June 10th, 2019 | 15 Entries

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15 Entries for “corner”

  1. La esquina. Marta would go there daily, waiting for Romeo to whisk her away. He never came. She promised him she’d be there and he never came.

    By Marta on 06.10.2019

  2. And in the red corner, we have the Devourer of All Souls. He sits with his tails all fluttering across his stool, drinking a Cosmo and stirring his cold soup with an ivory spoon. He recently got on testosterone, so he’s feeling good in his transition. Soup could use an extra soul, though. And salt.

    In the blue corner, the opponent smokes a cigarette and rethinks his challenge.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.10.2019

  3. I remember standing on a corner waiting for the school bus to come pick me up. It was ok when the weather was nice, but when it was stormy or snowing out then I didn’t enjoy the experience. I am glad I no longer have to wait on the corner.

    By Ami on 06.11.2019

  4. i stand in the corner of the room looking around, looking in. Always on fringes, never quite fitting in anywhere. From where i stand i can see everything yet I don’t have to be part of anything.

    By YoChar on 06.11.2019

  5. Last night I spent some time in the corner of my bed. I wanted to crawl into the dark closet and lie there for a while, leaving as many as undisturbed as i could. But ive been trying to stay away from that, I just wish everything wasnt so bright.

    By jasminemone on 06.11.2019

  6. Last night I spent some time in the corner of my bed, up against the wall. I wanted to crawl into the dark closet and lie there for a while, leaving as many senses as undisturbed as i could. It was painful. But ive been trying to stay away from that, I just wish everything wasnt so bright.

    By jasminemone on 06.11.2019

  7. She rounded the corner and almost ran into Justin.
    “Sorry, I gotta-”
    “Woah, hey, slow down, stop for a second.”
    “I don’t have a second.”
    “Don’t call me Deb, it’s not funny anymore.”
    “It was only ever slightly funny, not like a knock out or anything.”
    “Can I go, please?”

    By Bridget Grace on 06.11.2019

  8. There is always something unexpected lurking around the corner. We live in the grey of life, there is no black and white. That is an understatement, something we can all acknowledge. Our decisions and actions always have unanticipated consequences no matter how much we brace for change. This creates the grey matter we live in. But it is easy to move forward through the grey. All you need to do is step straight ahead, even if the path ahead is unclear. The troubles we face happen when we incur a corner. So, life is grey. Yes, but how do we keep going forward with such uncertainty when a corner appears? Conditions change, but a corner forces us to face the unknown that we may not even know is unknown. What do we do at a corner? We turn. But which way do we turn? And what if we go back instead of forward? What if there are some other directions other than backwards and forwards? Can we go up, down, around? Is there a way to avoid the corner? Or face the corner sooner? The corners in life are turbulent times, what no one anticipates. How might my life change as I come upon this corner?

    By Michelle Erdman on 06.11.2019

  9. I feel like I’m in a corner because Chris painted me here. He convinced me he should invest in my stock account and now his daughters want the monies from that account. I now have to shut everyone out. I don’t mind not talking to them but it’s so ugly.

    By Barbara on 06.11.2019

  10. the girl on the corner was selling lemonade for 25 cents. to help buy her a bike for the summer. So she can ride with her friends to the park. Instead of being on the phone all summer. She wants to enjoy it.

    By Daisy Lopez on 06.12.2019

  11. At the corner of my street we have a gas station with a subway in it. There is also a mexican man that sells produce to people, he wears a hoodie in 30 degree weather.

    By Devon Harrison on 06.12.2019

  12. Little Marta sat squalling in the “Wicked Corner.” It was as usual: back to wall, knees up, tears and drool streaking through the dirt on her face and legs, her mother sitting ten feet from her watching her like TV. Then at last it occurred to Marta to turn the tables.

    By Hope on 06.12.2019

  13. The corner where she sits is dark and gloomy. She is watching from her tent that is now wet from the rain pouring all around her. She hears every drop hit the roof of her tent, thankful she made the choice to buy an extra strong, waterproof tent. Especially after her last adventure of loosing her tent to another storm. It is her only pertection to her new home. She thought she would have this time to reflect with the sunshine. The weather report had said it would be sunny for the next two days. A storm was what is surrounding her, however she is protected and safe. She listens to the piter pat of rain falling. It lulls her to sleep. Her thoughts and sleep tonight are filled with a time not so long ago.They are her dreams and expectations of herself, no one can take away.

    By Donna Whiting on 06.12.2019

  14. So there is a corner here that comes up with a recording. SJSU’s should hoeing a and then we decided it was time to get yourself started and one they create d the most increíble onu andn

    By Cristina on 06.12.2019

  15. He ran into the corner of the coffee table. His brother was chasing him.

    By Jennifer Harris on 06.12.2019