March 8th, 2018 | 44 Entries

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44 Entries for “comedian”

  1. what is so funny about a comedian?
    I answer the question myself
    Does it help to stand up or sit down?
    The bell.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 03.08.2018

  2. Comedians aren’t always funny. They stand up there with the bright lights and speak into the adoring audience. But they belittle people’s really experiences, people’s pain. Is laughing at pain really a good thing? Other people’s pain? But far worse are the comedians you find in the school yard.

    By Marisa Noelle URL on 03.08.2018

  3. A person who makes us laugh, no matter what our state of mind is.It’s not an easy thing to make others laugh; but comedians are able to do that. Kudos to them!

    By Janaki Srinivasan URL on 03.08.2018

  4. that comedian was the funniest person every. comedian is a person who is really funny and makes u lauph.

    By nathaniel on 03.08.2018

  5. a person that usually makes someone laugh. have a good day………

    By nathaniel on 03.08.2018

  6. It was my first stand up routine and I was bombing. I was trying so hard, I had prepared for so long, and I cared too much. That was when I realized where my edge needed to be as a comedian. The audience was picking up on my anxiety and it was making them anxious too. Anxiety is the last thing the audience of a comedian needs to feel. So I decided right then and there that was not going to care anymore, I would perform as though I did not have a single care in the world. I would take the responsibility of not having to worry away from the audience. From then on all I ever heard was laughter.

    By Fair Enough URL on 03.08.2018

  7. I hope you like being with a comedian, ’cause I’m all about the self-deprecating humor. Seriously, I’m brimming with it – kind of like a fat glass brimming with really cheap, terrible beer. I’ll lob every single lousy joke right between your eyes, give you barely any time to fake laugh at the delivery before I churn some other gag up from the hot cauldron of my gut. I ought to be touring the States right now; as much as I’m a sloppy riot, I’m probably way funnier than half the performers out there.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.08.2018

  8. He laughed, placing his hand on her knee. It didn’t even seem like he was thinking about it. His eyes remained forward, entranced by the jokes, but her whole body was electric at his touch. Oh man. What does this mean? She tried not to stare at his hand. She wondered if she should shift, draw attention to it.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 03.08.2018

  9. laugh out loud lameness in a depressing space with people who wish they were smoking a cigarette and smell like stale booze the food sucks and their shoes smell and I want to go home now forget punctuation my keys are sticking and I havent been to a comedy show in ages because my husband is afraid to get heckled i havent been to one since they banned smoking i know id love it now without the smoke

    By Yep on 03.08.2018

  10. Everyone wants to be a comedian. Or maybe not maybe that is just what everyone thinks. I am not sure where that phrase came from. It actually sounds like sarcasm the more I think about it. I think there are people who have a natural nack for being funny on the spot and than those who don’t..

    By GmaCis URL on 03.08.2018

  11. Life is funny like a bunny. the sun is sunny. the moon is moody. don’t be sad, be glad.

    By lydia URL on 03.08.2018

  12. Her knees were shaking. There was laughter coming from behind the curtain. It wasn’t going to be that hard. She’d been waiting for so long to show what she could be. But it didn’t stop hurting. There was a swell of laughter and then silence. The organizer motioned to her.

    By Beth on 03.08.2018

  13. a comedian is someone who tells jokes for a living

    By Kerry on 03.08.2018

  14. My brother is a comedian. He is probably one of the funniest people I know, he can make jokes about almost any situation. I wish I had his talent of keeping people laughing, everybody loves him.

    By abbie on 03.08.2018

  15. A lonely listful night sparkled quietly. The audience was long gone, the streets empty and the booze’s effects were already dissipating as quickly as his mood. The comedian existed to make people happy. He existed to bring joy and forgetfulness in a world of dour stress. How could he bring it upon himself to do the same in his own existence. The irony was worse than he could handle.

    By M Singleton on 03.08.2018

  16. What a funny man, she said.

    And then she was gone.

    Had he not made her laugh?

    Was a laugh not but an orgasm of the mouth?

    Was it not?

    Was he wrong?

    By Robert on 03.08.2018

  17. The comedian stepped up onto the stage, black hat casting a shadow on the wall behind him. The audience booed, making him unsure of his performance. Was he really the dedicated comedian he thought he was? Were all those tiresome hours of work not paying off?

    By Mark Dayun on 03.08.2018

  18. The comedian tried and tried, but it never worked. His routine was short and pathetic–nobody in their right mind would laugh at his jokes. He was a poor comedian, and all that time for practicing was not paying off. He was failed.

    By Mark Dayun on 03.08.2018

  19. laughter lighter like her or not
    comedian and comedianne
    the reflection of what you got
    joker joke her
    women aren’t funny you said
    then make me laugh

    By Matt m. on 03.08.2018

  20. Comedians are the light of this world that bring happiness and spontaneous joy to us when we need it the most. They see the humorous side of everything and are not afraid to speak their minds. Those are the kinds of people we need more of in this world. Happy, funny people who can bring light to the darkest corners of our minds.

    By anincandescentpeacock on 03.08.2018

  21. “Hello, my name is,” she wrote, and then she looked at the paper and dropped her pen on the desk. The desk lamp’s angle tossed her arm’s shadow tall across the desk.

    By Riannon URL on 03.08.2018

  22. “What are ya? Some kinda comedian or something?” The disembodied, slurred words came floating out from the brightly lit room. The air tasted of beer and gym socks, making the poor lady at the front of the crowd gag when she opened her mouth to respond.

    By darseyrsm URL on 03.08.2018

  23. You’re not funny, she said. He held back tears. “I am” he assured himself, out loud. She heard it though. “You’re not. You’re making it worse.” Her eyes pierced his soul, like an arrow, or a guy that can’t write metaphors. “Please don’t…I can’t…” he couldn’t hold back anymore. He stormed off in a huff, leaving

    By JSal on 03.08.2018

  24. I find his humor bland and basic, it’s that remedial. So I get up and leave less than five minutes into this so-called spectacle.

    Outside the club the stars twinkle. The streets stink like trash, sour beer, and diesel. If I wasn’t here where would I be, in front of another blank canvas, propped up on an immaculate easel?

    Under the bridge the boats glide in and out of shadows. Maybe I’ll watch the sunrise. Pinch myself and see if I bruise.

    By SIUTK URL on 03.08.2018

  25. Comedians are people whose purpose in life is to make others happy. They go up on a stage and tell jokes or something funny that will light up your day. i have seen multiple talk shows with comedians and I cracked up. I love the idea of comedy, but does it really help when you are feeling sad? Recently, I have felt alone in the world. After hearing some talk shows, I have realized that some people talk about being bullied when they were younger or bad things that have happened to them in the past and make fun of it. But how will that help us, who are feeling lost in the world feel better?

    By Anonymous on 03.09.2018

  26. He was something of a comedian. Or rather, he said that he was. It was his way of… not justifying, perhaps, but characterizing what he did. He didn’t stand up on a stage, he said, but he was there to, you know, relieve stress. He was comic relief. Okay, maybe not comic, but he was relief. People went to him. People went to him with stress in their life, and they left with less stress in their life. You know?

    By CapricAura URL on 03.09.2018

  27. He stands there
    As he always had
    Gathering an audience near

    With a flair
    and some
    He cheers up the crowd

    They laugh
    and laugh

    As all others
    in the fields

    The world
    is a great comedy

    And its people
    are great comedians.

    By Lynn on 03.09.2018

  28. One word is enough for all of us. I have been accused of being a comedian. You’d think that was a good idea, but it was an imprecation. “Stop being such a comedian. This is serious business.”

    By michaelbuzz URL on 03.09.2018

  29. Comedians…….Good ones can make you belly-laugh with a clever punchline…… or make you think about something in a way you never have before, inflicting a slow grin to come across your face……. Good comedians are born with a talent to see the humor in life, even the bad parts, especially the bad parts.

    By okayfine on 03.09.2018

  30. everyone calles her the comedian of the group. she always makes everyone laugh. shes good at that. making a joke here and there. bring smiles to people. but she is not smilimg herself. on the outside she is, but on the inside she is broken. she only wishes for the day when she can be truly happy, will it ever come?

    By That Scarlet One on 03.09.2018

  31. if they have to rebuild the bodies, to reconstitute the minds with those fleeting rockets to grasp on to, they then must have to reconstruct the gut and its temper with experience. and at the protest the comedian festered, it’s all a joke.

    By smurfstoestar on 03.09.2018

  32. I am not that funny.Dan

    By Daniel on 03.09.2018

  33. its a funny person like Bill Cosby

    By nathaniel on 03.09.2018

  34. There was an ominous pause as the comedian’s joke was delivered, no one seemed to understand what the punch-line was supposed to be. His vision turned blurry as he looked around in a panic, the audience wasn’t laughing. All he could see in front of him was darkness, he didn’t even know if anyone could be watching him.

    “Oh god please no, please don’t do this!” He fell to his knees, if the audience didn’t laugh, then his life was over. Suddenly, the lights facing the audience switched on. His expression went from desperate to pure fright, every single one of them had their bottom half of their jaw missing. The last thing he remembered was the sound of their horrific cries mixed with laughter once the trap door beneath him activated and sent him falling into a familiar darkness.

    By i went over 60 seconds on 03.09.2018

  35. He just thought he was soooo funny. Look out guys we’ve got an effing comedian in our midst! As if it wasn’t jokes I’d heard a hundred times before. And he wasn’t even drunk! At least they were usually slightly intoxicated before the smirks and the subtle glances happened until one person was brave enough to break out and say what they were all thinking, the group erupting in raucous laughter.

    By Daisy Leason URL on 03.09.2018

  36. I love comedians,they can brighten my day with much laughter and joy from deep within my very heart. I love to laugh and there are people who can bring that joy of laughter into my life, with their words and ways that brings a comfort and chuckle from within.

    By Donna Whiting on 03.09.2018

  37. this is a person that make comedia and talk about things funs.

    By Cláudia Mouro on 03.09.2018

  38. The comedian wasn’t laughing now. He was locked up in a basement jail cell in a small Colorado town. His crime wasn’t well known, but the local sheriff didn’t appreciate his jokes about cowboys. He vanished and didn’t get the last laugh after all.

    By T. Michael Smith URL on 03.09.2018

  39. a comic flaw of a comedian
    is the joke they left untold
    a lie they lit, unsold
    a commonality in confusion
    a mass illusion
    deceptions, divisions
    all in the common flaw
    of a comedian

    By Matt m. on 03.09.2018

  40. the comedian quickly rose up to the occasion, his hands drenched in blood. On one hand, his hands were drenched in blood, but on the other, he had accomplished what he always had wanted: to be internationally recognized. He just didn’t expect to be behind bars for it.

    By Al on 03.09.2018