January 12th, 2013 | 231 Entries

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231 Entries for “compass”

  1. A compass is a useful device. No matter how much one waivers, it always points to the true source. But society acts as it we need no compasses, and I act like I don’t have a compass. Of course we have compasses, and we need to use them and not merely decide for ourselves what direct “north” is; it’s one direction, and it’s the same for us all.

    By Denis A. URL on 01.12.2013

  2. The compass of my life is slowly settling down so I can see the way to go. One novel written now needs to be actively marketed to agents or maybe later self-published. Then I will be on course for my retirement years in the sun – actually and metaphorically.

    By Annabel on 01.12.2013

  3. It was showing north. According to Tom’s old compass they should go exactly the way they were already going. But … There’s always but …
    Would this work on this Island ? Everything on the island takes place randomly and never acts as it should, every watch gives different hour and even if you try sincing them they will go back to random setting within next 10 minutes. Would compass work properly, was there even a chance that it would be the only thing that is normal. Tom was about to find out.

    By Omnix URL on 01.12.2013

  4. I’ve always known my moral compass was unbalanced. The arrows were skewed, or the mercury was off, or something. At any rate, it never pointed me in the right direction.

    By Gwyn_Paige on 01.12.2013

  5. never sure where i’m going and always willing to get lost on the way. somehow i’ve got a sort of path. still sort of willing to deviate but so exciting to get out of here and see the world. i know it will be worth it have my hammock in the sun. right there between in the trees by the speakers and my hut.

    By Lj URL on 01.12.2013

  6. A moral compass pointing towards true north. A candle light guiding me home through a dark, cold, unforgiving wilderness. The light of you, oh Lord, to me.

    By Cordes on 01.12.2013

  7. direction to places known and unknown, discoveries, adventures, new lands and new peoples, trade in culture and merchandise, spices, conflict, old versus new, guide, seeking something to fulfill the current world, something from the past to remedy present pains, seeking the truth, seeking the light, as you see the light walk in it, find what is being sought.

    By Chester Murphy on 01.12.2013

  8. the compass points East. WHere is east? Shall I go East? where will it take me? East… What is there? New places, new people, new experiences. What do I do? I’ll go west. Yes, thats what i’ll do.

    By Marco on 01.12.2013

  9. I need a compass for life. How do I know which way to go? Well I don’t. And nothing is coming out of my head besides dirty worms. And they don’t know which way to go either. Silly worms. What are they good for. They aren’t very tasty at all. And they won’t do my dishes. Maybe a hippo would.

    By Marie URL on 01.12.2013

  10. I look at the compass, wondering where it will take me. Yeah, where ever it points to I will go. I have no destination in mind. Just some place where my thoughts can run wild and I am free fr

    By vale8 on 01.12.2013

  11. My compass is her time of the month, period.

    By T1DSurfDad URL on 01.12.2013

  12. A compass is a small little device, with north, west, south, and east on it. It has an arrow that is used with a magnetic field. The compass is mostly used by hikiers, campers, or sailors. Whenever their electrical devices do not work due to lack of signal within the are they are in.

    By Rose on 01.12.2013

  13. My compass points toward you. Always, and I hope that will never change.
    The Golden Compass! What a good book.
    North, south, east, west, although I always get confused between which one is left and which one is right.

    By Jason URL on 01.12.2013

  14. I need a compass in my life. Not the little device used literally for direction, but one in my heart and brain. Where they connect and understand each other. I don’t know where to go from here, my life has just began and it is up to me to be an individual but i don’t know where to start. I don’t know where to go.

    By RosA on 01.12.2013

  15. The compass of life is inside of you. Be mindful of where it leads you because your mind will often want to override it. The compass is driven by emotion, by the feeling that you are in harmony with life and with your Divine purpose. No need to backtrack if you feel that you have gotten lost. Simply refer to your internal compass and start walking in the appropriate direction.

    By Jackie URL on 01.12.2013

  16. As the boat conquered the fighting white caps it continued to steer towards the old light house, where the drop was, where fish came to feed. It used to be you only needed a compass to find it but now there was gps, a new generation.

    By Freedom URL on 01.12.2013

  17. Stab me in the face with a compass. I feel kind of ugly. Maybe if someone loves me I’ll even look beautiful with a scar straight down the middle, I’m practically Harvey Dent.

    By H URL on 01.12.2013

  18. My head has its own compass and it directs me in the logical way to go, and usually, it’s right. But this time, my heart compass decided to take over and point me in the direction of him. Surprisingly, my head and my heart actually lead me to the same place.

    By Ashley URL on 01.12.2013

  19. Everybody’s moral compass points north, and no one bothers to question why. North has never been forward, nor has it ever been backward. Magnets tell us nothing about the direction we should take in life, and frankly, I’d personally like to forego the compass entirely. A moral map is what I need, with destinations and roads, and my decisions on which paths to take and which towns to travel through.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.12.2013

  20. The compass pointed North but I doubted it was right as I had been going in this direction for the past three hours, I would have hit the cabin if I was headed the right way. Great. I was stranded in the middle of the woods with nothing but the broken compass.

    By Glitz URL on 01.12.2013

  21. Which way do you really go? Which way do you follow? When people say compass you can’t help but think of the direction of your life and if it’s going the right direction or not. Yet you know it’s not. You have to follow the opposite direction of the compass to find an adventure. To show everyone that the right way is not always the way to go. Sometimes you have to go the opposite way.

    By Adelita on 01.12.2013

  22. One small, round object; expected to encompass the grand responsibility of directing a life. An arrow, pointing always in the same direction; so no matter how badly you struggle in your move forward, you can always find your way back.

    By Saya on 01.12.2013

  23. There is a compass in my heart which often points me to true North if I am paying attention. Sometimes the busy busy of this life creates too many outside distractions. I try to stay attuned as best as I can.

    By Carol Bailey Floyd URL on 01.12.2013

  24. Ticking but not clicking like a clacking clock of time, it tells instead the true path to your heart and to mine.

    By Jorge Franco IV URL on 01.12.2013

  25. she didnt know where she was going. she didnt know who her friends were or what love meant. she just wished she knew. she wished that somebody would invent a compass to guide her in life. she felt lost and scared. All these thoughts invaded her mind. Her hands were freezing and she knew that she had to make a choice or else she would die. She did a swirl and decided to go north. That night she reached a cabin. This wasn’t the day she was supposed to die.

    By hagumpi on 01.12.2013

  26. A compass can take you to new places, on new adventures, to another heart. I would follow my compass to the ends of the earth if that meant a new me. With a compass there are so many possibilities, north, south, east, and west. A new direction would spin me around.

    By Fenwick on 01.12.2013

  27. To a compass: Upon your face is four directions and an arrow. Only you can point the way. Take me there.

    By Fenwick on 01.12.2013

  28. there was a compass whos name was matty and he was never used and got very sad and died in a closet after being put away forever by his owner .

    By samantha URL on 01.12.2013

  29. Compasses are a great way to help you get around. Sometimes you’re lost in the woods and you’re all like, “Hey where the hell am I, bro?” Then you consult your compass and it’s all like, “You going south.” And I’m like, “Thanks compass, you legit!” “You’re welcome, Terry.”

    By Terry on 01.12.2013

  30. I didn’t want to know which way was up or down. The compass was my heart. That was the true direction I needed to follow

    By Sam leuck URL on 01.12.2013

  31. Guidance, direction, the pursuit of serenity. A compass is less of a tool to discover your surroundings and more of one to discover yourself.

    By Mikaela on 01.12.2013

  32. when am alost i dont need a compass. i dont want to be guided by some manmade machine or whatever. i’d rather find my way out with my own mind and imagination. this way i can be sire that i have chosen the right direction wherever it leads me. wherever i go. i rely. on. myself.

    By whatsernameagain URL on 01.12.2013

  33. Set your compass to ENE and follow the path for a quarter of a mile.

    You’d think we were looking for buried treasure or something, instead of
    going on a stupid Scout hike, trying to earn a badge in
    orienteering. What a waste of time, but my parents made me do it.

    By chipschap URL on 01.12.2013

  34. Ashley looked at the metal object in her hand and wondered idely how it could be wrong. But there she stood on the edge of the waterfall that lay in the exact opposite direction she’d wanted to go. She peeked over the edge and sighed staring once again at the lying piece of metal in her hands.

    By Abby on 01.12.2013

  35. The needle of the compass kept spinning confusingly around. He realised that i was lost in his own mind. She, the map, didn’t want to be in there with him. The colors of the darkness kept fluttering about.

    By Duxron on 01.12.2013

  36. A compass? Really? It’s 2013, and I have to get to work using a compass? This isn’t fucking lord of the rings, you moron! We have cars! How the fuck am I supposed to use a compass on my way to work? Hm? Just check it while driving on the highway? And when a police officer pulls me over I’m just going to have to explain to the guy I’m using a compass, as something that actually gives me directions of where to go.

    By .Theo URL on 01.12.2013

  37. The compass pointed towards the Dekoven Mountains. They were treacherous, and no one had survived the crossing — ever. At least that’s what the legends said. My companion looked at me, “Are we going?”

    By Kristina URL on 01.12.2013

  38. Oh compass, speak to me please. Which way should I go? To the north there is emptiness, to the south there is despair. The road to the west is a dead end. The path eastward is a broken bridge. And the place where I stand is a lonely intersection. Oh compass, get me out of here. I need an escape.

    By untamedimagination URL on 01.12.2013

  39. I know where I must go now. The path has been set. HAHAHHAA Nothing can spot me now. YOu can try and I know you will, but it will only be a waste of time! BEHOLD! My strength has surpassed my frormer self, be afraid.. BE AFRAID!!!!!!!!!! BUAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA

    By Moo on 01.12.2013

  40. The world is a marble in a vat of glitter and space. It’s tiny, but at the same time it is huge. I am out there, in the middle of nowhere on that sea-whipped, wind-whirled sphere, and all I have to find you is a compass.

    By F on 01.12.2013