September 8th, 2013 | 107 Entries

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107 Entries for “complexity”

  1. The lines on the page blurred before her eyes, becoming a tangled mess rather than a diagram. This was supposed to be a map, a guide, but the paths curled and looped in an unmanageable fashion.

    By Sara on 09.08.2013

  2. It’s just not fair. I shouldn’t be forced to be in a place I’m unhappy in. If I have other options, why can’t I go? Where’s the complexity? I don’t want to stay bonded to some place I do not consider home. That’s where I should really be. Home. I want to be home. This is not home.

    By Ginette on 09.08.2013

  3. The complexity of the situation finally struck home. I looked first at Mark and then to Zan. Both pistols were aimed at my chest. I could feel a bead of sweat trickle down my forehead. Frozen where I stood, I started to laugh.

    By Eileen Maki URL on 09.08.2013

  4. complexibility.
    everything is complex.
    even the simplest things;
    the way the sun rises at different times everyday or
    how the stars are always aligned differently different periods of the year.

    the way we talk, move, think..

    By lauren on 09.08.2013

  5. complexity. this is the state of my brain right now. the inability to decipher how i feel and manage my emotions and guage my inner self. complexity is my mind when trying to figure out if im happy or sad or emotional or strong or all of the above or really none at all. complexity is trying to convince myself and everyone else that i’m fine yet i’m slowly dying inside.

    By sarah on 09.08.2013

  6. He didn’t understand them at all. They said one thing and meant another. It was hard to keep up, he tried his hardest, but he could never quite understand. There were many, many times that he was close to giving up, but didn’t. He was happy, it paid off in the end.

    By Vanessa URL on 09.08.2013

  7. there wasn’t a lot of things that confused michael, but this. this was complex. there were so many different things moving and twisting and stabbing and snatching inside this maze that he didn’t think anyone could solve it. not even the greatest minds in history like albert einstein or leonardo da vinci. let alone a group of kids who had been raised in a private institute away from the world.

    By cady on 09.08.2013

  8. My feelings today were mixed. I loved my family. I once said I wouldn’t care if they perished. That sentiment is no more. I resent ever having those feelings. Still, my parents and I don’t see eye to eye on social issues. Therein lies a rift in my utter love for them.I don’t want to love them conditionally. But they make me so mad!

    By Ruben URL on 09.08.2013

  9. The complexity of any relationship can not be stated. The factors that define them are endless. Actions whether past, present, or future, perceptions of those same actions, status, wealth, physical attributes, personality; all these and more come together to create what we call a relationship.

    By Tyrian URL on 09.08.2013

  10. Complexity is not always the answer. You think you need to form abstract, multi-layered representations of your love for me. I don’t need that. All I need is for you to say “I love you.” Say it. “I love you.” Scream it at the top of your lungs. I will be more than satisfied.

    By Amanda on 09.08.2013

  11. There is little in the natural world to rival the complexity of a politician’s mind. Behind all the wheeling and dealing, behind the promises and lies, there is a single, defining premise that governs all actions. This is, of course, self preservation.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 09.08.2013

  12. The History of Complexity could very easily be the chapter where someone was extremely bored by what was around them. And that’s when they noticed things.

    Marketing strategies for one.

    Chalk dust for another.

    And music. Because what better illustrates complexity these days that isn’t worrisome to think about…Syria? Seriously, this world we live in.

    By Intuition on 09.08.2013

  13. it difficult to distinguish the moment when one emotion goes to another. i thought i loved one boy. but there was a pull to another. i thought i loved one boy. and then i began to resent him. but i’d loved him for two years. but i hated being around him. i don’t know if the hate morphed when the other love began. it’s too complex to define.

    By Colleen on 09.08.2013

  14. this one’s a salve and that’s one’s
    a security blanket,
    but i
    to be in a good place for once
    and put this game to rest so i can
    find out what kind of expression you would make
    i’m really interested

    By taiga tsubasa URL on 09.08.2013

  15. “Elianna,” Jerome said, and she glanced up at him, her round blue eyes questioning. He had prepared this speech well, practiced it on his reflection, his dog, his pillow. So why was it so much more complex now? Weren’t they just words? Just simple words to spit out?

    “What, Jerome?” she asked, closing her novel.

    “Elli… I-I’m not the hero you think I am.”

    By Celeste on 09.08.2013

  16. The complexity of the move has caused the whole affair to take the entire summer. It seemed simple enough, until both houses had to be painted and fixed. And then the apartment came about. So now there were two places that everything needed to go to, not to mention the piano to the sister.

    By April on 09.08.2013

  17. She is still worried about the letter. Her hand held the complex words written on the plain white paper. How was she supposed to understand what was happening when the complexity of those sentences haunted her. She read adn reread all the words, stringing them together into what hse wanted to read. Damnit she though as she stared at the words, why could she not understand what was there.

    By Brianna URL on 09.08.2013

  18. Her heart beat fast as he stood in front of her. She knew it was coming, but she couldn’t handle the complex emotions that ran through her. She was nervous, scared, happy, excited. As he got down on one knee she gasped and caught a sob in her throat.
    “Brianna, will you marry me?”
    She stared into those brown eyes they were filled with so much love.
    “YES!” she said as she grabbed his face in her hands and pressed her lips to his.

    By Brianna URL on 09.08.2013

  19. I feel a bit anxious when I hear about somethings complexity. It makes me think that I don’t have enough prowess to understand something. I don’t like feeling inadequate. I don’t like not understanding something. I wish I were competent and confident in my competence. But I never am.

    By Melody on 09.08.2013

  20. Sometimes things in life are just difficult. You think everything comes easy, wake up, go to work, be happy with your job, come home kiss your husband and your baby, but then things don’t work out quite as you expected, it becomes… well… complex. Even graduating from college and working in the field you majored in seems like a dream come true, but it’s not quite what you were looking for. So which path do you choose?

    By anna on 09.08.2013

  21. The world is much simpler than you think. The complexity of human beings is really something we make up in our own minds as we try to make sense of life. But then again, aren’t we all just bundles of contradictions?

    By musicrazi on 09.08.2013

  22. Computers were beyond him. There complexity was matched only by his confusion when he looked at them. Even the buttons–each with two symbols and several functions beyond those–left him wincing and wallowing in utter ineptitude. Why did they always break right when school started?

    By L. A. Smith URL on 09.08.2013

  23. Ah, so many things in life are complex. Puzzles are complex, but also simple. You know the number of pieces, but it can take so long to construct. I just remembered my book of sudoku puzzles downstairs. I’ll fetch it later. I’m tired.

    By Kathleen URL on 09.08.2013

  24. keep on trying. Never say I can’t. Always say I can’t yet.

    By nada on 09.09.2013

  25. Felicia frowned, staring intently at the painting in front of her. The complexity of the detail grasping at her last bit of concentration as she dabbed her brush into the paint and once again touched it to the canvas. each line, the intricate detail, weaving in and out of itself to bring together the entire piece.

    By Elizabeth URL on 09.09.2013

  26. He looked her over. The complexity of her body made him want more. Made him wish she knew he existed. She sat across form him reading. She reached up, brushed her hair out of her face, pulling it to the side. She pushed her red glasses up and smiled at what she was reading. The way she moved drove him crazy.

    By Rachel Harr on 09.09.2013

  27. Spirals upon spirals upon more spirals still. Carlos couldn’t step away from the telescope. The thing just sat there, at the edge of the galaxy, so obviously manufactured, so obviously alien. Unknowable. Inscrutable. Imposing. Taunting with tantalizing knowledge all who could see it.

    By diuumbra on 09.09.2013

  28. Everything in my life is complex. I just can’t seem to figure things out…you know??? I struggle to grasp the workings around me. My dog: why does he chase his tail? My parents: why are they always so hyped up? My sister: she’s just crazy…

    I can’t. How do I live such a complex life? Wild animals don’t, do they? I mean, a monkey just relaxes with his family in the jungle doing what a monkey would do.

    By Jada URL on 09.09.2013

  29. i don’t know
    what it is about you that makes me
    feel like the inside of me
    is made up of tangled hair
    your hair
    you’re so simple

    By Sage URL on 09.09.2013

  30. Your smile is your greatest complexity. A simple gesture that holds so many meanings.

    A small one means you’d rather be at the dentist having a root canal than listen to my boring nothings, but you’re too polite to just get up and go.

    A flash of your dimple is a go-signal that I’ve successfully charmed my way to you (but you’re not ready to admit defeat just yet.)

    A grin is a warning that you’ve done something–usually when you’ve stolen popcorn from my bucket when I wasn’t looking or you switched our beers so you could get the bigger share.

    When I see your teeth, and your eyes go crinkly to the point of disappearing, that’s the kind of smile that gives me reassurance. The radiance of it is enough to make me believe that at that very moment, I must be doing something right, and you smile to no one but me.

    By eiram on 09.09.2013

  31. Sitting at one of the students’ desks, she stared out across the empty lecture hall toward the blackboard. The corridor filled with the sound of students rushing past, but Eva knew none would be coming in here today, the professor’s classes were all dismissed until they could find a substitute. She looked at the chalk numbers and symbols scribbled in neat handwriting across the surface, it looked beautiful, like a kind of art. She did not kid herself with even trying to decipher them though, maths had never been her strong suite. She was more the brute force kind of gal, taking action before weighing options or calculating odds.
    “Hell of a thing, hey?” a voice called from the doorway.
    The young man with the messy hair and the leather jacket must be him. The genius. The consultant that they had found for her to work with.
    Normally she’d take offence at calling in external help, but in this case, she didn’t mind overly much. From the coded messages and the cryptic telephone call to the agency, it was clear that a game was afoot; and it seemed wrought with a level of complexity that she could not begin to decipher on her own.

    By Minette Tonoli on 09.09.2013

  32. The world is incredibly vast. it is a managery of thoughts and actions. It is our job as scientists to understand the world and its many parts.

    By D on 09.09.2013

  33. The complexity of the job at hand did not prevent us from giving of our best in resolving the serious situation that sprang up from nowhere. With patience and faith in the belief that we would solve the problem without anyone gettting hurt.

    By victor URL on 09.09.2013

  34. The brain is a funny thing. It controls the human outlet. But what makes this brain so amazing? Well you see there are things called nerves and your brain controls this system. But you wouldn’t understand, would you? Its all too complex for you.

    By Sheena on 09.09.2013

  35. such a loaded gun. Complexity, and my thoughts scatter as far and wide as they can go to the deepest deserts in the realm of my mind.

    ‘Don’t bring me forth, otherwise I have to explain and I have no idea where I came from, what prompted me, or what I mean. Don’t ask me to explain.’

    Sometimes life is like these fugitive thoughts.

    By nytrist URL on 09.09.2013

  36. Something that is hard to define, full of depth and meaning. may not be easy to understand at first but is normally satisfying to know about once you have understood it. Life is complex. Love is complex. The best things in both are complex.

    By Tavi on 09.09.2013

  37. its a complex that’s really difficult sometimes

    By Joshua Buckley URL on 09.09.2013

  38. What does that word mean I do not I cant write a story

    By haley halveland URL on 09.09.2013

  39. The man followed you you talked to him he said dont go to sleep you ran away.

    By christopherpatton on 09.09.2013

  40. Complexity boggles my mind, encroaches on my affinity for simplicity, but I do love alliteration and that is quite complex at times. Constructing complex word forms, ahh…how much fun I’m having doing it.

    By eden baylee URL on 09.09.2013