January 10th, 2017 | 27 Entries

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27 Entries for “comet”

  1. It is rare indeed that you see a wonder as shiny, as astounding. As bright as a star, as warm as the core of the earth. Comet, his eyes as I gaze deep into them, his tongue as he rushes to lick me and his paws as they trample me over to return the ball he had just fetched.

    By Radhika Saraf URL on 01.10.2017

  2. Comet, asteroid and meteor are three words that I am familiar with but do some times confuse. I think comet is simply a rock flying through space. Asteroid is what hurls toward earth and meteor is what the asteroid is called once it hits the earth. Right or not?

    By Ali on 01.10.2017

  3. They said that one day, the stars would fall, one by one, like white hot snow descending on a barren valley. We would sit by our windows then, watching each fireball descend, while comets streaked the sky like cold, icy ribbons on parade. Of course, the stars wouldn’t fall; they couldn’t. They remained in their cosmic cradles, unwilling to sleep for another twenty billion years.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.10.2017

  4. It’s beautiful; arcing through the sky like a river of fire and trailing banners of flame behind it. What’s more beautiful is the girl next to him; and how her hair sways in the sultry night breeze. He can forget, up here on Rook’s Hill; forget that he lost his leg and his brother in the crash. Pretend he’s just another teenage guy stargazing with his girlfriend.
    But then the comet disappears, and she hops up with starlight reflected in her eyes, and he’s left on the ground scrambling for a foot that isn’t there.

    By SentientExistence on 01.10.2017

  5. If I see a comet tonight it means I am supposed to call. I thought.

    Why else would a piece of space rock flies thru the atmosphere if it doesn’t symbolically mean I have met my soulmate. Am I really using the universe as my own love me not flower? Humans are weird.

    By procrast URL on 01.10.2017

  6. i can still remember it. The tv was on was to keep my eyes occupied but the sound was set to 3 bars so my ears would not keep me up. That late night comet detergent commerical was playing when the phone rang.

    your dad is in a coma. We found him on the floor. that was all i heard even tho she kept speaking. Those words echoed in me bouncing around in the sudden hollowness i felt inside.

    By procrast URL on 01.10.2017

  7. There was once a time my people loved to watch the night sky. Filled to the brim with stars and planets. Until the showers started. It was like sparklers falling to the ground, not particularly harmful. They grew bigger with time. Our ways of life changed, until we lived underground and no where else.

    By Rain URL on 01.11.2017

  8. Comets are frozen chunks of space debrue that either fall to the earth or pass by it. They are spectacular occurrences either way. Often tracing an invisible track in the

    By Jonathan Saine on 01.11.2017

  9. i see it before others do.
    i’ve always loved the stars before, their presence calming me. but tonight something is different.
    it burns brighter and bigger than the others.
    then i saw that it moved, and its tails.
    but it was too late.
    by the time the emergency news started, the comet had become too big to be safe.
    i guess this is it then.

    By Tasya URL on 01.11.2017

  10. A comet is a round opject in the ski. it shines brightly in the sky and burns. I lik comets very much.

    By Gregory on 01.11.2017

  11. It was later reported that it had come hurtling through the grey sky above the city like something foretold in holy books. In reality, it first appeared to the citizens of York as little more than a light smudge in the clouds, albeit an ominously fast-moving and inexplicable smudge.

    By Agita on 01.11.2017

  12. He squinted into the night sky, as if a light was blinding him. She handed him his glasses wordless and he put them on, straightening out his face and relaxing his shoulders. She grinned to herself and stared straight forward, trying to distinguish the dark horizon line from the edge of the night.

    By Bridget Grace on 01.11.2017

  13. It’s one of those times that the emotion just appears out of nowhere. it’s a comet, it’s come and it’s gone and I haven’t a clue what to do when it comes, lost when it’s there, confused when it’s gone. where did it come from? Did someone send? I don’t know, I’m probably just tired. But it’s a comet and it’s almost hit us but we’ve survived.

    By Megan on 01.11.2017

  14. shooting through space a glimmer in your eyes a shooting star?, a comet soaring through space the rocket

    By don URL on 01.11.2017

  15. A comet is in space. It is firery. It is far away from earth. It’s not man-made. It’s God-made. You can see it flying across the atomosphere.

    By Ti on 01.11.2017

  16. Burning and blistering through space, reaching as near a mythological level as the dinosaurs one killed. Except comets are still around, and ready to give us a similar fate.

    By Thia on 01.11.2017

  17. You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen.. Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen… But do you recall, the most famous reindeer of all?

    By homeschooler on 01.11.2017

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    By Jefferson on 01.11.2017

  19. If the dinosaurs were wise they would have prayed when they saw the comet coming but I’m sure god would have ignored them anyway so maybe they were wiser just going on with their day as death hurtled toward them. So smart those dinosaurs.

    By Casey F on 01.11.2017

  20. the comet flew across the sky as thousands of people turned their heads to look at its beauty it didn’t know that it was going to destroy civilization and neither did anyone else oh well

    By Olivia on 01.11.2017

  21. Participate

    By Layla on 01.11.2017

  22. The baseball flew at my head like a leather and cloth comet. I froze. All those hours of catch with dad in the backyard flew out the window. Glove up like an ice cream cone, or sideways and up like a visor? I couldn’t remember. And a few moments later, I couldn’t see out of my left eye.

    By Chris URL on 01.11.2017

  23. Comets are bits of ice and dust that forms a tail of gas and dust bits when near the sun.

    By Jada Engel on 01.11.2017

  24. I was dreading the idea of it. I’m not much for cleaning anyway. But when my mom gave me the sponge and Comet, I knew I had to do the tub and toilet. Maybe they’ll play some good songs on the radio to scrub by.

    By Marie on 01.11.2017

  25. Comets are very interesting. You can sometimes see Haley’s comets with the naked eye. I have read that you have the possibility of seeing Haley’s comet twice in your lifetime. I’m not sure what they are made of.

    By Robin on 01.11.2017

  26. It all started in New York City, where the comet was rushing towards them at 900 miles a hour, threatening to kill them all. Everyone was terrified. But little 6 year old Carol had an plan to save everyone. Of course, she would have to get help from the firemen and policemen. She would ask the firemen to climb their ladder and use the policemen’s pa system to ask everyone to calmly get into their cars and drive out of New York City. Everybody more-or-less did as asked. And they all made it out of there, away from danger. Carol had saved the day. Her family was so proud of her! And that’s the story of how Carol saved all of New York City from a dangerous comet.
    The End

    By Julianne Engel on 01.11.2017

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    By Darren Dutch URL on 01.12.2017