May 28th, 2010 | 231 Entries

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231 Entries for “collar”

  1. the thing on the top of your shirt.
    everyone has one.
    kind of a funny looking word.
    they all are a little different.
    my flannel has a bigger collar then my tee shirt,

    By keri on 05.29.2010

  2. I checked my tie in the mirror. It looked crooked but I couldn’t tell. The more I adjusted the damn thing, the more crooked it looked and the more I wanted to adjust it. This was bordering on obsessive, so I figured fuck it, if she doesn’t like the look of my crooked tie, the date’s off.

    By Paisley Brew URL on 05.29.2010

  3. collar
    what does that word mean? i don’t know, i’m confused

    By arnold janine on 05.29.2010

  4. Are collars just choke-holds in disguise?

    By Minji Lee URL on 05.29.2010

  5. I’m hot under it
    it’s almost been a month you know
    since i saw you that way
    the way
    the way you brushed my waist
    like i was the most valuable thing you owned

    By Evelyn O'Driscoll URL on 05.29.2010

  6. Honestly, I don’t feel very inspired right now. It’s late, I’ve had a long day, and I feel like my mind is constrained. Kind of like I have a mental collar. And thus we tie into the word. Something constraining; not the most glorious of descriptions.

    By Justin Han on 05.29.2010

  7. There was this dog whose owner took him on a walk, and then the dog said, “No.” So the collar jumped off of his neck & the owner continued on with it, and the dog went

    By Justine Clemente on 05.29.2010

  8. I saw the stain on his color. Red. Revlon. My heart seared with violence. I wanted nothing more than to rip his heart out on the spot. To repay the favor.

    By Chameleon on 05.29.2010

  9. There was a collar who liked to go around and tap people on their shoulders and say, “Tag! You’re it!” And then it met a leash.

    By Justine Clemente URL on 05.29.2010

  10. There are many ways to think of collaring criminals in policing. Though the most prominent method is through detective work and getting tips from the community.

    By chris on 05.29.2010

  11. A collar is something a dog wears. I bet sometimes they don’t like to wear it. It makes a lot of noise. Cats also wear them. I wonder what my cat thinks of it. That is the way I always know where he is in the house. If he is at my door beating on it.

    By Leslie on 05.29.2010

  12. she looks so beautiful in his shirt. the top three buttons are undone and the skin exposed is highlighted by the sun streaming in through the window, and all he wants to do is grab her and kiss her until the sun goes down and then keep kissing her all through the night.

    By Scarlett URL on 05.29.2010

  13. i miss those days. i miss the way we used to get prettied up to go out together. you looked so great in that tie i bought. you stared at the mirror waiting for your collar to sit just right. it never did but you looked amazing anyways. i miss those days.

    By veronica on 05.29.2010

  14. The collar around my neck choked my words inside my throat, causing my mouth to swell, and my head to inflate. I couldn’t fit out the door the next day.

    By Justine Clemente URL on 05.29.2010

  15. the collar was dirty, smeared with grease, unwashed for a millenia, shuffling head down, brow furrowed catching the gaze of none bar the roaches that cross the street.

    By Mark on 05.29.2010

  16. she noticed right away that his collar was askew, which was odd since he normally was a man of impeccable style. She was torn between fixing it or tentatively asking him what was on his handsome mind

    By Nina Harlow URL on 05.29.2010

  17. Scarlett smudged his starched collar. He ran his tongue over his raw lips; a tiny smile playing in the corners. He raised a hesitant arm to adjust the skewed tie that hung loosely around his neck. A productive meeting, he smirked to himself.

    By shona louise URL on 05.29.2010

  18. she didn’t like that starchy crisp, off white collar that laid against his neck. it only drew her eyes to the tension in his muscles and the heated blood that were in his veins

    By Nina Harlow URL on 05.29.2010

  19. she unbuttoned his collar, slowly, shyly, but determinedly. She wanted to give him what he deserved tonight. She wanted to give him her world

    By Nina Harlow URL on 05.29.2010

  20. What a restraint a collar may be. Those who are burdened to wear it, the itch it causes. But it is for their protection, most of the time. As it controls them it protects them as well.

    By Joe Brown on 05.29.2010

  21. It is on my neck, it is around my neck, it can choke me, or it can control my dog,. i hope it has no spikes. That would suck for both of us. It could also determine my class. blue collar. white collar.

    By Mark Linehan on 05.29.2010

  22. you shouldn’t try to tame me. i am wild. i do not fit in that collar.

    By izzy URL on 05.29.2010

  23. You’re collar is your most appreciate object in the universe. It is a type of matter which blinds your necks and emphasizes your face. Which is a good thing for representating… I think I wrote representating wrong. I am dutch that’s why.

    By Maarten Schaeffers on 05.29.2010

  24. This is a collar, it is usually found on a shirt. I have to wear collar shirts to work as it is more formal than non-collar shirts. Blue collar workers are richer than non-blue collared workers.

    By Bleh on 05.29.2010

  25. i pop my collar.

    By tia on 05.29.2010

  26. His collar was nicely ironed. He looked so elegant in that linen shirt. Our eyes met and the rest was history.

    By Eva Ricci URL on 05.29.2010

  27. “What does it feel like?” He asked, eyeing me carefully.

    The leather was firm against my neck. I turned to him, eyes turned down and averted from his face and smiled for the first time since I could remember.

    “Like I belong.”

    By Alex URL on 05.29.2010

  28. Policmen like to collar kids. In the fifties that is. Nowadays they can’t really do anything. Then again, neither can kids.Times have changed.

    By Ben URL on 05.29.2010

  29. The collar was tight . But I think I liked it . Maybe. She just smiled and then bit my lip, hard.

    By jon URL on 05.29.2010

  30. My white collar was filled with the blood dripping down from my head. I was hit by a tea pot and it is a painfully sad memory. Something I have forgotten until I saw this……

    By Marie URL on 05.29.2010

  31. I love collars. They often make me think of animals that are owned by humans, such as a cat or dog. Mostly I would consider a dog to be more useful for collars. A cat would never really do anything with a collar.

    By Miranda on 05.29.2010

  32. Ring around the collar? Lipstick on the collar? Why is it that in movies, lipstick always means affairs? I think it’s usually finding used condoms or secret emails that points to affairs? How the hell would lipstick get on a collar in the first place? Who kisses collars?

    By crystalbristol URL on 05.29.2010

  33. A collar is something that is worn around the neck and is often seen as a means of ownership or even slavery. A collar can also mean that it is the part around the neck of a shirt, an ownership object of identifaction on pets and it can even be something that you use as a restraint in conjucuntion with it.

    By Wayne on 05.29.2010

  34. I read the word collar on and I didn’t really think about what I was writing as I began to write and in turn I ended up spouting a lot of verbal diarrea. I can’t shut my brain off so that I can write without thinking, it’s just impossible. So I just put down the first thing that ends up coming to mind.

    By Wayne on 05.29.2010

  35. My dog Tundra, a Siberian Husky, used to have a red canvas-y collar. It matched one of his first leashes, although we quickly traded in the six-footer for a longer flex leash when we realized, he’s a Husky, and, well Huskies – they run.

    By Amanda on 05.29.2010

  36. Starched. White. Pristine. She looped the silk tie around it and hung it to the rafters.

    By Victoria URL on 05.29.2010

  37. dog, person, shirt, television, cats, obedience, restrain, guido,

    By Brandi on 05.29.2010

  38. He placed the collar around her neck, and she knew then that she finally found a home away from that pound.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 05.29.2010

  39. I cried when my dog ran away. I kept asking every neighbor, “Have you seen the small white dog with the bright blue collar?” Saddened faces and heads shaking turned me away, onward in my seemingly endless search.

    By Coral on 05.29.2010

  40. white
    its boring
    and it can be white or black or blue
    or idk
    but it gives me the impression of being white

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    By angel on 05.29.2010