October 11th, 2011 | 386 Entries

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386 Entries for “conviction”

  1. i have all of them. so many. it is me, I am obsession. Where is the music? This silence is blinding. Here I’ve got it, plug me into the speaker. We all flow. We all sway.
    Best day ever.
    Night. hug me.

    By Danica Daniels URL on 10.12.2011

  2. I need to have more conviction. I have lots of goals but no will-power or conviction to go through with them. I’m convinced of the value of the goals but not strongly enough to actually act. It really sucks how weak I am. Conviction: death sentence.

    By elizabeth b URL on 10.12.2011

  3. I would have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for these meddling kids always snooping around with their prying eyes. All the writing in the world couldn’t make me a better author, but the money could’ve made me a happier one.

    By Jade Carmichael Winslow URL on 10.12.2011

  4. I have a strong conviction
    That all car guards
    Are evil criminals
    Preying on the innocent
    Not even able to protect cars
    Stalking us as we leave the building
    Constantly drunk

    By Beautyfor_ashes on 10.12.2011

  5. i have all of them. so many. it is me, I am obsession. Where is the music? This silence is blinding. Here I’ve got it, plug me into the speaker. We all flow. We all sway.
    Best day ever.
    Night. hug me.

    By DanicaDee URL on 10.12.2011

  6. even if i had a wee bit more conviction when i decide to do something i’d be on top of the world right now… instead of changing my mind at the last minute every bloody time…

    By abimonica URL on 10.12.2011

  7. My convictions….I believe that love is the most important thing in the world, and that there should be no holding back from the truth. That there is no point in being unhappy. So don’t stay in a relationship or at a job because it’s easy or you’re afraid. Don’t hold back from true happiness.

    By mere URL on 10.12.2011

  8. Conviction is a word I haven’t seen in a while. It is a word that one doesn’t see every day.

    By Pilar URL on 10.12.2011

  9. Conviction. Strong, powerful. Passion in choice.

    By Cortland Van Schaack URL on 10.12.2011

  10. conviction is the mental mindset to go after something and grasp it. Conviction is necessary in many aspects in life. If one has conviction, he can do absolutely anything sets his mind to.

    By Michael Quinn URL on 10.12.2011

  11. Conviction is a strong word and with it it caries a lot of weight. It can mean the end of someones life with a conviction and they are sent to jail. Or a person can have strong convictions and will never back down from certain things.

    By Connor Sullivan URL on 10.12.2011

  12. Why are we constantly being accused for our actions. Its hard as a person of color in this world to constantly be put down. I feel convicted, contrite, and diminished of false accusations.

    By B Cintron URL on 10.12.2011

  13. Conviction. Where did it originate? Did some random person think it up in ancient times? Or did it come from deep within the human soul? Regardless, it is useful as a moral compass. My convictions have served me well. I’ve gotten through tough times. I know this will continue. I’m sure of it.

    By KevinHerrera URL on 10.12.2011

  14. there are two meanings to the word conviction. it can be said as a declaration that someone is guilty of a crime that is made or it can be a firmly held belief.

    By Matt Kavanagh on 10.12.2011

  15. Conviction is the desire to do something, a belief that you know is right. When someone plays on a team, they must have conviction to compete for the team and put the team ahead of everyone else. If people do not have this conviction then the team will likely flounder. People must have convictions in their life about something, or they will not live a life worthy of something.

    By Cooty URL on 10.12.2011

  16. Conviction means firm belief. Saying things with conviction means that you are confident in what you are saying. Saying things without conviction means that you are concerned about what others would think about your answer.

    By Daniel URL on 10.12.2011

  17. Conviction is the formal declaration that someone is guilty of a criminal offense. In Tinker v Des Moins, the Supreme Court did not affirm the conviction against the three students, in favor of Des Moins School District.

    By Alexa URL on 10.12.2011

  18. conviction can be described as two types of meaning. It can be used as a formal declaration that a person is guilty of a crime committed. Or it can be used as a firmly held belief or opinion.

    By Matt Kavanagh on 10.12.2011

  19. where’s your conviction? In your head? IN your heart? In your feet? Make no excuse for where it is, just find it and use it!

    By chris URL on 10.12.2011

  20. What you put into it. How hard you work. How much you are willing to give for something, the dedication you put into something. The passion you are willing to give.

    By charlie palmer on 10.12.2011

  21. f

    By geraldlogan URL on 10.12.2011

  22. con

    By geraldlogan URL on 10.12.2011

  23. i miss you guys

    By clayton jiang on 10.12.2011

  24. Conviction has a negative connotation. It reminds me of criminals, thiefs and vandals. The idea of conviction is suppressing because it is a formal declaration sentencing you to guilt, which you may not override.

    By castwood on 10.12.2011

  25. Convicted he was,
    without a doubt.
    His shadow was long
    As his chains dragged
    across the floor.
    He knew what was in store
    But he didn’t want to purchase
    A thing.
    He didn’t have a dime
    But still paid for his crime

    By Dave Mercer URL on 10.12.2011

  26. Something that I have. I’m guilty of. It gets me in trouble with matters of the head, heart and law. Mine are strong and irreversible. Each day i find a new one.

    By honestInjun on 10.12.2011

  27. I was always reluctant to decide on things. I have always been slow to come to any kind of conviction. Mostly because it mortifies me, shocks me, shakes me to be wrong. I can’t stand deciding that something is true, and finding out later that it is, in fact, false.

    I don’t want to say that he looks for me, too, because I’ve made that mistake many times before. Once bitten, twice shy. I’m searching for any gnashing teeth, but I only see his smile.

    By Tai URL on 10.12.2011

  28. i am convicted of anger
    for the first time in my life
    i was never one for madness
    i’m a sad girl, in strife
    i don’t allow myself to feel
    because i escape like a child
    and i run from my issues
    i’m always off somewhere hiding
    and now that i’ve experienced this loss
    and i’m madder than hell
    i can tell you it doesn’t help much
    i feel even more unwell
    i’m devastated by these emotions
    but i’m finally letting myself feel
    and the absolute agony
    is painfully too real
    i want to get out
    but i’m really not sure how
    so writing this bad poetry
    is all i’ll do for now

    © LL

    By lauren URL on 10.12.2011

  29. i hate it. I do not understand what is conviction. Please explain me the word. Convicted means found guilty?? Oh please tell me wat it is

    By Vikas on 10.12.2011

  30. I sit in my chair,
    relax every bone in my body,
    notes rolling over me,
    standing at the shore,
    waves bending beneath my feet,
    realizing the awe
    of the world,
    the sunset rolling down
    to the sea,
    breathing in deeply
    simple amazement.

    By Scythe42 URL on 10.12.2011

  31. It says a lot about the heart, when emotion turns into faith and your faith into your religion. Worshiping idols never took her very far.

    By Champagne URL on 10.12.2011

  32. think about the things that mean the most to you. how can you stand up for those things? that is what I think about conviction — take a stand and speak your mind

    By pam URL on 10.12.2011

  33. The wily Desdemona earned her conviction: that sly bastard Robert at her side, she’d brought old Frangia to the riverside, a bouquet of lobelia in her hair. Green water claimed the men, and Desdemona had taken off on Robert’s sweet Indian. She sits across from me in the cell, tempting dandelions to the window ledge with her stare, but tiny suns never bloom in this place, though my love does. Should she find out, I fear it will be me, in the cold, rank waters of our toilet, joining the men as the final part of Desdemona’s macabre menage a trois.

    By RS Bohn URL on 10.12.2011

  34. Conviction is being convicted of something of being accused, is it not? Like, I was convicted of stealing the apples. He was convicted of robbing the bank. I’m not sure if this is right…

    By Damaris URL on 10.12.2011

  35. Tom couldn’t believe it. The man who killed his wife was going free, on a legal technicality. No chance of a conviction..No chance at justice.

    By Ray Neighbor URL on 10.12.2011

  36. conviction. the days pass by in an ominous overcast, the languid sighs heard throughout the house where no laughter is heard any more. he was lost his a conviction, the stubbornness growing stronger each day.

    By Nicole URL on 10.12.2011

  37. I knew it !
    Nobody could be closer from the truth than I was.
    I so rule.
    Knew it, told you so, I can’t believe nobody believed me.
    One day, you will learn to trust he who knows better.
    One day.

    By Guillaume URL on 10.12.2011

  38. i believe that I need to keep on going and never stop. this belief stuck deep insdie my heart and head. I’m trying to go deep down and live beyond the ordinary. beyond the ordinary of a flashing screen because i know thaere is more. and that one night spent under the stars with food and servinng others is better than a million days of getting things going my own way. Let’s go and get down on our knees and serve.

    By Ylan on 10.12.2011

  39. I’m going to make her pay for making me feel guilty.

    By Delaine on 10.12.2011

  40. Conviction is a strong determination to do something with your life. You are driven by something within yourself. Whether you are proving someone wrong, proving yourself wrong or just pushing to the limits, conviction is the desire in oneself.

    What do you push for sir? Exactly.

    By kevinmeagher URL on 10.12.2011