May 23rd, 2013 | 119 Entries

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119 Entries for “clout”

  1. I have no idea what clout is. But it sounds like some kind of hardware. Maybe an animal, the wild clout from the southern islands or something like that. It may be a verb, I’m clouting this summer. I don’t know.

    By Daniel URL on 05.23.2013

  2. I stumbled back against the wall, screaming in pain. For a moment I had felt hopeless, the next I was on my feet staring the stranger in the eye. He had given my head a clout and then kicked me in the stomach, expecting me to give up like the rest. Forget it.

    By Annee on 05.23.2013

  3. Clout was the big shaggy dog that walloped along the beach just around the time the tips of the sunlight would crawl over the treetop to light the sand. Distastefully eager to be everyone’s friend and distastefully sandy and wet from chasing the stupid stick into the waves.

    Yet when he was gone, we would have given more than we had to have him back.

    I heard someone once say it’s a precious feeling to love anything with that much clout.

    By nytrist URL on 05.23.2013

  4. A heavy blow with the hand or a hard object.

    By Jorjik on 05.23.2013

  5. ive been an all or nothing kind of girl so when you cam into my life it was a surprise even to you. I told you I wanted to be it all or nothing at all, you said ok. some how we’ve both ended up stumbling around in the dark. someone needs to turn on the lights.

    By rosemary on 05.23.2013

  6. It hit her-hard-like a clout to the back of the neck. Is this what love feels like? Is this what it means to be loved? Because this is the most ethereal feeling of pain I have ever felt

    By disgurl claudia on 05.23.2013

  7. If I had any clout at work I would be better off.

    By A False Terl URL on 05.23.2013

  8. Yes,Gloria,Mr. Smith is my father.

    By A False Terl URL on 05.23.2013

  9. Not exactly a cloud. Almost there. Sounds like cloud, or drought. Congestioned.

    By linda on 05.23.2013

  10. He has had an un-believable amount of clout. Her dog, one which was banned from the office, once urinated across the office. And rather than the usual reprimand. His force was strong enough to clean the mess and lay the case to rest. To all, he was simply that good.

    By Alexis URL on 05.23.2013

  11. Knock me over
    with another clout
    time is short
    and days are wafting smoke rings
    ‘Round my eyes
    I’m almost there
    but oh, so far away
    (thank god)

    By Saudade URL on 05.23.2013

  12. Clout. Never heard this word before. Sounds like cloud. And clot. That cloud sure looks like a blood clot. Blood clot. I’ve heard a lot of sad stories about blood clots. Hospitals. I’ve heard a lot of terrible stories about hospitals. Whining, complaining, perfection seeking people. At those hospitals complaining.

    By Caitlin URL on 05.23.2013

  13. What does it mean to be a clout. Will you clout about. Will you look a little stout. Will stand there with a pout. Or go forth like a scout. End all bouts

    By Tafhim Ahmed on 05.23.2013

  14. he didn’t hold much clout with the others, he was the rookie, the newbie, even as caps oldest friend, with his reputation preceding him, he was still in the backseat with the kids until one day he just, wasn’t. He was in the lead in the field, calling the shots, guiding their efforts and there was no easy spot to point to and say yes, that’s the one, that’s the day they saw the captain and not the sidekick, the leader and not the lost boy, the revived hero and not the mindless weapon.

    By cyborgcap URL on 05.23.2013

  15. He was powerful. A clout. No matter what he said, or what he would do; I would follow him.

    By Liz on 05.23.2013

  16. All of the clout I suddenly had, disappeared. I had vanished into a state of a dull boring person. The thing that hurt the most was not being able to do anything about it. Being so ordinary that trying to become better was impossible.

    By Kayla URL on 05.23.2013

  17. He was powerful. A clout. No matter what he said, or what he would do; I would follow. He swayed me with his words. He was a part of me; my life. Forever mine.

    By Liz on 05.23.2013

  18. I carry it with no hands
    I own it with out any funds
    I am apt to be right anyhow
    what ever it’s about
    you can take it from me
    cause I’ve got clout

    By Aley URL on 05.23.2013

  19. Sounds like cloud
    But it is not
    I wonder what is it

    By anto on 05.23.2013

  20. When I say that Gregory got a lot of clout, I didn’t mean the informal definition that was most common among American households. I was more referring to the fact that I was the one to give him a clout. You know, like a blow to the head with something heavy. The heavy thing was the back of my very large hand against the spot of his temples right above the nape of his neck. He dropped like a stone.

    Oh, and I have a clout of my own, too. It’s an arrow target. I’m an archer.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.23.2013

  21. people have power, more than politicians and others. people have clout than everyone, but in the sentence of “people”.

    By Ufuk on 05.23.2013

  22. Just like that, the silence in the room no longer existed. His fist met the young boy’s face, throwing him backwards into the wall. It was a clout that tore away the boy’s conscious abilities.
    “Fuck,” the man breathed. “Hey Kid, I’m sorry; You wouldn’t shut up, I’m sorry! I didn’t know what to,” he paused, breathing heavily as he placed his hands on his crouched knees, “do.”

    The boy, Cameron, was gone.

    By N URL on 05.23.2013

  23. I have always felt as if I did not carry much clout. In my marriage and as a parent I simply felt as if I had no bargining power, as if I brought nothing of value to the table. You know what they say preception is reality.

    By Tracey URL on 05.23.2013

  24. clout. bout. trout. gout. ohmygawd. cant find anymore rhyming words. :/

    By Isha on 05.23.2013

  25. A slap to the face, a punch, a clout
    Beating into submission; is that what power’s about?

    By Carly URL on 05.23.2013

  26. the walls of my childhood bedroom
    mopped up all my tears like a mouthless mother,
    silent and seeping. a sin eater.

    she welcomes me back
    with open-mouthed kisses leaking
    my own fermented poison.
    the fingertips up and down my back are
    razor sharp.

    in the back of a concrete building i find the place
    where i wrote, in sharpie, ‘TIFFANY WAS HERE!’
    for the first time.

    that desperate need to exist never really left me.

    lying on my back,
    her tongue traces the bottom row of my teeth,
    the crooked front two
    a harsh gate.

    (one by one, collapsing)
    balloons filled with breath that could have
    saved someone once.

    By invinculis URL on 05.23.2013

  27. When she said it… I didnt know what to say. She said it with such clout, i felt like she had ripped out my heart and stepped on it. How could she say that after all we’ve been through. After the countless nights we had spent together in each others arms. Did that not mean anything?

    By Bryce R. Hunter URL on 05.23.2013

  28. There was one man with the clout to get the job done, but he was the one they wanted to topple. Kelly knew he would have to be devious, and figure out a way to sell the man his own downfall.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 05.23.2013

  29. There was a man I know that lived down the street from me. His house was old and run down. His lawn was not cared for. But this man had clout when it came to his neighbors. For some reason people in the neighborhood looked up to him.

    By Gerald on 05.23.2013

  30. The most deceitful way to end one’s life, and ironically the destined end to this character-a clout to the back of the head. The tribe stood, their faces distorted and questioning.

    By csjesse URL on 05.23.2013

  31. His heart was slowing.
    As she pressed her head to his chest, she could feel the heavy breaths decreasing down to a breath, then a low whisper, then a huff, then short breaths. It was over.
    She took a deep breath, and lifted her head. The clot had done its work. He was done.
    She wondered just how the American people would take the death of their mighty leader.

    By redpinkandwhite URL on 05.23.2013

  32. clout. he has a lot of clot, the sod, he knows what to do when you screw him. little boy dewrag trombone. clout. out of sync, out of drink, throw your clout around like swinging a dead cat at the hanging ice.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 05.23.2013

  33. Clout… I have no idea what that means. I put my pencil down and scratch my head. Glancing around, I notice everyone hard at work on their papers and I am baffled. Was there some sort of vocabulary review day that I skipped out on?

    By Roxxi Jaxx on 05.23.2013

  34. this one time, I was playing hockey, and of course the guys didn’t think my slapshot was worthy of anything. the goalie treated me as if I was a child. All because I was a girl. But the clout I sent through with my stick really gave them a run for their money. I told you so. assholes.

    By Just somegirl on 05.23.2013

  35. one day when i was out riding my horse i bumper into a farmer who was a bit upset- why i asked? because i think the local major has too much clout! eh? well he said, he asked me to change my milking times because the locals dont like getting cow crap all over their car wheels on the way to work!

    By kandyfloss on 05.23.2013

  36. “You clout!” I nearly screamed before I could stop myself. “Look what you’ve done to my dress!”

    By WearyWater URL on 05.23.2013

  37. There’s something inside of me that’s been consuming me. I need to clout all of this with the wonders life throws at me. Life is a big maze. You keep going till you reach the end. Question is, what’s at the end?

    By Juan Pre URL on 05.23.2013

  38. You deserved a good smack about the head, and I was the one there ready with my newspaper all rolled up for the occasion. We were young and restless, and though I couldn’t expect you to walk along the path without stopping to pet every dog, sniff every flower, or wave at every cyclist, I had hopped that you would at least keep on holding my hand.

    By KT URL on 05.23.2013

  39. Don’t live in the fucking past, I wanted to tell myself. Our last encounter happened almost two months ago, and it still stuck with me, all of it, even the beginning, back in September. And whenever I saw him, I didn’t want to clout him, like I probably should have. I looked into his blue eyes and wished I was walking beside him, hand in hand–a couple. Of course, the one night I tried to hold his hand, he pushed me away. That’s something couples do. Don’t be stupid.

    You’re just a girl of circumstance.

    By Marissa URL on 05.23.2013

  40. This is a word I really don’t know the meaning of. I’m really wish it would say “cloud,” or possibly “gout.” But instead here I am feeling like an idiot not having a clue what clout means, or even how to use it in a sentence. Rough.

    By Jim on 05.23.2013