October 8th, 2018 | 22 Entries

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22 Entries for “consequential”

  1. “There’s no matter to it,”says the other man in the room. Black suit, a black leather ledger, a few papers. “Just sign here. That’s all.”

    By Peter Westmer on 10.08.2018

  2. I certainly hope, my students, that you don’t believe your actions are insignificant. That they’re not…consequential, to use another word. You see, you have been told to sit still, keep your eyes down, and listen closely to any and all instructions. You have been told to speak only when you are spoken to, ordered to nod as confirmation and shake your head as denial. But I’m here to tell you that you can do more than that. You can speak. You can even scream.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.08.2018

  3. What was so consequential about the moment? The scene was the same as the day before. Okay, he was there, but so what, I had not cared about him for over a year. I did not care about him at that moment. I wish everyone would just get off my back and leave me alone. I did not care, I will not care. It ended badly and it will remain bad.

    By GmaCis on 10.08.2018

  4. Life is consequential, living as a car driving down a road with many turns, many stops, and many detours. The drive is long but a lot of the trip is beautiful. One day we will reach or destination

    By Jski on 10.08.2018

  5. By Justin Mularski on 10.08.2018

  6. she really made an effort. Would it have the desired consequences? Could she convince her boss again? All those extra hours, all this fast track work, all the extra duties she accepted. But no reward yet.

    By Silke Seßler on 10.08.2018

  7. The action was consequential to the Great Family of Lawrence. Upon arriving at the inn, an unexpected visitor came looking for the Lady of the Bridgette Creek. It was registered upon the face of the many the shock that came, upon seeing the sleek weapon on the hand of the visitor, whose face was covered with a black clothe, identifying the person as an assassin from the Duxe Shop.

    By Pen Jie Ming on 10.09.2018

  8. this word means so much to me. I just don’t understand how people can believe that some things that you do or don’t do are inconsequential. Actions beget actions, therefore they are consequential. My time is all most up and I have said nothing.

    By Aja D Brown URL on 10.09.2018

  9. She stifled a yawn. “It doesn’t seem like a big deal.”
    “It is a big deal.”
    “Okay, I believe you,” she blinked up at the screen.
    He waved his hand in front of her face, “Don’t fall asleep.”
    “I’m not… but… also maybe I am.”
    “You have to get this.”

    By Bridget Grace on 10.09.2018

  10. I don’t know what happened.
    But it did.
    Now I am facing it.
    It is consequential.
    So very.
    Yours sincerely

    By David van Niekerk on 10.09.2018

  11. The consequential happened yesterday. Because she was angry she caused the consequential, everyone was unhappy. This always happens when someone is angry, so at least act happy or smile!

    By Someone on 10.09.2018

  12. I am no one
    I am someone
    I am weird
    I am cool
    I like cats
    you might like dogs
    But everything is consequential!

    By Someone Unknown to you on 10.09.2018

  13. The things that you do will have consequences. Like, if you take out the garbage. That is consequential, because later, you won’t have to do it and you can do something else. But, they can also be bad. If you put off cleaning your room, that is consequential, because then later, you will have to do it when you could be doing something else that you would rather do.

    By Emma Reed on 10.09.2018

  14. what the heck does conquential mean where do people get these words its crazy.

    By renee schriml on 10.09.2018

  15. Consequences are a bit thigh I life and people live day to day and they always run into consequence

    By Jack Roach URL on 10.09.2018

  16. Consequential. Acting carefree and fearless. Taking the rose, ignoring the thorns. Drinking poison for the drunk feeling. Then one day, you fall, and the wool is removed from your eyes.

    By Anon on 10.09.2018

  17. It’s consequential. You pick up the rock. it feels rough in your palm. You weigh it it, consider its aerodynamic properties. You see the window. It’s the window of that kid who mocked you in 4th grade. It’s a sunny day. The glass flares gold. It seems to be bragging, You cock your arm and squint your eye. It’s the perfect rock, and it’s all consequential.

    By Brian on 10.09.2018

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  21. Consequential is a word that isn’t often used in today’s vocabulary, it means the outcome following a result.

    By Roy Howell on 10.09.2018

  22. this words mean to me is a consequence towards someone when someone does something bad or not they have to face the consequences say if you took stole something you have to face the consequence

    By jewel innes URL on 10.09.2018