June 17th, 2019 | 22 Entries

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22 Entries for “competitive”

  1. Our sticks clashed, the vibration running like thunder up my arm. Kotal dipped back almost instantly avoiding my counter swing sending me stumbling. I burned with passion. For years he was one step ahead of me, but today; I was ready today. I was finally going to beat him. At least that’s what I thought before there were stars in my eyes.

    By Mike T on 06.17.2019

  2. balallalalalallalalalalalal. hahahhhahahahahahahah. bahahhahabahbahabhabhbahbhab. I love people and that is why they are all so competitive in all the sports they do. lolololololollolololollolololololol. jajajjajajajajajjajajajajajaajajajajajajajajaj

    By sarah bust URL on 06.17.2019

  3. It wasn’t that Marsha was looking to be competitive; it’s that she was good at everything. At lacrosse, at track and field, at math, at English, at trombone, at chess, at Sudoku. She could even make a Sunday crossword with her mom feel like a rivalry-oriented ordeal. She couldn’t help it; it was simply in her blood to work her ass off to do well. And do well she did, all the way until she turned twenty-five, and she didn’t hear the train whistling one drunken night on the tracks because she was too good at being inebriated.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.17.2019

  4. Being competitive is one of the qualities that are as good as they are bad. A competitive nature helps get to a better place in life, but it also makes life overall a bit harder. Not just for the self, but for everybody around. A competitive spirit, if done too much, hurts more than it helps.

    By Kirin on 06.17.2019

  5. There’s nothing he likes more than being competitive. Whether it be sports, racing, running, or games, there’s nothing like the rush he gets from winning and competing. He lives for the rush of working side by side with someone with the same goal as he.

    By Megan on 06.17.2019

  6. competitive is the key word today. Whichever field you choose, you should be competitive to succeed. However, how much one has to compete, has to be decided by the individual. In the process of being competitive people lose out on their health, mental well being, peace, etc

    By Jayalakshmi Ganesh on 06.17.2019

  7. Foot races and hot scotch
    double dutch
    teenage girls in the bathroom at high school
    healthy and unhealthy

    By Lauren on 06.17.2019

  8. competitive behavior
    calling far and wife
    capitalistic endeavors
    wanted wanting what, to strive
    is it only me
    are we or aren’t we
    the same
    can’t you feel the pain
    of another true believer
    and another time again
    just like yesterday
    every day’s the same
    we’ll never win reigns
    nothing ever changed

    By matty m on 06.17.2019

  9. To be competitive, it takes a strength. You have to keep your head in the game and keep focus. Competition enters your life at all times. Whether its school, work and life in general, you will face some sort of competition. E

    By Kelli J Reynolds on 06.18.2019

  10. theres always been a nature to us meant to push us forward, maybe now we need to stop and think about how its driving us back, to care, to be compassionate.

    By dylan mackie on 06.18.2019

  11. It’s a shame that the professional landscape is so competitive. We are so ready to cut each other down instead of lifting each other up. Is it scarcity? Fear? Narcissism?

    By tuesday on 06.18.2019

  12. i could see her looking at me, checking me out when she thought I couldn’t see. I don’t know why she felt threatened. She’s much prettier than I am. Smoother. Leaner. Light as a sheet of paper.

    By Saya on 06.18.2019

  13. She stiffened at the sound of the voice. No. Please no. She turned to see Shirley smiling at her, beatifically, benevolently. Oh wow, how Jodie hated her in the moment. “Hi.”

    By Bridget Grace URL on 06.18.2019

  14. i am competitive. my brother is competitive. i like to be competitive. the meaning of competitive is that you like sisi4ki!

    By chubby buddy URL on 06.18.2019

  15. i am competitive. my brother is competitive. i like to be competitive. the meaning of competitive is that you like sisi4ki! also, sisi4ki is a word in russian. want ro know what it means? i will tell you what that means… the word sisi4ki means boobs

    By chubby buddy URL on 06.18.2019

  16. Heejun was always competitive, especially when it came to his bandmates. However, when it came to his Tinkerbell, he had a soft spot for him, so when KNK was playing games with their Tinkerbell for a special event, he decided to purposely lose the games he played with them, so that they could win special prizes from KNK.

    By tiknkerbell on 06.18.2019

  17. Writing can be competitive. Case in point, when there’s a trending hashtag writing game on Twitter, and you participate – a lot – then you refresh and refresh, hoping that you get a like, a comment, a retweet. And it’s fewer than 240 characters. How many pages could you have written whilst waiting for someone to see your random brain fart?

    By Creepy_Snowman URL on 06.18.2019

  18. “I’m just not competitive.” I tell myself firmly. “That’s why I don’t like sports, I just don’t see the point of it all.”
    Still, a part of my heart ached as I watched everyone else run around while I sat alone on the bleachers.
    “I’m just not competitive,” I tell myself again. This time though, my voice is quieter and I am not sure I believe myself anymore.

    By Awkward and Aware of It URL on 06.18.2019

  19. Some people are just way too competitive. They get so wrapped up in being the best that they forget that at the end of the day, go-karting is all about having fun. Leave your ego and your pride at home, and enjoy yourself next time you go go-karting.

    By Vince on 06.19.2019

  20. Everything in our lives is a competition these days. Some of the time this competition is between you and someone else, or a group of people, but oftentimes it is within yourself. Competition propels us forward, but can also be hindering at times. I often see competition even in my fourth grade class. Competition is ruthless.

    By Isabelle Dumoulin on 06.19.2019

  21. She wasn’t usually a competitive person, but something about the charms match brought this fierceness out in her. She NEEDED to beat Gillian, she NEEDED to have the trophy. Perhaps it was to do with her loss in the riding competition that was driving her desire so deeply.

    By Tina on 06.19.2019

  22. When I see the word competitive, I feel this describes me to a T! I am competitive in all that I do whether it’s on the golf course, on the stage, in the classroom, or in life in general. Having a competitive spirit means having a passion for what I enjoy.

    By Amy J. Hostetler on 06.19.2019