May 28th, 2010 | 231 Entries

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231 Entries for “collar”

  1. dogs, and bondage. I think of homosexual and free men in a club sitting wiith their lovers roleplaying. They have the weaker in charge and holding onto the leash and the stonger being the one with the collar around his neck.

    By Kate on 05.29.2010

  2. Once upon a time there was a man who so badly needed attention that he popped his collar, thinking it made him cool. Eventually he discovered that this did NOT make him cool, so he chose to wear a bow tie instead, this DID make him cool.

    By Debbie on 05.29.2010

  3. His collar was totally choking him. He hated to be dressed up for a goddam job interview when he could have scored some weed and chilled all day.

    By julia on 05.29.2010

  4. i have collars on my shirts. in my university we cannot wear a shirt without collars. i prefer collars over bans. personally i like collars.

    By Talha on 05.29.2010

  5. “Ruff, Ruff,” said the dog. “I want to bite your neck. You bloody hound. Eat my foot, sorry about that Mister, I didn’t mean to bump into you!”

    By Talia URL on 05.29.2010

  6. The collar of the man’s shirt was stiff and starched. He kept adjusting his tie and pulling at his collar. He was stressed, or nervous. He tapped his foot impatiently as he sat in the metal chair.

    By Ashley on 05.29.2010

  7. Brosus knew that popped collars were cool. So obviously if he wore TWO collared shirts and popped BOTH collars, he’d be doubly cool, right?

    In Brosus’ name amen.

    By CH on 05.29.2010

  8. Shirt, collar? My shirt collar was bothering me…. so I cut it off with some scissors, but then my shirt looked ridiculous, so I took it off and threw it in the trash. I decided that since I didn’t have any money to buy a new shirt, I would just go around shirtless.

    I miss my fucking terrible collar.

    By Nick on 05.29.2010

  9. Collar: I did this word 5 times already. How do you get to a new word?

    By Talia URL on 05.29.2010

  10. Collar : Ce mot me fait penser à Colargol.
    le petit ours qui apprend à sifflet comme les oiseaux et qui mange des tartines de miel de son papa.
    d’ailleurs je mange du miel.

    By artemis379 on 05.29.2010

  11. He brushed off his collar as the dust settled all around him. Peering through the eyes of another, he saw life worth living.

    By Marianne on 05.29.2010

  12. He put on all his best finery. It was an important ceremony. Today was his induction into the Aztec priesthood. First came the the pectoral and the breech cloth, then the collar of obsidian around his neck.

    By Heather Jackson URL on 05.29.2010

  13. monster

    By marlen krybel on 05.29.2010

  14. My dog died and I slept with her Collar under my pillow for a whole week. She ment the world to me. She taught me everything. she was my best friend. someone stole her collar from me.

    By Crocheting Chica URL on 05.29.2010

  15. His collar turned up against the wind, although to him it felt as if he was turning against much more than only nature’s games.

    By Genevieve Levoisier on 05.29.2010

  16. The single word was a collar around my eager hands. One more day I had to wait until I could create around a new word, a new skill. Collars are forever oppressive.

    By Kerrin Smith on 05.29.2010

  17. there’s some red on your collar
    on your sleeve
    cuz your wrist is bleeding
    and there’s no way to fix that kind of pain
    make a shot
    make a hit
    make it count
    and maybe you’ll wake up in the morning

    By Meg URL on 05.29.2010

  18. he scrubbed at his collar with the 10 cent tissue he found in the minibar. the red stain of the tacky lipstick smudges wider as he furiously attacks it and it sets deeper into the crisp white shirt that had been crumpled on the floor only moments earlier.

    By Lauren W URL on 05.29.2010

  19. I think I grabbed your collar to pull you towards me, but I don’t know. Passion’s grasp was too strong over me to allow me to remember.

    By Spanish John URL on 05.29.2010

  20. well i have a collar on my shirt right now. ut’s starched and stiff. i think they’re fairlu uselsees things, arent they? i mean they have the purpose of making things more formal, but apaart from that not much. sometimes collarscan get annoying. they’re all up on your neck and after a while, you’re like WTF stop feeling me, shirt! LOLLLLLLZ.

    By tee on 05.29.2010

  21. my heart on my collar; my shield in my hand.

    By claireg URL on 05.29.2010

  22. Lipstick on his collar let me know of the shame involved with believing in men..

    By Abby on 05.29.2010

  23. He kissed her collar bone, gently, letting his lips linger on her skin in a mock of affection. And for a moment, just a second (she swears) she let herself believe he meant it. “I love you,” he whispered.

    By Natalie URL on 05.29.2010

  24. she walked out the door. a small little thing she was. i saw her for the last time that day. i guess i should have put her collar on with the tiny shiny tag that said she was my friend and guardian. now shes gone, and all i have left is a collar.

    By meghan patterson on 05.29.2010

  25. I put the collar around her golden neck. She ran in to the wild distance unaware of it’s restraint.

    By suzy URL on 05.29.2010

  26. he turned to her with a glance. his collar brushed up against his chin and he felt the moist fabric almost at the same time as the smell of blood reached his nose. he raised his hand insticntively and felt the blood, already crusting. little flakes of dry black stuff came off and he stared at his fingertips. she was dead.

    By Blue on 05.29.2010

  27. Leading to a chain, A stronghold of resistant leather, around the neck.

    By Emmy URL on 05.29.2010

  28. The collar of his shirt was turned up, his hands were in his pockets, and his eyes were narrowed. He was one big stereotype, and he knew it. It was only a matter of time before he was called out. Popped collars can do that to you.

    By Jacklyn URL on 05.29.2010

  29. my shirt has a collar which often flips up. I don’t know how i feel about collared shirts. They make me feel somewhat trapped and uncomfortable.

    By Quincy URL on 05.29.2010

  30. The lipstick stain on his collar confirmed her thoughts.
    He was cheating.
    He was a liar.
    He was still her husband.
    Was she to still carry on this lie? Or was she to loose all that she had in life?

    By Kylie Cooper URL on 05.29.2010

  31. a collar can id you but it can also choke you, make you belong to some you don’t want to – chain you. my collar is pulled too tight. freedom – i long for freedom. A time i once knew, not too long ago…

    By caity URL on 05.29.2010