June 8th, 2011 | 835 Entries

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835 Entries for “corner”

  1. he backed me into the corner,
    that corner familiar and crooked and pointed into my face like so many options now erased
    he backed me into the corner,
    and held the smile on his face all the while, keeping me sedated with his charm and his touch
    he backed me into the corner,
    and i let him, submissively, unconsciously, lovingly leave me in the corner
    curled up into a little ball and sobbing, flooding my corner with the remorse for lost love

    By danielle on 06.09.2011

  2. I see the corner of his house and wait there patiently watching him from a distance as i see him come out of his house. I wish to be with him so badly. Oh how i feel like a stalker now for watching him and keeping an eye on his every lovely move. I miss him so very much.

    By Jeannie on 06.09.2011

  3. Corner.
    Funny, I’m listening to Penny Lane.
    Paul just sang the word corner.
    I have no connotations towards that particular word, so I might as well leave it at that.

    By Hollie URL on 06.09.2011

  4. at the corner store is where the children stop to get a sweet treat after getting paid what little weekley allowance they get. they wait in line for the old men to buy their newspaper and for the women to get their fruit and finally when it’s their turn, they pay the nice man and run along

    By aya on 06.09.2011

  5. The corner of your heart.
    Just around the corner of your eye.
    In the corner of my soul.
    Musicians are quite fond of using this word as some profound and symbolic metaphor for a place where feelings should be well hidden, yet they are blatantly violated on display for the world to see.
    Its 3 AM. Don’t judge my nonsensical ramblings.

    By Hollie URL on 06.09.2011

  6. The young man fiddled with the contraption, its pointy jaws wide open, beckoning something inside. He smiled, briefly, and set it in the corner. It was prepared for the prey.

    By Edna on 06.09.2011

  7. I was born in a corner, a place where nobody else lived
    I was dead there
    and dying
    I was alive there
    but only by heartbeat

    I was born in a corner, a place people stayed away from

    and I can’t pull out of it, it’s depths an endless black hole to swallow me up.

    By LostAsleep on 06.09.2011

  8. right in the corner of my mind is a space where creations go unnoticed. Corners in the place my home and my street are as lovely as corners any where else in the world. Every corner of the world is a place which is not on the corner of anybody’s mind.

    By Krishna Prashanth on 06.09.2011

  9. the corner is dark and damp and lonely. She sits there with her shoelaces untied, working out the knots and bumps that the other children left for her.
    Her hair is ratted and dirty, brown and mousy.
    Her deep blue eyes filled with tears, and her arms bruised all up and down.
    No one knows why
    why she cries.
    And no one ever asks.

    By Rachel URL on 06.09.2011

  10. arond here and a church at one end taxis never stopping trying to run you over

    By usershame URL on 06.09.2011

  11. In the corner she was left, crying. It was over so quickly she could barely understand what happened. Her eyes opened in awe.

    By Diana on 06.09.2011

  12. I like pie.

    By Bloop on 06.09.2011

  13. Nobody puts me in a corner.
    A corner implies control.
    A corner implies abuse,
    a hiding place,
    a den or fortress,
    safe from the world.
    But nobody
    puts me
    in a corner.

    By Nick on 06.09.2011

  14. You need to backed in to a corner to be able to understand who you truly are, the more you’re backed up you begin understand two new things about yourself: the first if you can get back up when you’re knocked down. The second is if you can better yourself when you get out so that it never happens again.

    By Paul URL on 06.09.2011

  15. He likes to sit in the corner, it makes him feel comfortable and quiet, like there is no one else in the room looking at him. It’s dark but it isn’t cold. It’s just comfortable in the corner.

    By Brendan Galinie URL on 06.09.2011

  16. I stared at it. We all knew what happened there. Nobody ever stopped there anymore. They’ve moved the bus stop back a few feet. For a while it was closed off, Police tape all around it. They still haven’t fixed the concrete.

    By Erynn URL on 06.09.2011

  17. corner of the room corner of the garden corner of the sofa corner of the restaurant the museum the corner of a book the corner of my life my thoughts my ideas dreams
    the corner i don’t want to be stuck in

    By tamar on 06.09.2011

  18. I don’t need to see it to know it’s there. Webs have begun forming over it, but it’s still there. I’m afraid to move it. I’ve begun to stand the stench.

    By Erynn URL on 06.09.2011

  19. I’m in the corner. Staying away from everyone. You can’t hurt me. I see it all. Viewing the world from a distance, not getting hurt.

    By caffeine on 06.09.2011

  20. She sat in the corner, alone and frightened. I tried to reach out to her but she began to kick and scream wordlessly. She crawled under a table , snarling like a small animal. Vicious,afraid. I reached in, tryingto grab her and she attacked me, biting my arm, hard and purposefully.

    By annes URL on 06.09.2011

  21. We talk ourselves into a corner
    While we’re running ’round in circles
    Darling, we never say exactly what we mean
    It’s always the same old game
    The same tired old game
    Can’t you say what you really think,
    Just this once?
    Get yourself out of that corner
    And speak your mind!

    By Emma URL on 06.09.2011

  22. a corner of a racing track. The raised corner that has to taken with pinpoint accuracy in order to be able to take the following one with the same perfection.

    By Tufu on 06.09.2011

  23. Bright lights suddenly blinded me. I took a step back only to hit a wall, my hands gripped whatever I could reach, my right hand wrapped around what felt like a corner. I pulled myself towards, my vision just barely coming back.

    By Erynn URL on 06.09.2011

  24. corner, where two walls meet.

    By loco on 06.09.2011

  25. corner? what do you put in a corner of a room? there are always random ass things at the corners of my house. things that are used just to fill up space. corners are dirty you can never clean them just right.. prostitutes stand on corners

    By Michelle on 06.09.2011

  26. The picture of a mannequin standing in a corner looked more like a little boy. There was a teddy bear placed behind him with purpose. It added perfection to the photograph.

    By lindsey on 06.09.2011

  27. Near the corner lived a very learned old lady, who when i used to go to school, would all ways pelt stones a me I could not understand why, but my mother would lash me when I told her what she did.

    By victor walkes URL on 06.09.2011

  28. In the corner sat a pile of picture frames. Frames filled with memories from decades, years, and months ago. Frames holding visual memories, but forgotten about and left in the corner.

    By paperplane2 URL on 06.09.2011

  29. It’s particularly excruciating to be in a corner, and left alone. Alone to bear the weight of the world; alone to feel the pain of the heart. But I never wished to be in the middle, too.

    By abii URL on 06.09.2011

  30. As the little girl sat in the corner she couldn’t help but wonder what lied beyond the door. She had seen many things pass, but none had returned. Not that she regretted sending her siblings back there… It wasn’t much of a loss.

    By Caitlin on 06.09.2011

  31. It’s particularly excruciating to be in a corner, and left alone. Alone to bear the weight of the world; alone to feel the pain of the heart. But I wonder if it always felt good to be in the middle always. I guess not. I’d rather stay here.

    By abysmaldreamer URL on 06.09.2011

  32. It’s particularly excruciating to be in a corner, and left alone. Alone to bear the weight of the world; alone to feel the pain of the heart. But I wonder if it always felt good to be in the middle. I guess not. I’d rather stay here.

    By abysmaldreamer URL on 06.09.2011

  33. Corner is a place where you put little kids who have been naughty. That’s right, the naughty corner. The naughty corner is a glorious place where you can plan mischief and revenge. mwahahahahahahaha!!!

    By JD on 06.09.2011

  34. around the corner is a cupboard with nothing in it. Not even a thought or a spec of dust. It is completely empty, empty like my mind. There is nothing to it, I promise you, not a single little thing. Not even the files are left there.

    By LeonvM URL on 06.09.2011

  35. “He really was in a corner. I am not incredibly surprised at the way things turned out.”

    “I know. We all thought that he was going places … then the drinking started. The extended lunches, the evenings spent partying with “important people”. He put himself in that corner. Sad, is all I can say.”

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 06.09.2011

  36. corner . a square has 4 corners
    every room has a corner. a corner is apoint. triangle has 3 corners. corner point ice cream is good. sitting in a corner and reading is awesome. corner is a corner

    By jyothi on 06.09.2011

  37. my mom put me in the corner for being very bad i did not like her, so i hit her and she grounded me for a week and i was sad cuz i could not see my friends she was being very mean and curl so i ran away

    By brooklynn on 06.09.2011

  38. just around the corner from my house was a little store. i remember walking in there as a child with my parents…they would let me choose whatever candy i wanted when we walked in there, but we didn’t often drop by. i didn’t eat too much candy as a kid. there were too many corners to bump into, so unexpectedly sharp, leaving bruises and bloody scabs.

    By anton on 06.09.2011

  39. in one hidden corner of my heart i know the change is yet to come. only I dont know when and how it will reach me, but its my destiny to open up my eyes and go out into the wild world to experience and see life ..

    By Julia on 06.09.2011

  40. There’s a shop on the corner of the street. It’s where two streets meet, at the end of one street. The shop is actually located in two streets.

    By Jade on 06.09.2011