August 20th, 2012 | 295 Entries

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295 Entries for “comfort”

  1. You have a comfort with this guy.
    The comfort we have right now is pretty much nice.

    By ernie on 08.20.2012

  2. In the comfort of his own home, Darrius slipped into the dress he’d stolen right off a mannequin, and the whole thing had been much easier than he’d thought, because even though the alarm tag was attached, it had been a simple thing to cut around it, and he could sew well, was good on the machine and by hand, and he’d do it justice when he stitched it back up.

    By Candice URL on 08.20.2012

  3. He is so happy. His couch is so soft. If he had a choice, he would carry the couch with him all over the place, so he could feel its softness. But he can’t. Just the thought of unsoftness hurts his skin.

    By Zeffy Yeo on 08.20.2012

  4. Cushions, pillows and throw pillows. Billions upon millions of them. A huge big pile of them. A big multicolour mass. That is comfort.

    By Anastasia on 08.20.2012

  5. Comfort in a stranger’s land is hard to discover. Endless ants seem to crawl all over you; you don’t feel safe where you are. Adaptability. That’s what it takes.

    By Desiree J URL on 08.20.2012

  6. There is no comfort in the world. When you sit and stare through that sheet of glass and wonder if the grass will get any greener, know that it won’t. The only fields of joy rest in your mind’s eye. When the time comes there will be no one there to help you. You will return to the universe and that will be the end. No ending credits, no redemption. No one to hold your hand as you step into the eternal.

    By Jack Ledem on 08.20.2012

  7. The soothing sun’s rays gave her the only comfort she could take after a hellacious night. Her legs were tired from running; her back hurt from bending over and her hands still ached from gripping the long handled steak night. Just because the daybreak was evident, didn’t mean the threat was over. She knew that life wasn’t a horror movie, with the sun announcing the end of the psycho after her. No. He was still out there looking for her, and sun shining or not, she knew she had to be ready for anything he was going to bring her way.

    Suddenly she heard a branch snap…

    By Tina Glasneck URL on 08.20.2012

  8. I took a certain comfort in convincing that I wasn’t entirely alone. Surely someone else had experienced this kind of thing before. I simply wasn’t prepared for it all. I was taken aback, and then some. I took a deep breath, set my shoulders square, and prepared my bravest face as I stepped out into the light. After all, there had to be someone else in the world who’d suddenly woken up with an alarmingly sparkly alicorn in the middle of their forehead.

    By naturemummy on 08.20.2012

  9. i walked towards her comforting open inviting warms. her eyes were beckoning mew to come to her. i leapt into her arms and expirienced a sense of comfort i never felt

    By lola on 08.20.2012

  10. We all need it. In all forms. I would like to have many friends who´d comfort me.

    By Barbara on 08.20.2012

  11. They say comfort is the most important thing for confidence. When you are comfortable in a situation, that is when you come off the best, and can get your point across or be confident. Comfort could also be dangerous. If you get too comfortable in situations, you could loose everything. Comfort is beautiful, and dangerous.

    By idance5678 on 08.20.2012

  12. comfort is something I feel when I am surrounded by the familiar

    By mariel vaca on 08.20.2012

  13. is what i look for…. i am a little uncomfortable but i know what has to be done no one actually has comfort

    By farhan on 08.20.2012

  14. The blackeyed peas and cornbread were the first things I added to my birthday menu. Cabbage was next. Not being a big ham eater I decided that salmon was the way to go… but truth be told, the standby comfort foods of cornbread and blackeyed peas was all I needed to make me happy.

    By Katherine on 08.20.2012

  15. love happiness truth honesty…all in my bed i will not hold back i will make you feel and i will help you to learn with all these things that make us turn

    By hannah on 08.20.2012

  16. My mother took me on a trip where we sailed a kanoo, it was really fun to spend some quality time with my mother. In a stressed everyday like ours, it’s the little things we love.

    By Pernille Hnsen on 08.20.2012

  17. What is comfort? There is the comfort you feel from sitting in a nice soft chair, and then their is also the comfort you feel in familiar settings. You could take your softest chair and put it in a room in Iraq where you are surrounded by a terrorist cell, and you would feel comfort.

    By Valentine on 08.20.2012

  18. As I walked into our bedroom, he spread his arms for me to come to him. Although I knew it was wrong, I couldn’t resist the stability I knew his embrace would induce. I walked across the room and fell onto his warm chest. There we lay, without speaking… And never have I felt more at home.

    By Marysol on 08.20.2012

  19. comfort means that you feel happy in whatever. There is comfort food, comfortable clothes and comfy sofas. There’s ever a washing powder called comfort.

    By Jess on 08.20.2012

  20. the blanket and pillow gives me comfort at night when i cry myself to sleep. It’s like they’re the only ones who care about me and my feelings. They know the real me. Cause they actually take the time to listen.

    By Natasha Sweed on 08.20.2012

  21. I tried to find comfort after the night my girlfriend was found naked, mutilated, and unconscious in her bedroom. I tried to understand just what had happened. The walls of the hospital had become my second home, as I sat beside the woman I loved as the doctors tried to nurse her back to health. My fingers stroked the lacerations that were only just beginning to heal, and I struggled to stop my tears from striking her where it hurt the most.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.20.2012

  22. Nothing is comfortable anymore. I just got to college. Every experience is new, every day an absolutely new adventure. Comfort has no place here. And I love that. There’s peace in a lack of comfort. I just have to trust people, and more importantly trust God. I love this utter lack of comfort.

    By scott.shaver on 08.20.2012

  23. I know that when I think of the word ‘comfort’, it’s the little things that spring to mind. It’s probably very materialistic of me to say, but my comforts are the things I couldn’t live without; my MacBook, my iPhone, my car, my TV and my surround sound.

    By Sarah Jane Owen on 08.20.2012

  24. Something that can’t be forced upon someone, pushed onto their back when they are already heavy with burdens. Burdens of love, hate, sorrow, and anxiety, with a new burden of pretending to be comfortable laid on top.

    By Sammi on 08.20.2012

  25. my dogs breath. his sweet dirty smell. his warm eyes and my mothers smile. my bed in november and the tile floor in the summer. my circle of friends.

    By Lily on 08.20.2012

  26. When I think of comfort, I think of my dog. Just snuggling in bed, listening to my favorite bands. I think of cuddles. I think of lazy Sunday’s with my mom watching Netflix. I love comfort. It’s something everyone should feel all the time. It’s just the best feeling ever.

    By Kasaundra on 08.20.2012

  27. (for yesterday’s word that i missed:

    i swallowed salt, 
    of the sand, 
    and of the sea.

    the water fell in
    love with the
    path of my lungs.

    i looked at you,
    and promptly
    drowned again.)

    – – –

    (for today’s word:

    when you read these words,

    – may your hands wring your heart
    until a dragon can get drunk
    on the blood in the cup

    – i hope your skeleton collapses into
    yourself, a fat boa constrictor
    introducing ribs to your lungs

    – may your hair twist into snakes 
    until you become a gorgon, 
    ugly and love-resistant

    – i hope you feel utterly alone
    like the man who was left
    behind on the moon

    – you will inevitably, irrevocably
    be disturbed by any and all
    of the memories you own.

    sincerely yours,

    By isa on 08.20.2012

  28. To comfort someone is often the best medicine. I know when I am down I often do not at the moment wish to be comforted. Sometimes I just want to sulk. However, being comforted can be much better for you in the long run. I don’t know about other people, but that’s just me, to put it simply.

    By Emily on 08.20.2012

  29. There’s only one way to describe comfort and that’s relaxation. Perfect apathy for everything that cpuld possibly come your way. Comfort is w]physical, it is mental it is calm and collected. Comfort is ultimately, everything. If you go out of your comfort zone, doesnt

    By Eden on 08.20.2012

  30. live and love
    my bed. i sleep on a cloud of clouds

    By Marr on 08.20.2012

  31. i have a wonderful girlfriend who comforts me when i feel down. she gives me hugs and supports me when i need comforting. i love her so much for that. i comfort her too when she needs it.

    By Ben on 08.20.2012

  32. Conformt is the feeling you get when there are no dangers, or worries in your mind. You achiev when you are in a homely place, and you are relaxed. You are surrounded with friends, or are happy with friends.

    By Konrado URL on 08.20.2012

  33. if there is always comfort does that mean there is never challenge? the most interesting parts are when one challenges his comfort.

    By Daniela on 08.20.2012

  34. lying in bed and stretching my entire body. sleeping in the car on a long road trip. eating seafood and getting my hands dirty like it’s fun. laughing. being with my family. that’s comfort.

    By Na on 08.20.2012

  35. comfy. something that everyone experiences one time or another. beds.sitting. laying down. feeling loved. getting hugs..listening to music. laughing. smiles. kisses. chocolate. floating. listening to the beach, the sounds of the waves. doing nothing. enjoying your work. doing things that you would never have done. support. friends. having things in common. having fun

    By Kiara on 08.20.2012

  36. I find comfort in books, they transport me from this terrible situation I find myself in. I find comfort in this land, it is ancient and will not forsake me. I find comfort in you, despite my many flaws, you are true.

    By Beau on 08.20.2012

  37. she found comfort in the places she didn’t think she could, but most of all, she found herself scared of the comfort she felt around others. if people could provide her with such comfort, then what happens when they’re not there anyone. who’s there to comfort her then? she wasn’t sure, and while she knew it would build her confidence, she wasn’t sure she wanted to find out.

    By kerry on 08.20.2012

  38. he lay there, naked beside her. Her arms draped about him, her breath in his ear, her warmth nearly smothering him. He could fell her heart beat and yet felt miles away. the morning light creeped threw the shades.

    By rummydiver on 08.20.2012

  39. It’s when my boyfriend hugs me very tight and kisses me very sweet. That’s comfort – when you feel you are loved and taken care of.

    By A. on 08.20.2012

  40. it’s about that fluffy feeling when you are happy. It’s when after a rainy day you just lay in your bed with a good book and a hot cup of tea. And your boyfriend hugs you and kisses your forehead.

    By delirel on 08.20.2012