February 9th, 2014 | 85 Entries

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85 Entries for “confide”

  1. I confide in the trees. I tell them my secrets and they never give them away. They’re also very good story tellers. The pictures in the bark, the scratch marks, the woodpecker holes; they all tell a different story.

    By Ally URL on 02.10.2014

  2. confide in friends they will be there for you this is a long run on sentence it will never end so be ready to keep reading without taking a breath i am never going to use an end

    By connie on 02.10.2014

  3. I rolled over in bed, turned my wife’s face towards me.
    I whispered in her hear my desire.
    To trust her, for her to trust me.
    This was our time, our intimacy.
    She knows my heart, my soul.

    By mtnslamgrass URL on 02.10.2014

  4. sorrow. Isn’t that what we confide. Guilt, the guilt of loving, hating, jealousy. Regret, regret letting the wrong ones in. showing the wrong skin, the skin we try so hard to fake.

    By G on 02.10.2014

  5. I cut my teeth on you.
    In other areas you weren’t my first, my second, much less my third.
    But in this one aspect, you were my first.
    So you are the one I think of first when it comes verbs like “to confide.”

    By Ash Wednesday on 02.10.2014