Stories intrigue me as I learn to make the most of what I am sharing. Very few people allow themselves to truly create from deep with in. The more I leave space to create the more I find my creative side.

    By Cris URL on 07.05.2013

  35. Creative Industry Networking Group it said on the flyers.

    It should have said flouncy prima-donna showing off group. Let’s stand in the corner and express our hatred of life through the form of modern dance group. I have a blog and I like to rant group. I just finished a BA in fine art and now I think the world owes me a living group. I’d really like to sell you my accountancy skills group. I met someone famous once and now I’d like to be famous just like them group. Did someone say free food group. I have an illegal download of photoshop group. I know which end of a pencil not to put in my ear group.

    In the end it would have been more honest to call it I am fundamentally unemployable group.

    But less about me.

    By Shimbo on 07.05.2013

  36. i used to think of myself as creative, carrying journals around with me wherever i went in case a thought came to me. i filled journal after journal with my words, verses in different language and song lyrics… and i loved through the words. life interrupts the creative mind, and now i am searching for that outlet again. one word helps.

    By amy on 07.05.2013

  37. in this age of high tech, we much search for ways to be creative, to get in touch with our arts
    Side in whatever form it takes.

    By Robin on 07.05.2013

  38. Everyone is creative! People who say they are not are lying — creativity is involved in daily life in little and big ways all day long. The way you drive, comb your hair, prepare your food, garden — creativity is everywhere, but some times it is hard to access. Let loose!

    By Carol Bailey Floyd URL on 07.05.2013

  39. I am a Creative person.I love Stumble Upon. I am doing It Job. My hobbies are reading novels ,playing games in a creative way.
    that’s all
    Thank you

    By Suryabhan Singh URL on 07.05.2013

  40. love life its something that comes naturally happiness enlightened see the world differently if you are creative you have no rules no guidelines just being you and you’re independent have your own mind free limitless

    By Chloe on 07.05.2013